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Beads Offered
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Businesses Opportunites

[Delete] Ad number: 12374 Posted: 9/12/2015 11:41:21 UT
Looking For Space During Quartzsite and Tucson
I am looking for a space at electric park in tucson 1-15 feb or in that time frame, also will consider sharing spot at Quartzsite desert gardens, it may take me a few days to get with you online but I will answer all queries....thanks, I sell rough and finished items I make myself. Pictures available.
Bill Gallagher email: luxefaire[at]
pob 125 hachita, nm 88040
[Delete] Ad number: 12346 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:42:16 UT
Historical 37.5 AC Gem Mine For Sale
WOW A Piece of California Gem Mining History, Big Pink and Little Blue Lode Mining Claim, 37.54 Acres Private and Secluded, Completely Surrounded by San Bernardino National Forest, Located atop of Little Cahuilla Mountain with Breathtaking Views of Valley and Surrounding Mountains Range, Elevation around 4600-4,900 Feet, MUST SEE TO BELIEVE, A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity for the Gem Hunter or Outings
Rocky Rovedatti email: navymarineteam[at] homepage: Temeculahomes4sale
Century 21 Wright
30610 Rancho California RD Temecula, CA USA 92591
[Delete] Ad number: 12341 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:41:23 UT
SALE $297,000 SALE Open year round, this outstanding opportunity sits on eight and two thirds acres surrounded on three sides by Crater of Diamonds State Park and within walking distance to the 37.5 acre diamond search field. By car, the Park entrance is just 200 yards away. This full service park includes a Rock Shop loaded with $600,000.00 in inventory. There are 22 RV & tent sites, 10 are full hookup and include 3-50 amp hookups, 4 cabins of which 3 are camping cabins and 1 deluxe cabin. Rock shop sales along with regular monthly campers ensure a steady income. There is plenty of room for expansion on the 5 acres around a one acre pond. Artesian well and city water, 2 gazebos, play swing and slide and a small decorative pond. Includes bathhouse with separate men and women showers and toilets and owner's home. This mom and pop is a special turnkey opportunity! All for only $297,000.00
Joyce Goodin email: jgoodin776[at] homepage: Miners' Camping & Rock Shop
Miners' Camping & Rock Shop
2235 Hwy 301 S Murfreesboro, AR USA 71958
[Delete] Ad number: 12339 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:41:10 UT
Australia's only producing Tourmaline mine. For Sale W.I.W.O
An opportunity to purchase the lease called "The Rubellite Mine" or as listed on Mindat "Mount Holland Tourmaline Mine". This a unique chance to acquire the property that has produced top colour rubellites, water-melons, greens, and achroites. Added to this are beryls "morganites" of considerable size. it is also the type locality of Kimrobinsonite. Due to the loss of my partner(joint owner), his wife and I have decided to sell this wonderful gemstone lease. All estate and duties have been finalized. It is 4 hours from Perth in the southern Yilgarn. Situated in one of the safest countries in the world. It can be worked in our winter, for up to 6 months without any hardships. The lease has about 18 years to go with a free option to renew for any amount of time in blocks of 21 years. There are 3 pegmatites on the lease, we have worked one, the other two have been opened up to 3 metres. All have produced gem tourmaline. The centre pegmatite had tantalite showing in hand specimens. The tantalite grade of the worked or southern pegmatite was just below 1%. The original owners recovered 2 x200 litre drums of tantalite concentrate from this pegmatite. There is a small open cut located on this pegmatite. We have been working underground along side this pit(20 metres vertical, with a 15 metre drive. The lease is 70 hectares(surveyed at the cost of $8,000 dollars). A mining company has drilled up to our boundaries for lateritic nickle, with some values high as 8% nickle(See Western Areas NL. Mount Holland drill results). The asking price is $US.75,000.00 W.I.W.O. If you want more information email me. This is the only way to contact me as I am at the lease most times. Please realize that if I am off the grid it may be awhile before I can respond. Fred Rose and Alice Bell.
Fred Rose email: yarrabubba[at]
PO. box 55 Cue 6640 Western Australia. Australia.

