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Bob's Rock Shop also provides the Rock Trader Classifieds as a service to the rockhound and mineralogical communities. These free, form accessible, online classifieds may be used by commercial as well as non-commercial interests.

Commercial Web Site Sponsors

Need more? Are you launching a new commercial site for rockhounds and want to get things rolling quickly? Is your business site awash in the ever increasing flood of web pages? Are you the owner or webmaster of an established storefront or catalog site who's been around the virtual block a time or two and appreciates the true costs of bringing rockhounds to browse your site?

Bob's Rock Shop provides advertising tailored to commercial sponsors with rockhound oriented web sites or pages in return for their financial support. The Shop operates on a model similar to broadcast TV in that it generates an audience and market by providing freely available topical information and entertainment - and derives operational income from advertising revenues. However, the advertising provided here differs fundamentally from typical TV, radio, or publication advertising products in that the Shop's advertising is charged on a performance basis. It implements a simple philosophy. I believe you should get what you pay for and make use of Internet technology to provide the Shop's sponsors with accountable advertising costs and documented results.

With conventional advertising, the cost to the advertiser for a given ad is determined directly or indirectly on a per "exposure" or "impression" basis. The term "CPM", or "cost per thousand impressions" is often used as a comparative index in analyzing conventional advertising costs. The CPM of the Shop's advertising is $00.00. Here, advertising charges are assessed on a per "click-through" basis. When a browser simply views a web page containing an ad, that constitutes an impression or exposure. If you've been using the web for any period of time you've no doubt already been "impressed" with many of these virtual billboards and banners yourself... The real meat of web advertising is "click-throughs" or "conversions", which occur when the browser actually uses a link provided by an ad to visit the advertiser's web site. Connecting the browser to your web site is the virtual equivalent of bringing a customer into the front door. Once there, what you present to them is literally your business.

The Shop provides automatically sequenced and cycled banners on its table of contents and other higher traffic and strategic pages which incorporate prominent links to the web sites of its commercial sponsors. In addition to the banner ads, click-through links to the sponsors' sites are provided in a prominently deployed index to advertisers on the Shop's table of contents.

Bob's Rock Shop uses custom software to monitor its sponsors' ads. When a browser clicks an ad link to the sponsor's web site, that click is processed by server resident programs which record the click-through and update a log on a dynamically generated web page. These ads provide traffic to the sponsor's site at accountable and known costs. This operational ad log provides an example. Note that although the Shop's ads generate many more impressions (exposures) than click-throughs, impressions do not enter into the accounting.

The software that logs the click-throughs also records HTTP transaction header information provided by the client browser identifying its IP number, the client operating system, browser type and version number. Sponsors can verify their ad log at the Shop against their own server logs with the IP number and time of the visit.

The Shop's standard rate is 20 cents per click-through. Rate discounts to 15 cents per click-through is provided for prepayments of $250 or more, and 12 cents per click-through for prepayments of $500 or more. The minimum prepayment required for established sponsors renewing their existing ads is $100.

New advertisers prepay a minimum first-time charge of $150, of which $100 is credited towards click-throughs and $50 is charged to set up the account and log. The $50 set-up charge is waived for new sponsors prepaying $250 or more in click-throughs.

If you're interested in an advertising sponsorship or have futher questions regarding the Shop's advertising, contact Bob Keller. I work as an internet consultant to small businesses, and builder of custom web pages and sites. If you have needs along those lines, I'll also be glad to hobnob with you regarding your project.

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