A Word to the Wise: Publishing Your Email Address

Email addresses submitted to the Rock Trader Classifieds via the "Your E-Mail Address" field on the ad submission form are automatically broken before being published by replacing the "@" character in the address with "[at]". This is done to provide some anti-spam defense against automated address harvesters that plague every web page on the Internet nowadays. If you want to email an advertiser here, you must manually repair their address before emailing them by making a reverse substitution to restore their address to valid form.

In spite of this precaution, you are very strongly cautioned and advised to never publish any email address you wish to retain the long term use of on any publicly accessible page anywhere on the WWW. If you elect to include an email address with your ad here or any other publicly accessible page on the WWW, please exercise some common sense and employ an expendable address for such purposes.

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Bob Keller