Cabbing Rough Offered

Select from Our Fine Materials for Your Special Lapidary Projects
Assortments      Agates   Alunite   Angelite   Aventurine   Blue Willow Stone   Calcite   Cacoxenite   Charoite   Chrysocolla   Clam Chowder Stone   Coprolite   Crinoid Marble   Dalmatian Stone   Dinosaur Bone   Dolomite   Dumortierite   Flower Feldspar   Fossil Coral   Fossil Stone   Goldstone   Hypersthene   Indian Paint Rock   Jade   Jaspers   Lapis Lazuli   Lepidolite   Magnesite   Mookaite   Obsidians   Petrified Wood   Pietersite   Pink Lace   Printstone   Quartz   Rhodochrosite   Rhodonite   Rhyolites   Ruby in Fuchsite   Ruby in Zoisite   Selected Materials   Seraphinite   Serpentine   Sodalite   Thulite    Tiffany Stone   Tiger Eye   Tiger Iron   Turquoise   Unakite   Variscite  

[Delete] Ad number: 12389 Posted: 9/29/2015 4:42:22 UT
Banded Onyx Rough
Good day, I have several pounds of 7 Springs AZ banded onyx, beautiful earth tones of cream, tan, brown, translucent and some red. Onyx is great for carving as well. I have a 30 plus pound chunk showing great patterns for carving. Pictures on request. Price per pound will be by grade. I have several pounds of proven (cut) chunks as well as several pounds of cabbing end cuts. Drop me an email and we can talk. Many different options with this material.
Mark R email: rocknut68[at]
Lone Wolf Lapidary
Surprise, AZ
[Delete] Ad number: 12353 Posted: 8/10/2015 18:59:9 UT
Lambina and Mintibie Kingstones, and Mintitie Airport Plate
I have quite a bit of Mintibie Airport plate that I purchased back in the 1990's that I would like to sell. I was an opal dealer back then and still have most of my higher grade stock left, having sold most of the less expensive rough. I also have about eight kingstones in Lambina and Mintibie rough suitable for cabbing and/or carving. These would be sold in their lots and not single stones unless a kingstone. Most of the kingstones are Lambina. The largest Lambina crystal being the brightest I have seen. I also have a large Lambina that should cut a number of exceptional Blacks. I can send amateur photos if I have a serious inquiry. I can also provide weights of lots and the kingstones and accurate descriptions. If you wish to personally view this collection I will require a deposit of $100.00 to set up an appointment. This will be applied to the sale price if in excess of $1500.00. Otherwise it will be forfeited. I also some cut blacks if buyer interested.
Gregory Olson email: his-rock-works[at]
Tampa, Florida United States 33615
[Delete] Ad number: 12350 Posted: 7/29/2015 19:2:26 UT
Cabs & Rough on sale
Howdy, Just wanted to let y'all know cabs are 20% off thru 9/20. The following rough is also on sale: Malawi Agate Tiger Eye Picture Jasper Snowflake Obsidian Leopardskin Blue Aventurine Green Aventurine Baby Brazil Agate Apache Tears African Carnelian Agate Moonstone Please email or call (210) 724-4545 if you have any questions or need help finding other materials. Thank you for your business! Jeremy R. Able Riverbend Lapidary
Jeremy R. Able email: jra[at] homepage: Riverbend Lapidary
Riverbend Lapidary

[Delete] Ad number: 12332 Posted: 7/15/2015 20:22:42 UT
(Wildhorse Picture Jasper) I have yet another rock deal for rock hounds that is hard to beat for the price and you must come and get it as I am not shipping the material. I have approximately 1200 pounds of Wildhorse Picture Jasper for sale and take it all for $1.50 per pound. I also have other local materials for sale as well. Thanks!
Brian C Averett email: triplearockshop[at] homepage: Triple A Rockshop
Triple A Rockshop
Nampa, Idaho USA 83687
[Delete] Ad number: 12329 Posted: 7/5/2015 15:57:54 UT
(Purple Sage Agate) Folks I have a deal for a rock hound or dealer that's pretty hard to beat if they come and get the rock as I will not ship it. I have about 1600-1800 pounds of Purple Sage Agate for sale and if you come and get it I'll sell it to you for $2.00 a pound. I also have other local materials for sale as well. Thanks!
Brian Averett email: triplearockshop[at] homepage: Triple A Rockshop
Triple A Rockshop
Nampa, Idaho USA 83687
[Delete] Ad number: 12316 Posted: 6/8/2015 13:54:18 UT
We here at the shop have been in operation for 40 years and we have been selling off our materials and the time has come that we need to sell off the balance of what we have left. When we started to sell we had better than 125 ton of miscellaneous rock and now down to the good materials and maybe some 30 ton is all that remains. There is still great materials left such as Morrisonite, Owyhee Picture Jasper, Wildhorse Jasper, Purple Sage agate, Hubbard Basin wood, Utah Bog wood, Rainbow Brazilian Agate, both types of Biggs Jasper in slabs as well as some rough along with other agates, jaspers and many more of the old favorites. As for a lot of this new material that has been found and is being sold that has been found in the last 10 years we don't have or did we carry it. Our materials are from mines that have been closed for the last 20 years or so and now it all has to go. Many of the items are priced at what I paid for the materials some 30 years ago or more and some items are below what I paid as it all has to be sold as we want to move away from Idaho and enjoy what time we have left since we retired. So, keep in mind that we are selling our materials and E-bay buyers that want materials for pennies on the dollar just as well stay home and wished you would because any reasonable offer with be addressed. As for any equipment, I have a 1967 Highland Park 24 inch saw that has had less than a dozen rocks through the machine with a new blade and set up for 220 volt. I have a 20 inch home built steel saw and a lot of silver smithing tools and equipment as well that is for sale. So, folks come and get it before someone else beats ya to it as many items are not subject to shipping it as the back will not take it any longer. Just remember, "You snooze you loose"! Thanks
Brian Averett email: triplearockshop[at] homepage: Triple A Rockshop
Triple A Rockshop
Nampa, Idaho USA
[Delete] Ad number: 12310 Posted: 6/1/2015 15:48:56 UT
rare HOWARDITE (aka
We have a large selection of rare Howardite (aka "Rattlesnake Jasper") rough from small chips to 20+ lb chunks acquired out of an estate sale, that we are offering for sale. This is super rare material said to have been dug in the 1950's and it is said the locality is defunct or lost. The material is said to be an opalized tuff with chalcedony and agate which produces a plaid "rattlesnake" and/or veining pattern in pink, red, brown, yellow etc. It has been selling fast and probably won't last long. Pricing from $30.00 to $100.00+ per pound depending on pattern, quality, etc. This is really beautiful material! See our website and ebay auctions for photos and more info!
Chris Wentzell email: dominionexploration[at] homepage: Dominion Exploration
Dominion Exploration

