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More Preparations
Sunday January 28th - The weather was partly cloudy again today with a high of 68 degrees.

I couldn't resist checking on the activity and seeing what they were setting up in the tent I visited yesterday. Looks like there's going to be quite a variety of rocks in this one.

While I was out I decided to stroll a few blocks down the street and see if I couldn't find some preparatory Show activity underway at the Best Western Executive Inn, which is well known for its mineral show. I walked to the Westwood Room at the rear of the lobby and found everyone from Jewel Tunnel Imports busy setting up their room. Yes, those are flats from floor to ceiling! These folks have been busy too! Hey, isn't that a computer in this room? Yes, and it turns out it's on the net! Now that's wired...

Here's Bill Besse 74727.1230@compuserve.com of Jewel Tunnel Imports waving his greetings to the WWW from the Show. Bill is also Treasurer of the Mineralogical Society of Southern California and does their home page. I wonder if Bill is going to be doing wholesale mineral deals over the net during the Show with that computer...

Bill shows off a fine flat of a rare mineral, crocoite, from the Red Lead Mine, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia.

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