Rocks from Martin Friedlander's Collection Shelf Two

Gem Albite from Minas Gerias

Aragonite from Bisbee, Arizona

Quartz with Actinolite Inclusions from Haramosh Mountains, Pakistan

Barite from Julicani, Peru

Bertrandite on Quartz from Kara Oba, Kazakhstan

Borax from Baker Mine, Boron, California

Stellerite and Stilbite from Rudnui Mine, Sarbai Soklovsky, Kazakhstan

Calcite and Chalcopyrite from Rudnui Mine, Sarbay-Sokolov, Kazakhstan

Twinned Calcite Crystal from Kazakhstan

Quartz with Hedenbergite Inclusions from Island of Seriphos, Greece

Azurite from Tsumeb, Namibia

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Bob Keller