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Link Problem? Please report broken or changed links to Bob Keller. I'd also be glad to hear from you if you know of a kindred site or resource not listed here and would like to bring it to the Shop's attention. Thanks!

The Shop periodically selects and prominently features a homepage, web site or other rockhound-serving Internet resource that is an outstanding example of its genre. A site doesn't necessarily need to be large or tricked out with the latest web technology to be recognized here, but it won't be Picked unless it's a provider of topical, original and quality content.

     Agates with Inclusions

At Pat McMahan's Agates with Inclusions web site you will find a wealth of information and an extensive photo gallery with images of sagenite and plume agates from Pat's marvelous agate collection. Pat has identified sagenite agates from over 250 different agate deposits worldwide and her goal is a comprehensive photographic display of agates with inclusions from known agate fields, of which he has collected from 100 or so.

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