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Blue Forest of the Eden Valley, Southwestern Wyoming

Blue Forest Petrified Wood

Source: Mike Ware
November 13, 1995

Pictures of specimens from this and other sites can be found on Mike's WWW page Rocks!

The "Blue Forest" of the Eden Valley in southwestern Wyoming produces petrified wood with extraordinary fine grain, typically surrounded by blue fortification agate.

The site can be tough to find. A great way to do it is by attending the annual Fourth-of-July rock swap at Big Sandy resevoir near Farson. It's listed in magazines like Rock and Gem. There's nothing like local guides. You can meet a lot of nice people, as well as find some beautiful wood.

Lacking that, start at the gas station just below Fontenelleresevoir on HWY 372 and drive east across the Green River. This graded gravel road eventually leads to HWY 28, but you're only going 5.0 miles from the river crossing to a left turnoff. Take the left turn and proceed 2.8 miles, to just past a bluff on the right. Take the right at that point and travel 0.8 miles to another left. After another 1.2 miles you'll begin to see diggings that mark the area. This site has been extensively dug for decades, so don't stop until you really see where people have been digging with hand tools.

If you'd like to reference a map, the Wyoming Geological Survey lists the site's location as Secs 28,29,30,31,32, and 33, T24N, R110W.

Plenty of scraps can be picked up on the surface, but for the big full-round logs, you'll need to work hard with pick and shovel. The wood is found in a matrix of silicified fossil algae and I can promise you some tough digging.

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