[Delete] Ad number: 12308 Posted: 6/1/2015 15:48:40 UT
botswana rutile tiger
cant tell if this stone is tiger eye or botswanna agate. or hawks eye. its half deep blue half yellowinsh/cream brown..with pink showing up as trasluscents on one end. it liknd of represents a "yin-yang" with some nive lear pinstripes of the yellow at the transizition zone and running parralell to the color change which twists about 35 degrees over the length of the stone. highly included with parallel fillaments in both directional intersecting at 90 and 45 degrees depending on the layer. I had a twelve point almost show up completely during my initional (and only) rough polishing fresh from the ground. 2" ovoid. solid, very pretty stone, symmetrical and unusual. create a cool optical effect easily with this easy to work chatoyant stone.. send me a pic when your to see it. im asking $50. thank you
Adam Gross email: Adamgross7875[at]
Sand Shells and Stone
202 cline cabin lane port angeles, wa usa 98362

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Cabinets Wanted
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[Delete] Ad number: 12196 Posted: 12/3/2014 14:1:59 UT
I sell jewelry making supplies such as rough rocks, rock slabs, cabochons and fetishes. I have some unique items including Natural Turquoise from the Morenci Mines which I have collected from the Gem and Mineral Shows in Quartzsite, AZ. Click on the Rock Collection and Jewelry Albums. Email me for more info. I will do combo shipping. Thanks for visiting my friend.
Debra Callaghan email: dcallaghan23[at] homepage:
Design Group
69-100 McCallum Way J206 Cathedral City, CA USA 92234

Cabochons Wanted

Carving Rough Offered
Alunite   Angelite   Assortments   Bronzite Hypersthene   Calcite   Chalcedony   Charoite   Chrysocolla   Chrysoprase   Clam Chowder Stone   Coprolite   Coral (Fossilized)   Crinoid Marble   Dinosaur Bone   Dolomite   Dumortierite   Golden Amphibolite   Goldstone   Jade   Jasper   Lepidolite   Obsidian   Petrified Wood   Phosphosiderite   Psilomelane   Rhyolite   Ruby-in-Fuchsite   Ruby-in-Zoisite   Selected Materials   Seraphinite (Clinoclore)   Shungite   Stichtite   Tiger Eye   Tumbling Rough   Turquoise   Variscite  

[Delete] Ad number: 12390 Posted: 9/29/2015 4:42:54 UT
7 Springs AZ Banded Onyx
Good day, I have several pounds of Onyx perfect for carving. I have one 30+ pound chunk perfect for that large carving project. Drop me an email this onyx is gorgeous! Earth tones of cream, tan, brown, translucent and some red. Love to hear from you!
Mark R email: rocknut68[at]
Lone Wolf Lapidary
Surprise, AZ

Carving Rough Wanted

eBay Auctions

I am pleased to offer some of my finest mineral specimens. Some of them were released, many years ago, from major museums and significant private collections.

