Wayne State University College of Science
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Specimen Images of the WSU Thomas Edison Mineral Collection

These images originate from the Wayne State University College of Science WWW server as GIF format files which average about 120 KB in size. In order to facilitate browsing by rockhounds with telephone connections, they have been converted to JPEG format and compressed to about 20 to 25 KB in size.

The luminance and color saturation of these JPEGs have both been increased relative to the original GIFs, and they've been dolled up a little bit with thumbnails, borders and some descriptive text.

Amethyst from Uruguay

Pyrite from Somewhere

Hematite from Michigan

Smithsonite from Kelly Mine, Magdalena, New Mexico

Tigereye Quartz from Griqualand West (South Africa)

Nickel-Iron Meteorite Section from Somewhere

Copper from Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Malachite from Shara Provice, Zaire

Aragonite from Mexico

Stilbite from Nasik, Maharashtra, India

Sphalerite on Drusy Quartz from England

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