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I have yet to see a show report that managed to fully convey the overwhelming and boggling experience for rockhounds that is Tucson. Minerals, gems, fossils, meteorites, paleo artifacts, lapidary work, equipment and rough, mineralogical and mining literature, jewelry, beads, metaphysical healing crystals, African masks, mounted butterflies - you name it and you'll find it at Tucson. Thousands of dealers and vendors from all over the world exhibit and do business at these various shows. It is the ultimate gathering of the clan, and the rocks. Every rockhound owes it to themselves to make the pilgrimage to Tucson at least once in his or her life. If you've yet to make it to Tucson, or just need a fix, this virtual tour and chronicle of the Tucson Show is for you.

Snapshots from the 2007 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Warming Up
Bone Building Books
Fossil Books (Under Construction)
Real Beads
Jewelry and Carving Idea Gallery (Under Construction)
Montana Agate (Under Construction)
Outback (Under Construction)
OPLC Faceters Hobnob
The Last Supper (Under Construction)
Then and Now (Under Construction)
Oh My God (Under Construction)
Picture Rocks (Under Construction)

Snapshots from the 2006 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Eluvium at the Executive
Conglomerate at the Clarion
Stones at the Inn Suites
A Macaw for Laura
Some New Mexico Rocks
The Monster Faceting Machine
The Main Event I
Roughing It
Jewelry Scrapbook

Snapshots from the 2005 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Just Bad to the Bone
Bead Rough
Intimidating Elements
New Moon Rock
Clams with Calcite
Birds for Laura
Conglomerate from the Clarion

Tucson Show Articles
On Hunting Faceting Rough in the Backwater at Tucson

Snapshots from the 2004 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Roughing It I
Elementary School
The High Ground
Roughing It II
The High Ground II
A Rose and a Doodleysquat
Roughing It III
Birds of a Feather
Gold Fever
The Platonic Realm

Snapshots from the 2002 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Ammonoidea 2002 I
Ammonoidea 2002 II
Ammonoidea 2002 III
Silicon Dioxide
The Faceters Hobnob - Freeware Faceters Companion CD Download!
Chicken Little
Rock Art
Lapis Sprechen ze English!
Danburite: It's What's for Dinner...
Executive Action
Crème de la Crème

Snapshots from the 2002 Quartzsite Show
Don't Eat Blue Mushrooms

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Snapshots from the 2001 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Executive Potpourri
Superb Minerals from India
Fairy Stones and Shivalingams
Godzilla in the Fish Bowl
Lucky Buddies
Macovich Meteorite Auction
Agate, Jasper and a '48 Nash
Australian Outback Mining
The Main Event I - So Where's the Eggs?
Arthur Roe Micromount Symposium
The Main Event II - A Bola Round-Up, Tucson Style
A Big Piece of Blue
The Main Event III - Going for the Gold
The Saturday Night Dinner
The Main Event IV: Détente

Tucson Show Screen Saver V2001

Snapshots from the 2000 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Raising the Tents
V-Rock Shop Rolls Out the Barrels
Art by God - Fossil and Mineral Co-op
The Hundred Dollar Room - Ron Coleman Crystals
Japan Law Twins - Early Birding at the InnSuites
Raven's Skulls
The Hundred Dollar Picture
Feeding Frenzy at Top Gem
Gone But Not Forgotten I
Gone But Not Forgotten II
Gone But Not Forgotten III
Roughing It I
Roughing It II
The Main Event I - Oh My God...
The Main Event II - Micromounters
Making Little Rockhounds

Snapshots from the 1999 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Browsing at the Congress Street Expo I
Crash Site Debris
Rockhound Barbie
Dinosaur Teeth, Gold Crystals and Other Cool Stuff
The Main Event I

Snapshots from the 1998 Denver Show ~ Report Highlights
Seen at the Holiday Inn
Preparations at the Merchandise Mart
Much To-Do Over Manganese Carbonate
The Dragon Gold and a Blue Elbaite Tourmaline
Conglomerate from the Show
Seen at the 1st Annual Colorado Fossil Exposition

Snapshots from the 1998 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Gone Fish'n
On with the Show
Jump Start at the Rodeway
Emerald City
It's a Dry Heat... (Disaster at Congress Street Expo)
'Till Death Do Us Part
The Micromounter's Swap Room (Day II at the Main Event)

Snapshots from the 1997 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Scouting Party
Browsing at Boatner's
Congress Street Expo
Bob's Martian Touchdown
Congress Street Expo Day II

Snapshots from the 1996 Tucson Show ~ Report Highlights
Getting Ready
More Preparations
Seen Along the Strip
Love It and Leave It - Death of the Desert Inn
The Rodeway Inn, More Along the Strip
More Along the Strip
More Along the Strip Continued
The Ramada Inn
The Ramada Inn Continued
The La Quinta Inn, Back on the Strip, The Executive Inn
The La Quinta Inn, Back on the Strip, The Executive Inn Continued
Local Papers Report on Alleged Gem Theft by Eye Surgeon
The Days Inn, Convention Center, Executive Inn
The Main Event at the Convention Center Begins
The FMS Fluorescent Room
Another Visit to the Executive Inn
The Executive Inn, Pueblo Inn, Convention Center
Striking the Tent

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