FVS Pharaoh's Eye

FVS Pharaoh's Eye

Editor's Note: 'Pharaoh's Eye' is a novel, older design credited to Gems of the World and appearing as Sapphire Faceting Guide Number 37. A discussion concerning this design and the DataVue rendering (03.011) of it developed on the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies Faceters List and several list members expressed an interest in cutting it. However, the original design is problematic in several regards. Fred Van Sant has reworked and revised the original Pharaoh's Eye, designing this reproducible, FVS meetpoint version.

Pharaoh's Eye / FVS Pharaoh's Eye Notes
Designed by Fred Van Sant fwvsmacgem@juno.com

Enclosed is a copy of the subject design; it is HAND-DRAWN. At the small circles I've drawn, the girdle goes inward and comes back out again; that is not possible with the given index numbers. The longest girdle facet at index 4 will make a line 22.5 degrees with the horizontal axis, and where it crosses the vertical axis it will produce a L/W of approximately 1.09 by measurement.

Original Hand Drawn Pharaoh's Eye Diagram

On the original diagram crown steps 1 and 2 appear to have their angles switched; the ones given are impossible to cut. But if you switch those two angles and use them, there will be no place on the crown where you can cut 60 degree facets. The girdle break facet at index 6 must have an angle fairly close to the adjacent break facet at index 4. The remaining instructions are not intelligible to me. Maybe if I actually cut the stone I could make sense of them.

For a medium to large stone, which the complex crown calls for, the pavilion is overly simple. The girdle breaks at 50 degrees won't do much for brightness, and they produce an awkward uneven girdle.

Among my MacGem shaping routines is one called ECED. When you give it a set of girdle numbers it makes an outline where all the girdle facets have equal Normal Intercepts, which makes a shape where all the girdle facets can be cut a single mast height setting.

The Pharaoh's Eye shape is so close to an ECED shape that my design assumes it to be so, and this solves all the preform problems, making the FVS Pharaoh's Eye a reproducible design. I put my initials on the name to make it clear this is not THE Pharaoh's Eye (is there one?) but only my version of it. Others may pick different salient points and come up with a very different version than mine, and that is OK too. The re-designed pavilion has a round 'eyeball' for the crown's eye-shaped table. All the pavilion facets are below the critical 45 degrees.

I would advise not to cut FVS Pharaoh's Eye in quartz or other low RI materials, because raising the pavilion angles even 1 degree will put many of them at 45 degrees and above. For quartz I have designed a different pavilion, which leaves out the 'eyeball' and runs some of the break facets straight to the culet.

Recommended FVS Pharaoh's Eye Pavilion for Quartz

1 41.00 96-04-08-12-16-84-88-92 meet corresponding girdle facets and at culet
2 43.80 12-20-44-52 meet corresponding girdle facets
3 42.70 2-6-10-22-26-30-34-38-42-54-58-62 meet corresponding girdle facets and at culet
4 43.20 64-4-8-24-28-32-36-40-56-60 meet corresponding girdle facets

Enjoy cutting your FVS Pharaoh's Eye!
Fred Van Sant

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