'B' Still My Heart by Jeff R. Graham

'B' Still My Heart - designed by Jeff R. Graham faceters.com ©1999
Angles for R.I. = 1.54 92 facets + 21 facets on girdle = 113
1-fold, mirror-image symmetry 96 index
L/W = 1.005 T/W = 0.617 T/L = 0.613 P/W = 0.468 C/W = 0.145 H/W = (P+C)/W+0.02 = 0.633 P/H = 0.739 C/H = 0.229
Vol./W^3 = 0.227 Brightness at 0 degrees tilt for R.I. = 1.54
COS = 78.7 ISO = 84.9

P1 41.86 02-06-10-14-18-22-26-30-34-38-42-46-
Cut to centerpoint.
P2(G) 90.00 08-88 P2-11 Outline girdle
P3(G) 90.00 10-86  
P4(G) 90.00 12-84  
P5(G) 90.00 14-82  
P6(G) 90.00 16-80  
P7(G) 90.00 18-78  
P8(G) 90.00 22-74  
P9(G) 90.00 28-68  
P10(G) 90.00 34-38-58-62  
P11(G) 90.00 48  
P12 70.03 08-88 P12-20 Meet girdle facets
P13 70.86 10-86  
P14 71.31 12-84  
P15 71.31 14-82  
P16 71.31 16-80  
P17 71.31 18-78  
P18 71.31 22-74  
P19 71.31 28-68  
P20 71.31 48  
P21 40.86 04-92 P21-26 Meet break facets
P22 40.60 12-84  
P23 40.70 20-76  
P24 40.99 28-68  
P25 41.04 36-60  
P26 40.87 44-52  
C1 40.00 08-88 C1-14 Meet girdle
C2 40.00 10-86  
C3 40.00 12-14-82-84  
C4 39.92 16-80  
C5 39.90 18-78  
C6 40.00 22-74  
C7 40.00 28-68  
C8 40.00 34-38-58-62  
C9 40.00 48  
C10 38.86 11-85  
C11 38.90 15-81  
C12 37.76 20-76  
C13 36.47 31-65  
C14 34.44 43-53  
C15 33.87 96 Meet girdle,C1,C2
C16 15.63 13-83 Meet C1,C2,C3...
C17 17.68 23-73 Meet C11,C12,C13...
C18 18.47 39-57 Meet C13,C14...
T 0.00 Table C15,C16,C17,C18...

Editor's Notes: While reviewing my references for ideas and approaches to heart shaped cuts, I noticed a marked scarcity of barion hearts. Due to their single fold symmetry, hearts can be tedious and time consuming to cut. A barion heart offers a number of advantages over more conventional heart designs, not the least of which are the reduction of elevation angle changes required to cut the pavilion, and increased optical performance. I decided to try designing and cutting a barion heart of my own, and Mount Ida Heart was the result of that exploration.

I also discussed barion hearts with Jeff Graham and he agreed that the application of a barion type cut to a heart had intriguing possibilities. Intriguing enough, in fact, that it was just a few days later when Jeff called me and announced he'd designed a barion heart and that a quartz prototype was already being cut and nearly finished.

I've expedited publishing 'B' Still My Heart as February's featured cut, so you won't have "not enough time" as an excuse for not cutting one of these for your honey for Valentine's day. ;)

'B' Still My Heart
Cutting Remarks

Shown at left is the prototype 'B' Still My Heart, a 16mm stone cut by Chris Byron from a piece of pale, pinkish Brazilian ametrine.

I have had a lot of good feedback from the SweetHeart cut and quite a few people asked me for a barion heart. Here it is... 'B' Still My Heart design is based on a round pavilion. The L/W is 1.0 for all practical purposes. Basically you cut to centerpoint and then shape it to a heart. Because it employs an essentially round pavilion, the light return is outstanding for a quartz heart. This also cuts well in Topaz and Tourmaline with no changes. I recommend a large light to medium colored stone - aim for a target size of 14 mm or larger.

The under girdle "cheeks" formed by the barion facets P12-19 are evident in the edge-on view of 'B' Still at right.

If you cut this in light material, don't be afraid to tangent ratio and raise the crown angles some if you want to chase dispersion. This design has plenty of brightness to trade off against increased dispersion when cut in light materials. If your material is darker, the high light return of 'B' Still will be employed to maximum advantage and effect. I'll be on the lookout during the upcoming Tucson show for some primo rhodolite for some garnet 'B' Stills for local jewelers and wholesale customers.

Enjoy cutting your 'B' Still My Heart! Drop me an email to let me know your results and what you've cut, or feel free to inquire if you have any questions or need some help regarding this design - Jeff.

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