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The FMS Fluorescent Room Continued
Thursday February 8th - The weather was partly cloudy today with a high of 83 degrees.

This case automatically cycled between UV with incandescent light and UV only. It provided a nice contrast in the appearance of the specimens under the differing sources. From the oohs and aahs it was evoking, it must have been fairly educational as well.

Another very striking specimen of willemite on calcite from Franklin, New Jersey. It was displayed in a case of specimens from the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.

Scheelite from the Heaphy #2 mine in Deer Lodge County, Montana. This specimen was in a case from the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Collection.

This specimen of Franklin, New Jersey willemite was in a case from the National Museum of Natural History Collection.

Meionite from McGill Farm, Quebec, Canada.

Something very weird is going on with this image of common opal from Virgin Valley, Nevada, and I almost deleted it. However, I decided to leave it to show that fluorescent photography isn't necessarily a "snap."

To the eye this opal fluoresces with a banded greenish yellow pattern. But the camcorder reproduced it as reddish blue. None of the other images I've grabbed from tape shot in the fluorescent room exhibit this spectral shift or reversal. I wonder if some component of the light from this display was causing the optics in the camcorder to fluoresce? I suppose it's also possible the light was such that the CCD and associated electronics was being excited with spectra producing non-linear response in something... Okay, I just dunno.

Wollastonite with willemite and calcite from the J.L. Baum Collection.

The Franklin Mineral Museum Collection supplied many outrageous specimens of New Jersey willemite with calcite. This combination is considered a classic and its easy to see why this material is so admired by fluorescent enthusiasts. The combinations and patterns exhibited by specimens of this material seemed endless. Like clouds, some of them suggested various objects or scenes. Guess which one of these I'd call "Saturn" if it were mine to name?

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