A Visual Stop for the Graves Faceting Machines
from Ken Wetz

Here's a scan of a circuit for Graves Faceting Machines Models Mark 1 and Mark 4 that allows visual indication of stop. I was shown the trick to this quite a few years back by someone and darned if I can remember who. I think it used to be common knowledge among faceters in some parts of the country though. Anyway, I drew up the plans for the one I use and scanned them in for anyone who might want a visual indication of stop for their Graves model faceter.


{1} 9 Volt Battery
{1} 4.7 K Ohm Resistor
{1} Small LED (Light Emitting Diode)
{1} Small Phono Jack
{1} Small Phono Plug
{2} Alligator Clips
{1) Small Case
Enough Flexible Wire to Make Two 18" or So Long Leads

After the unit is built, plug the phono plug into the phono jack and attach 1 alligator clip to the wingnut or something else that is attached to the mast of the faceting head. Attach the other alligator clip to the indexing lever. When you are close to the stop the lamp will begin to flicker. The flicker will become more intense as you approach the stop and will finally glow steadily.

The phono plug also acts as the on/off switch, when the unit is unplugged no power will flow. Do not leave the unit attached all the time to prevent prematurely running down the battery.

This indicator design may not work with other than the Graves Mark 1 and Mark 4 faceting machines. It requires that the attachment points for the alligator clips be electrically isolated until the stop is reached, at which point the circuit is completed and the LED lights.

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