Aqua Cisir by Jeff R. Graham

Aqua Cisir - designed by Jeff R. Graham ©1998
Angles for R.I. = 1.56 31 facets + 8 facets on girdle = 39
2-fold, mirror-image symmetry 96 index
L/W = 2.000 T/W = 1.680 T/L = 0.840 P/W = 0.515 C/W = 0.205 H/W = (P+C)/W+0.02 = 0.740 P/H = 0.696 C/H = 0.277
Vol./W^3 = 0.857 Brightness at 0 degrees tilt for R.I. = 1.56
COS = 68.7 ISO = 79.8

P1(G) 90.00 96-48 Cut a 2.0 preform
P2(G) 90.00 24-72  
P3(G) 90.00 12-36-60-84 Cut to about 20-25% of width
P4 60.00 96-48 Cut to meet girdle
P5 70.04 24-72 Cut to meet girdle
P6 42.84 01-47-49-95 Cut to centerpoint, meet girdle
P7 40.25 02-46-50-94 Cut to centerpoint, meet girdle
P8 49.09 12-36-60-84 Cut to meet girdle, P5,P7
C1 52.00 96-48 Cut to meet girdle
C2 45.48 12-36-60-84 Cut to meet girdle
C3 52.00 24-72 Cut to meet girdle
C4 38.00 01-47-49-95 Cut to meet girdle
C5 28.00 96-48 Cut to meet C4
T 0.00 Table Cut to meet C2,C3,C4,C5

Aqua Cisir Cutting Remarks

Shown at left is a 9.5 x 19 mm ~7 carat Aqua Cisir cut from flawless aquamarine by Jeff Graham. Aqua Cisir performs well low with RI materials like quartz and beryl.

This cut is not intended for beginners in spite of its simple appearance. In terms of skill and technique requirements, I would rate Aqua Cisir as about a 6 on a 10 scale. The corners are designed to 'float' and if your L/W deviates from 2:1 somewhat it won't hurt anything, but you will have to make corresponding adjustments to the affected angles.

The keel can be a little hard to meet depending on your skill and the accuracy of your machine. The long keel facets could also be problematic for novices due to chipping on the edges, especially with quartz. The flash and yield of this cut are exceptional, and this is a very fast to cut design for intermediate to professional faceters.

Enjoy cutting your Aqua Cisir! Drop me an email to let me know your results and what you've cut, or feel free to inquire if you have any questions or need some help regarding this design - Jeff.

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