Rose Egg 168a-96 by Bob Keller

Rose Egg 168a-96 - designed by Bob Keller ©2014
168 facets96 index
L/W = 1.000 H/W = 1.380Vol./W^3 = 0.709
12-fold, mirror-image symmetry

Hemisphere A
p90.00°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Cut to equal depth, set size
175.49°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Match preform, make level equator
268.99°04-12-20-28-36-44-52-60-68-76-84-92Meet preform.1
349.92°04-12-20-28-36-44-52-60-68-76-84-92Meet 1.2
445.99°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Meet 1.2.3
515.50°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Meet 3.4, pole
Hemisphere B
a88.35°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Meet 1.2
b81.02°04-12-20-28-36-44-52-60-68-76-84-92Meet 1.2.a
c76.72°04-12-20-28-36-44-52-60-68-76-84-92Meet a.b
d69.94°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Meet a.b.c
e62.29°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Meet c.d
f56.81°04-12-20-28-36-44-52-60-68-76-84-92Meet c.d.e
g42.45°04-12-20-28-36-44-52-60-68-76-84-92Meet e.f
h39.29°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Meet e.f.g
i15.28°96-08-16-24-32-40-48-56-64-72-80-88Meet g.h, pole

Rose Egg 168a-96 Cutting Notes

Begin by cutting a 12-sided cylindrical preform. The height of the preformed cylinder must be equal to or greater than 1.38 times its width for you to have enough material when you get to the course 5 and i (pole) facets. When you cut the course 1 facets for the A hemisphere, create a level 'girdle' (equator) line dividing the height of cylinder proportionately, allowing 1.67 times more for the z dimension of the B hemisphere as the A hemisphere.

Transfer when you've finished the A hemisphere, and cut the course a-o sequence on the B hemisphere.

If you cut a Rose Egg 168a-96 of your own, be sure and let me know what you've cut and how you made out.

Rose Egg 168a-96 cut by Jo Wicht
Pictured above is a Rose Egg 168a-96 cut from clear quartz by faceter Jo Wicht. Jo's Rose Egg is approximately 3 cm in length.

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