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General Disclaimer and Caution

The site information provided is acquired from a variety of sources of varying reliability and may be dated or inaccurate. Laws, property ownership and conditions of safety and accessibility all change. As always, it is your own responsibility to ascertain the safety and legality of collecting at any site you choose to visit. If you have any doubts about the lay or use of the land, always check with appropriate sources before collecting to avoid inadvertently committing trespass, theft or placing your safety at risk.

Canadian Sites Indexed by Province

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United States Sites Indexed by State

If you're looking for collecting information regarding a particular state, the geologic surveys of most states publish pamphlets and brochures describing collecting sites and locales of interest to rockhounds. Here's a list of state geologic surveys with phone numbers that you can use to make inquiries.

Hey buddy, can you spare a collecting site?

Have you worked a collecting site or two that you'd like to share with your fellow rockhounds? If so, Bob's Rock Shop will be glad to add your site to this index. Or perhaps you've visited one of these sites and would like to provide updated information, add your input, or share your luck. Please do so by e-mail to .

If you can arrange to provide suitable image files or video tape of a collecting site, they can be worked into an illustrated site description. Please consider graphically documenting the directions to the site as well.

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