Snapshots from the Tucson 2002 Gem and Mineral Show
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Crème de la Crème

Apophyllite on stibite, about 6 inches overall with an approximately 4 inch diameter apophyllite ball, Momin Pada, Rahuri, Ahmednagar, Maharastra, India, $9,500.

Above left, fluorite with quartz, approximately 6 inches overall, El Hamman, Morocco $7500

Above right, fluorite from the Nicolai mine, Dal'negorsk, Primorskij Kraj, Russia. Aproximately 3 inches high with a longest cube edge of about 1 1/4 inches. $5500.

At left, a doubly terminated twin calcite with marcasite from the Brushy Creek mine, Reynolds County, Missouri, approxmately 3 inches overall, Irv Brown Collection, Not for Sale

Above right, tourmaline from the Pederneira Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil, looked to be a little over 4 inches overall, $7,500

At left, a rhodochrosite from the N'Chwaning mine, Kuruman, Cape Province, South Africa, looked to be about 4 inches overall, price on request

Above right, a red beryl on rhyolite from the Violet claims in the Wah Wah Mountains, near Beaver, Utah.

At right and below, pyromorphite from the Bunker Hill Mine, Kellogg, Idaho. Approximately 7 inches overall, $15,000.

Above left, pink topaz from Ghundao Hill, Katlang, Pakistan, approximately 1 inch overall, $9,500.

Above right, manganite from Ilfeld, Harz Mtns., Germany. Looked to be about 3.5 inches overall, $9,500.

At right and below, a morganite on feldspar from Hunan Province, China. About 6 inches overall with the morganite crystal approximately 3 inches acoss. Previously in the collection of Joseph A. Frelich, $35,000.

At left, fluorite with calcite, Xiang Hua Lin mine, Hunan Province, China, approximately 6 inches overall, $9,500.

Above right, a tourmaline with stibnite and lepidolite, Himalaya mine, Mesa Grande, California. Looked a little over 2 inches overall, $15,000.

Above left, an aquamarine from Shigar Valley, Baltistan, Pakistan, the crystal looked to me to be just over 3 inches, Price on Request.

Above right, a cobaltian adaminte from the Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Durango Mexico. Approximately 2.5 inches overall, $12,000.

Above, a barite with quartz.

At left, pink fluorite on quartz, Goscheneralp region, Uri, Switzerland. The quartz crystal looked to be just under 3 inches overall, $15,000..

Above right, a rhodochrosite rhomb from the Sweet Home mine, Alma, Colorado. The crystal looked to be a little over two inches across. $25,000.

Above right, aquamarine with muscovite, I estimated this piece at a little over 4 inches high. From the Nagar mine, Hunza Valley, Northern Pakistan, $9,500.

Above left, calcite with stibnite, approximately 5 inches high. From the Lushi Mine, Hunan Province, China $9,500.

Above is a bicolor kunzite, approximately 22 inches overall with a floppy disk to help provide scale, $55,000.

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