Presented on these pages are several FAQ-type documents which are intended to provide more immediate answers to some of the most commonly recurring e-mail questions regarding Bob's Rock Shop.

Browsing Tips for Bob's Rock Shop addresses questions such as why the Shop may look "funny" with your browser, what you can do about that, what graphics capabilities are required and recommended for browsing the Shop, questions on viewing and downloading files and images, and provides some general tips and hints on using the Shop.

If you're interested in Advertising at Bob's Rock Shop, this page will provide you with info on how you can promote your rockhound oriented site or business at the Shop for free, and how you can pay for it.

Some detailed information concerning flexible and economic means and methods of making mineral specimen (and other) images is presented in The Attractions of Video Frame Grabbers. Browsers who are seeking a means of making their own "photographic" graphics files may find frame grabbing to be of interest. Some rockhounds are using these and similar techniques to generate graphic images of their specimens for inclusion in their computerized mineral collection databases.

An explanation is provided as to Why the Shop uses JPEG Specimen Images along with some examples and general information on the relative attractions and shortcomings of JPEG and GIF image formats on WWW pages.

"How is your site you connected?" and "How much does it cost?" are commonly asked questions concerning Bob's Rock Shop. Cheap Internet Connections answers these and some related questions concerning one way of putting WWW pages on the internet without going completely broke. Included are some illustrative links to the pages of a couple of service providers "local" to Tucson, Arizona.

Table of Contents 3/29/97