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Collecting Paraphernalia and Accouterments

Backpacking, Hiking and Camping Gear

Rock Art

Petroglyphs and Artifacts

Philagems International

Topical stamp collecting is promoted by The American Topical Association, founded in 1949. The Gems, Minerals and Jewelry Study Unit is an ATA chartered special interest group with a world-wide membership that collects and studies stamps depicting gems, minerals, fossils, jewelry, mining, and other Earth Science related topics and subjects.

If you have an interest in rock stamps, the GMJSU would like to send you a complimentary sample issue of their quarterly newsletter, Philagems International. To request a sample issue of PI, send an email message with your snail address to the Secretary/Treasurer, George Young, George-Young@msn.com, or write him at PO Box 632, Tewksbury, Massachusetts 01876 USA

Mineral, Fossil, Geology and Gem Topical Stamp Dealers

Mineral Science for Rockhounds and Educators

Scientific and Laboratory Apparatus

Chemical Suppliers and Information

Museums for Rockhounds

Geological Surveys

Geophysics Instrumentation and Field Surveys

Earth and Geoscience Sites

Metaphysical Minerals and Magical Crystals

Books for Rockhounds

'Zines, On-line Newsletters and Publications for Rockhounds

Dead Tree Format Magazines and Newsletters for Rockhounds

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