Gemstones & Vibrational Healing
By Debra Floyd
Agate :
Earth, For grounding & balance.

Amber :
Mercury. High electrical charge for positive energy. Harmonizes Yin and Yang.

Amethyst :
Jupiter, Pluto. Eases compulsive/obsessive behavior (desire for food, tobacco, drugs, alchol, etc) calms an overactive mind, increases self-esteem, aids sleep.

Apache Tears :
Pluto. Grounding. Transforms and aids in the release of lower emotions.

Aquamarine :
Neptune. Tranquility, sooths the heart, inspires compassion.

Adventurine (Green Quartz) :
Venus, Uranus. Joy, balance, clarity.

Azurite :
Saturn. Developement of intuition, understanding and communication of Universal Law.

Bloodstone :
Earth. Physical healer, mental balancer, removes toxins from blood, aligns energiues along spinal column.

Blue Celestite :
Neptune. Opens one up to the angelic realms. For detachment, clear perspective, divine inspiration.

Blue Topaz :
Mercury, Uranus. High electrical charge. Focuses and clears the mind, opens one ti inspiration.

Carnelian :
Saturn, Earth. Sacred to Isis. Protective, aids concentration. Access to past life data. (orange in color)

Citrine :
Mercury, Mars. Bridge between higher and lower consciousness; transmutes fear.

Coral :
Venus, Neptune. Love and harmony.

Emerald :
Venus. Heart stone. Great harmonizer. Love, balance, undertanding.

Fluorite :
Neptune. Opens wearer to influence of other stones. Grounds excess energy.

Garnet :
Pluto, Mars. Aids kundalini to ascend in proper channels. Aids circulation.

Hematite :
Saturn. Grounding, focus, self discipline.

Herkimer Diamond :
Uranus. Releeases stress, cleanses subtle bodies. Stumlates clairvoyance, dream work. Crown chakra.

Jade :
Venus, Neptune. Cooling, water element. Soothing, healing.

Jet :
Pluto. Sacred to Pan. Helps to confront darker aspects of self and nature.

Kyanite :
Neptune, Pluto. Aligns chakras and subtle bodies.

Labradorite/Spectrolite :
Uranus, Pluto, Neptune. Opens heart chakra.

Lapis Lazuli :
Venus, Neptune. Throat chakra. STone of teachers. Clarity and ease of expression of higher wisdom.

Malachite :
Venus. Solar plexus. Emotional balance. Strengthens physical and etheric eyes.

Moldavite :
Pluto, Mercury, Moon. Astral Projection, access to akashic records, wider perspectives.

Moonstone :
Moon. Sacred to the Goddess, moonstone may be used to enhance the feminine, strengthen psychic abilities, and increase sensativity to natural cycles.

Obsidian :
Pluto. Transforms energy and emotions in a very powerful way. Not to be worn as jewelry. Also a powerful grounding stone.

Onyx (black) :
Saturn. Stabilizing. Mirrors all aspects of the self, dark as well as light. Transformative.

Opal :
Mercury. Links physical body to higher bodies, allowing greater access to cosmic consciousness.

Paua Shell :
Neptine. Aids one in accessing the subconscious for emotional and artistic inspiration.

Pearl :
Venus. Purity, chastity, emotional clarity.

Peridot :
Mercury. Creates feeling of protection, allowing heart to open. Unblocks congestions.

Pyrite :
Mars. Vitality, strengthening of Will. Improves circulation.

Quartz :
Uranus. Purifier, protector, spiritual awakener. Raises Vibratory rate.

Rhodochrosite :
Mercury, Venus. Holds any force field. Draws white light into the physical body.

Rose Quartz :
Venus. Self love, friendship.

Ruby :
Sun, Mars. Heart Chakra. Compassion, leadership, heals relationship to father.

Rutilated Quartz :
Sun, Uranus. High electrical charge. Powerful healer.

Sapphire :
Neptune. Aids spiritual understanding.

Selenite :
Moon. Soothing, nurturing, inspirational.

Sodalite :
Venus, Pluto. Opens throat chakra. Physical healer. Transformative. (Blue speckled stone).

Smoky Quartz :
Mercury, Earth. One of the best grounding stones. Balancing.

Tigereye :
Mercury, Earth, Mars. Sacred to Bast and Sekhmet. Helps one to distinguish between actual need and false desire.

Topaz :
Mercury. Bridge between higher and lower consciousness. Assimulation of abstract information.

Tourmaline :
Black - deflects negativity. Very protective.
Green - refines, strengthens, directs will.
pink - love and sacrifice, devotion.
watermellon - corrects imbalances, eases guilt.

Tourmalinated Quartz :
Pluto, Uranus. Deflects and eliminates negative conditioning patterns.

Torquoise :
Venus, Moon. Symbol of the sky. Works on respiratory system, helps manifest spiritual qualities on the physical plane.

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