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From: Al Ostrander

Calcite, Strontianite, Celestite

I looked into Pennsylvania sites and saw the listing for the Dutchman show. You might want to add this note to your PA sites. On Saturday of the third weekend of September, the Eastern Products (old Faylor-Middlecreek) Quarry holds their annual open house at their quarry in Winfield, PA. This quarry is known for calcite, strontianite, and celestite. Collecting (personal experience) the past two years has been great.

On Sunday of the same weekend, the Meckleys Quarry in Mandata, Pa is opened up. This quarry is also known for calcite, strontianite, and celestite. Both quarries are in the same formations, the Old Port, Keyser and Tonoloway, but the habits of the minerals from each are distinctive. This is a wonderful weekend of collecting in central Pennsylvania. Both quarries are planning to be open again next year on the same weekend. Some great trading and buying opportunities are also available at both sites as the day winds down and the tailgates open up in the parking lot. Anyone who loves minerals and can get there shouldn't miss this one for the year 2000!

Keep on Rocking,
Al Ostrander

Organized Collecting Trips During Annual Lost Dutchman Gemboree Various sites near Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Celestine, Fossils, Goethite, Gold, Hematite, Pyrite, Serpentine Minerals, Strontianite

Source: Rocks-and-Fossils Mailing List 6/6/95
Nathan A. Schachtman
Haddon Hts., NJ

One of the more interesting mineral shows in my neck of the woods is the Lost Dutchman Gemboree, from August 16-20, 1995, in Lebanon, PA. This will be the 9th annual event, which has become well known for its show, lectures, and field trips. I am writing to alert the lists to the field trips, which include gold panning on several days, and mineral fossil trips.

On Wed., Aug. 16, the trip is to a goethite and hematite pseudomorph after pyrite locality. The cost is $5/person.

On Thurs., the trip is to French Creek Iron Mine, in St Peters Village, PA. Cost is $20/person.

On Fri., the trip is to a Devonian fossil locality. $20.

On Sat., the trip is to the Meckley Quarry, known for its celestine and strontianite crystals. $20.

On Sun., the 20th, the trip is to the Cedar Hill Serpentine Quarry. This quarry is well known for its serpentine minerals and is generally off limits to collectors. The show organizers have done a good job of gaining access to this interesting locality.

Most trips leave the show grounds at 8:30am. Prepaid reservations are apparently accepted. Children must be 10 years old or older, except for the gold panning trips.

For information or activity reservations, contact:

217 Nevin Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

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