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Prizes will be awarded through 8 places. Winners will take one pick in turn from the prize pool described below, the picking sequence determined by the order in which their image places - first place gets first pick, second place gets second pick, etc., through 8th place. Any prizes not awarded from this pool will be transferred to other contests or withdrawn from competition at the discretion of Bob's Rock Shop. No more than two images per contestant will be considered for placing and prizes. Places will not be determined below 8th place.

The winning images will also be featured in a new version of the Shop's popular freeware Mineral Specimen Screen Saver for Windows, with prominent credits given to their photographers. Some of the better non-placing runner-ups may be incorporated in the new screen saver as well. The Shop can always make use of nice specimen images, and the contest entries will be banked and pooled for use in other projects too.

- Prize A -
Custom Specimen Mounting by the Sunnywood Collection

Bill and Elsie Stone of the Sunnywood Collection are well known for their custom designed, quality specimen mounts and displays. These unique displays are individually designed to fit and enhance special specimens with stands and bases crafted of fine hardwoods. They incorporate features such as built in turn tables, engraved brass plaques and protective plexiglas covers. The winner selecting this prize will a receive one custom specimen mount done by the Sunnywood Collection for his own prize specimen, up to a maximum of $150 credit on their regular price schedule for custom mounting.

The Stones are also well known for their own custom mounted, aesthetic mineral and fossil specimens, and decorator stone carvings. Bob's Rock Shop gives Bill and Elsie Stone of The Sunnywood Collection a special thanks for their contribution of this prize! The Sunnywood Collection, 12068 E. Amherst Place, Aurora, Colorado 80014 (By Appointment Only) Phone 9am - 6pm MST: (303) 368-7497 Fax: (303) 368-7497

- Prize B -
Suite of Deccan Traps Mineral Specimens

These four specimens are all zeolites and associated minerals of the Deccan Traps formation around Bombay, India. The winner selecting this prize gets 'em all!

1 - A pair of sharply terminated clear apophyllite crystals. The large one is 5 cm. tall; 2 - A group of green apophylite crystals with stilbite on basalt matrix. 10 cm.; 3 - An okenite ball with stilbite on matrix, which also bears some interesting nodules. 8 cm. The okenite ball is 2 cm. across; 4 - White gyrolite balls on quartz crystals. 7 cm.

Complete with Descriptive Literature
The suite of Deccan Traps specimens is even accompanied with a reprint of the interesting and informative 8-page booklet, Zeolites and Associated Minerals from the Deccan Traps, India, authored by Rock H. Currier. The Shop thanks Mr. Currier of , 13100 Spring Street, Baldwin Park, CA 91706-2283 (818) 814-2257 for granting limited copyrights to this publication.

This prize is provided by Bob's Rock Shop, and a special acknowledgment is due to Rick Kenyon of Good Earth Minerals Solutions, 6510 SE Foster Road, Portland, OR 97206 (503) 939-4367 for making me a facilitating deal during the '97 Tucson show on these and other fine specimens to be offered by the Shop as contest prizes.

- Prize C -
Subscription to the Australian Journal of Mineralogy

The Australian Journal of Mineralogy is a joint publication of the State Mineralogical Societies in Australia. This high quality journal presents news, articles and locality information on Australian mineralogy with color illustrations and images. It also includes features detailing what's new in minerals, show reports, book reviews, a summary of Australian mineral articles in other journals, Australian mineralogical society notes, mineralogical events and a classifieds. The journal is an absolute must have for collectors interested in rocks from "down under." The winner selecting this prize receives a one-year subscription.

The Shop thanks Dermot Henry, , editor of the Australian Journal of Mineralogy, for his contribution of this prize. The Australian Journal of Mineralogy, c/o Department of Mineralogy, Museum of Victoria, PO Box 666E, Melbourne Vic. 3001. Australia Phone: 61 3 9669 9892 Fax: 61 3 9663 3669

- Prize D -

OsoSoft Specimen Label Making Software

The winner selecting this prize will receive a copy of OsoSoft's MineralLabel 4.5 for Windows 3.1 and 95. George Campbell, owner and chief programmer of OsoSoft, is an avid mineral collector and dealer who developed this long needed program. It incorporates features specifically for mineral collectors such as an integrated specimen database, custom layouts for perky box inserts and shelf ID cards, and full support for superscripts and subscripts in chemical formulas. It provides for graphics import and compatibility with any True Type or Adobe Type Manager font.

Based on OsoSoft's award winning MultiLabel product, MineralLabel is a full-featured labeling program as well, supporting all standard label formats, plus business cards, postcards, name badges, membership cards, and more. Visit the OsoSoft Mineral Connection Home Page for further information on MineralLabel.

