The Photo-Atlas of Minerals CD
The Photo-Atlas is produced by the Gem and Mineral Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. Principal photography of over 6500 specimen images by Louis Perloff and Dr. Wendell E. Wilson, editor of the Mineralogical Record. This is the ultimate computerized mineralogical reference for Windows users, providing descriptive data and Strunz classification for all the known minerals, over 6,500 high-resolution specimen images, cross-indexing for searching and specimen ID, a hyperlinked glossary of mineral terms and much more. So, can you say widgiemoolthalite? The Photo-Atlas can... Further Details

Mineral Database and Identification Software
The Photo Atlas of Minerals CD
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Mineral Mastery

Mars Orbiter Camera Global Mosaic
Scientists have processed Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Orbiter Camera images to produce the most detailed atlas of Mars ever compiled, and it is freely available on the Internet.

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