Massachusetts Collecting Sites

Devil's Den, Newbury, Massachusetts

Serpentine, Serpentinite, Chrysotile

Source: John Hann

Directions: Across from town dump. Enter woods near intersection. Go left around mound (rock outcropping) and toward sink hole on side opposite road. Marker flags and a slight trail blaze may be visible. Site is about 100 yards or so from road. You will know when you get there by the piles of broken rock.

This site is fairly well picked over, but still has some pretty shards in the dumps. Veins behind main vein still have plenty of Black and White Serpentine. Color of Serpentine varies from White to Black, Bright Green to Deep Green. Short and long fiber Chrysotile can be found.

Obtaining permission to enter the land is unknown. When talking to the town police, we were told that the property is privately owned, but they did not know by whom. However, the site seems fairly-well frequented by local teens, and therefore, trespassing should not be a problem.

Sherborn Public Land, Curve Street/Western Ave, Sherborn, Massachusetts

Chiastolite and Interesting Spotted Serpentine

Source: John Hann

Directions: At end of Curve Street, follow access road under power lines. Alternative access: park near barn on Sherborn Public Land access lot off of Western Ave near Curve Street (look for post-and-beam fence). Nice walk past stream, horses, etc.

Chiastolite and Serpentine exist in wash-out along access roads. Chiatolites can be spotted by looking for small (2-3 cm) black and pink/tan stones. Serpentine and Serpentinite pieces are interestingly colored blue-green with very small black spots. Specimens range from 1 cm to 3 meters (Serpentinite). Some would be excellent decorations if polished.

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