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Arkansas Gem and Mineral Clubs
State Rock: Bauxite     Mineral: Quartz
Bird: Mockingbird     Flower: Apple Blossom
Motto: Regnat Populus (The People Rule)    Nickname: The Natural State

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Spring River Gem & Mineral Club
565 Woodland Hills Rd.
Hardy, Arkansas 72542
Meeting Place: Omaha Center, Cherokee Village
Meeting Time: 10 AM; 1st Thurs of each month, March to December
Primary Contact: Mary Kocz E-Mail: Phone: [870] 856-4617
Secondary Contact: Dorothy Rolland E-Mail: Phone: [870] 257-2393
Federation (Regional) Affiliation: Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Societies

Central Arkansas Gem, Mineral & Geology Society
218 Old Highway 11 S.
Hazen, Arkansas 72064
Meeting Place: Terry Library, 2515 Napa Valley Dr. (Off Rodney Parham) Little Rock, Ar
Meeting Time: 6:30 P. M. 4th Tuesday of each month Jan - Nov
Primary Contact: Lenora Murray E-Mail: Phone: [870] 255-3679
Secondary Contact: Mike Austen E-Mail: Phone: [501] 868-4553
Federation (Regional) Affiliation: Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Societies

Hot Springs Geology Club
P.O. Box 257
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902
Meeting Place: Arkansa School for Mathmatics and Science 200 Whittington
Meeting Time: Fourth Thursday of each month except June thur Aug. and Dec. 7:00 pm
Primary Contact: Ray Lynch E-Mail: Phone: [501] 416-1612
Secondary Contact: Gene Newson Phone: [501] 664-5981
Federation (Regional) Affiliation: South Central Federation of Mineralogical Societies

Ozark Earth Science Club
Brenda D Johnson
1424 County Rd 18
Mountain Home , Arkansas 72653
Meeting Place: Farm Bureau Building 1424 Highway 62 West< Mountain Home
Meeting Time: Second Tuesday each month at 7:00pm
Primary Contact: Ed Hakesley E-Mail: Phone: [870] 424-0956
Secondary Contact: Jane Ellen Ross E-Mail: Phone: [479] 871-6164
Federation (Regional) Affiliation: Midwest Federation of Mineralogical and Geological Societies

Northwest Arkansas Gem & Mineral Society
Connie Mc Garrah
24377 E 556 Rd Colcord OK 74338
Siloam Springs , Arkansas 72761
Meeting Place: Clubhouse on Highway 43 north aprox 1 mile north of Siloam Springs
Meeting Time: Fourth Tueday of each month 7:30 pm
Primary Contact: Connie Mc Garrah E-Mail: Phone: [918] 422-5867
Secondary Contact: Wayne Cox E-Mail: Phone: [479] 254-0894
Federation (Regional) Affiliation: Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies

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