The Shop thanks George Campbell and OsoSoft for contributing this prize. OsoSoft, 2122 9th Street, Suite 202, Los Osos, CA 93402 Phone: (805) 528-1759 Fax: (805) 528-3074

- Prize E -
African Malachite Specimen

If your collection is shy on green rocks, this malachite specimen from Zaire will fill that void. It has a maximum dimension of about 9 cm. Here's a close up of the druzy area. This prize is provided by Bob's Rock Shop. Yes, I'll even throw in the specimen stand for the winner who selects this prize!

- Prize F -

The Mineral Database 3.0

The winner selecting this prize will receive a copy of L.R. Ream Publishing's recently released The Mineral Database 3.0, available in both Windows and Mac versions. This software provides a fully searchable database of physical characteristics of over 3,800 minerals - from ablesonite to zykaite, this one's got 'em all! The database is periodically updated to include all the "new" minerals that are generally recognized by the academic/professional mineralogical communities.

The following characteristics are included: name, formula, system, group, color, opacity, luster, streak, hardness, specific gravity, number of cleavages, cleavage description, fracture and tenacity, habit and general information (polymorphism, analogues, fluorescence, magnetism, etc.). This software allows the user to search on one or more fields at a time, and is intended for use as an aid in mineral identification.

Lanny also publishes a number of mineral references, collector's guides and a established monthly mineral collector's newsletter, Mineral News. To obtain further information regarding The Mineral Database, Mineral News, or Lanny's other publications visit the L.R. Ream Publishing Web Site. The Shop thanks Lanny Ream, , and L.R. Ream Publishing for the contribution of this prize. L.R. Ream Publishing, P.O. Box 2043, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816-2043 Phone: (208) 664-2448

- Prize G -
Subscription to ROCK & GEM Magazine

For 25 years, ROCK & GEM has been the magazine of choice for rockhounds, lapidary artists, metalsmiths, geology buffs and other adventurers interested in the natural world. With every issue come new field trip destinations - from Brazil to our own backyards - complete with maps, directions and collecting advice. What to do with the rocks you've collected? Every month, ROCK & GEM publishes projects ranging in complexity from simple wire wrapping to advanced silversmithing and stone inlay, with step-by-step instructions and clear photos to help you.

The winner who selects this prize receives a one-year subscription. The Shop thanks Alicia Morris, , at ROCK & GEM Magazine, for the contribution of this prize. ROCK & GEM Magazine, 4880 Market Street, Ventura, CA 93003 Phone: (805) 644-3824

- Prize H -
Membership in the
International Calcite Collectors Association

With over 600 distinct crystal forms, a plethora of colors, associations and pseudomorphs, and tens of thousands of localities, calcite has become a specialty of many mineral collectors. The ICCA publishes The Spar Box for its members quarterly, bringing calcite enthusiasts the latest information on new and old localities, articles on crystallography, chemistry and other aspects of calcite, minerals for trade and sale, reports on recent shows and exhibits, and news from members throughout the world. Here's further information on joining the ICCA.

The winner selecting this prize will receive a complimentary membership and subscription to The Spar Box for one year. The Shop thanks Dr. Morton Metersky, , editor, for his contribution of this prize. International Calcite Collectors Association, 725 Cheryl Drive, Warminster, PA 18974 USA

- Prize I -
Subscription to the Wilensky Mineral Video

Stuart and Donna market high-grade mineral specimens through their well known quarterly mineral videos. Each video features 75 spectacular specimens to oggle and drool over, accompanied by Stuart's knowledgeable and informative commentary. Most of the featured specimens are in the couple of hundred to couple of thousand dollar class of rocks.

Each video contains images and information on classic specimens from famous localities as well as from some of the newest finds. Wilensky quality is legendary, and after watching a video you'll understand why. For further formation on these videos, you'll want to visit the home page for the Wilensky Mineral Video.

The winner who selects this prize receives a one-year subscription to the video. The Shop thanks Stuart Wilensky, , for his contribution of this prize. Stuart and Donna Wilensky Mineral Video, #203 Sullivan Street, PO Box 386, Wurtsboro, NY 12790 Phone: (914) 888-4411 Fax: (914) 888-2889

- Prize J -

10 Rolls of Super HGII 35mm FujiFlim

If you shoot up all your film working up your entry for the specimen image contest, there's even an opportunity to replenish your stash and have some left over for vacation! The winner selecting this prize will receive ten 24 exposure rolls of ISO 100 Super HGII 35mm print FujiFilm - that's a total of 240 exposures, so snap away! This prize is provided by Bob's Rock Shop. Sorry, developing is not included.

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