Garnet Quartz Tourmaline Amethyst

Featured Cut
Soda Bar 19 Designed by Bob Keller

Faceted Gemstone Designs
A Searchable Interface to Downloadable Faceting Diagrams and Gemstone Designs at Bob's Rock Shop

Faceting Fascinates
With an Experienced Guide, You, Too, Can Bring Gemstones to Life!

Faceting as a Hobby
A MWF Award Winning Article by Jack Christianson

Faceting CZ
How to Facet and Polish Cubic Zircona by Carl Unruh

Cutting Sapphires
How to Facet and Polish Sapphires by Jeff Graham

Refractive Index and Critical Angle
A Faceter's Primer on Refractive Index, Critical Angle, Dispersion and Birefringence

Properties of Commonly Faceted Minerals and Materials
Their Mineralogical Classifications, Optical and Physical Properties

A Graphical Presentation of Brightness in the Standard Round Brilliant
Scientific Graphing Software Meets GemRay!

Getting Rid of Those Bow Tie Blues
Design Techniques for Eliminating Dark Areas in Gemstones

Rough for Faceters    Check Our Specials!
Natural:   Amethyst   Ametrine   Bytownite   Chrome Diopside   Citrine   Danburite   Garnet   Moldavite   Petalite   Quartz   Sapphire   Spodumene   Tanzanite   Topaz   Tourmaline   Zircon  
Synthetics:   Cubic Zirconia   Laser Gem / Glass   Quartz  

Cutting by Ear
No Dial Indicators or Electronic Thingamajiggies Required

A Technique for Dopping with Black Wax
Dopping Gemstones with Black Wax Is Not a Black Art

On Hunting Faceting Rough in the Backwater at Tucson
Faceting Rough is Where You Find It

Faceters Symposium 2000
Faceters Get Together Hosted by the Faceter's Guild of Southern California

Gemstone Design Conversion Using the Tangent Ratio Method
A Primer on Tangent Ratio Conversion for Faceters

Online Tangent Ratio Converter
An Online Calculator for Transposing Design Angles

Online Gem Weight Calculator
An Online Calculator for Determining Gem Weight with Various Materials

Index of Online Faceting Articles
Check Out This Index of Faceting Articles, Tips and How-to on the WWW!

Equipment Manufacturers
Links and Contact Information for Manufacturers of Faceting Machines and Equipment

Door Knobs
1180 Carat Citrine
880 Carat Kunzite
297 Carat Kunzite

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