Rocks from Ron Zeilstra's Collection
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Quatrz with Hedenbergite Inclusions from Seriphos Island, Greece

Yellow Selenite Rosette from Red River Floodway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Purple Fluorite Crystal from Minerva 1 Mine, Hardin County, Illinois

Indicolite Tourmaline from Minas Gerais, Brazil

Elbaite Tourmaline from Staknala, Pakistan

Rhodochrosite Rhomb from Good Luck Pocket, Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado

Elbaite Tourmaline from Murro Redono Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Rhodochrosite Crystals from N'Chwanning Mine, Cape Province, South Africa

Red Cloud Wulfenite from Red Cloud Mine, Yuma County, Arizona

Phantom Quartz from Oliveira dos Breijnhas, Bahia, Brazil

Azurite from La Sal, Utah

Malachite from Kamoto, Shaba, Zaire

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