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The Bob's Rock Shop Specimen Image Contest is open to any interested party, regardless of age, occupation, nationality, or operating system. Even Macintosh users... ;). The objects of this competition are to provide a showcase for talent, reward and promote excellence in imaging specimens, provide content for use by Bob's Rock Shop, and have some fun!

The subject matter is restricted to mineral and fossil specimens. The specimen depicted need not be owned by the contestant, but the contestant must be the photographer of the original image, regardless of its format. Entered images must be free of any third party copyrights and copy permission is implicitly granted to Bob Keller, editor and webmaster of Bob's Rock Shop, upon receipt of entry. All snail mailed entries become the property of Bob's Rock Shop and will not be returned. Entries may be submitted in one or more the following formats:

  1. Photographic Print: Provided you properly fill the frame with the specimen, even 4"x6" size drugstore variety prints are suitable for scanning by the Shop, although 5"x7" or 8"x10" (maximum) size prints are definitely preferred, especially if digital cropping is needed. Glossy prints are preferred over matte finish.

  2. 35mm or Larger Transparency: 35mm slides are also suitable for scanning by the Shop. Due to their relatively small size, full framing of the subject is even more important with images on 35mm slides than small prints. If you work in medium or large format transparencies, these are preferred over 35mm.

  3. Computer Graphics File: If you own or have access to a scanner, use a digital camera, or do frame grabbing for acquisition, you may enter a graphics file. 24-bit (true color) uncompressed bitmaps in TIFF or BMP format are preferred. You may also submit graphics files in JPEG format - see JPEG Notes. Graphics files should be submitted on 3.5" 1.44 MB IBM formatted floppies. Be sure to include your name, email and snail address printed on the label.
You may enter a up to a maximum of 6 images in this contest, although no more than 2 entries per contestant will be eligible for prizes. Mail a completed copy of this CONTEST ENTRY FORM with your image(s). Entries must be received prior to December 1st, 1997. The earlier your entry is submitted, the better the chances it will be featured on the Contest Entries Page or shown elsewhere at Bob's Rock Shop. Winners will announced by Monday, December 15th, 1997. Have Fun, and Good Luck!

Notes from the Judge: Some Hints and Tips for Winners

Use the Same Specimen Imaging Techniques and Tricks the Experts Do!

Reading books is not cheating! If you play with specimen photography but feel you still have a thing or two to learn on the subject, Photographing Minerals, Fossils & Lapidary Materials by Jeff Scovil is an outstanding book which covers just about everything you can learn on the subject by reading about it. Published by Geoscience Press, Inc. ISBN 0-945005-21-0

The Mineralogical Record published a Photographic Record column by Wendell E. Wilson from 1973 to 1978, and has published numerous how-to articles on specimen photography over the years. Just a few of them are articles on lighting and film choice for microminerals 1971-V2N4 p151; basics of photography 1973-V4N4 p158; selecting backgrounds 1973-V4N5 p204; lighting equipment and techniques 1974-V5N4 p167; constructing extension tubes 1974-V5N6 p270; and underground photography 1989-V20N2 p100. Consult their 25 year index for others.

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Winners - Prizes - Rules - Entries

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