[Delete] Ad number: 12352 Posted: 8/7/2015 14:38:43 UT
Graves Mark IV Facet Machine + Extras
Jason email: jhwatts2001[at]
109 Oakview Drive Kingston, Tennessee 37763
[Delete] Ad number: 12349 Posted: 7/28/2015 12:35:32 UT
2015 October 4 Nature & Science Signature Auction - Dallas #
Sept 28-Oct4 Full Preview October 1-4, 2015 Heritage Auctions - Design District Annex 1518 Slocum Street Dallas, TX 75207 Reception Preview Friday, October 2, 2015 Heritage Auctions - Design District Annex 1518 Slocum Street Dallas, TX 75207 Location Heritage Auctions - Design District Annex 1518 Slocum Street Dallas, TX 75207
TrishaEilers email: trishae[at] homepage:

[Delete] Ad number: 12348 Posted: 7/28/2015 12:35:13 UT
Thursday Internet Natural History Auctions #211531
1 - Nature & Science Session (Lots 78001-78020) - 10:00 PM Central Time, Thursday, July 30, 2015. (Internet Proxy bidding ends two hours prior to the session start time.)
TrishaEilers email: trishae[at] homepage:

[Delete] Ad number: 12188 Posted: 11/17/2014 16:0:2 UT
One Stop Lapidary Shop
Lapidarists and cab cutters check out our great eBay site. We offer small lots of various cutting materials, sized right for your saw. Also, large single sculpture size pieces available in many different great AZ materials, or chose materials from all over the world. Tons of pretty, unique Jaspers and Agates available. We list lots of great fluorescent minerals specializing in awesome AZ materials, with many neat materials from other well known locales such as Langban Sweden and of course Franklin, NJ. Endlesscircle lists beautiful spheres cut in our own shop located on our premises in AZ. We do every material imaginable from under 1" to 18" diameter! If you don't see it listed, let us know, and we will get it, or cut it for you! We now have lots of gift materials available such as, hand made bookends, spheres candles, diffusers and utensil holders, and some really beautiful Orthoceras pieces!
Joseph McAnney email: endlesscircle[at] homepage: Endless Circle Lapidary
Endless Circle
22950 W Roadrunner Lane Congress, AZ USA 85332


Equipment Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 12395 Posted: 10/1/2015 13:35:37 UT
Factron Faceting Machine
Due to the death of a fellow cutter in Fla I will have a Facetron along with all the laps and hard ware everyone knows what they cost will be taking offers.
Wm Herald email: clabe[at]
[Delete] Ad number: 12388 Posted: 9/23/2015 1:38:28 UT
For pics and info please email me. Comes with vise. $225 + shipping. Doesn't include a blade or motor but this is cheap and you can start cutting rocks right away. I have references. Thanks.
Rob Noble email: robertdnoble[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 12370 Posted: 9/9/2015 8:38:31 UT
Ultra Tec Faceting Machine
I have a brand new(still in the original cello wrap),in the original box, Ultra Tec V2 analog faceting machine. The price is $1900+ S & I. It is located in Memphis, TN. and local pickup is available. Thought I would have time to learn how to facet but was too busy with other aspects of lapidary. Email me for pictures. If you want to email me your phone number I will return your call as soon as possible. Thanks for looking!
Barry Gilmore email: Barry_BCG[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 12362 Posted: 8/22/2015 23:22:4 UT
Large Saws and Laps
30" ROC saw with 36" almost new MK blade installed. In good condition on large casters with screw feed and pumped oil system. This is a heavy saw. $2500.000. 18" Highland Park JP3 saw. Rolls easily on large casters This is the old style with bearings outside the saw housing. In good shape. $500.00. Three 27" Vibrolaps. The motors and frames are in good condition - two aluminum pans are pretty well worn out and the 3rd is well used. $350.00 each. 20"Reciprolap. My dad bought this in 1973. It hasn't been run in at least 25 years. Plate has some wear but not worn out. $ 250.00 Have lots of silicon carbide grit (80 to 600 grit) that I will sell with the laps. I also have over 40 petrified logs that were collected in the 60's and 70's. These came off Jim Gray property and were collected by my parents. They are whole logs from about 8" diameter up to 25" diameter and range from as short as 6" to about 20" in length. These are high quality logs from just outside the forest. I estimate total weight is around 5,000 to 6,000 pounds. $9,000 for all. I will not sell one or two at a time. If someone wants half of it or more, we can talk. Buyer must pick up - or make their own arrangements for pick up and delivery.
arl Petersen email: petersen[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 12343 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:41:39 UT
refurbed 20 inch lapidary rock saw
I have a completely refurbed 20 inch lapidary rock saw to sell. Has new arbor, new motor, completely gone thru and renewed where necessary. Runs quiet and true. Blade has about 90% diamond left. Housing says Covington, but must be a prototype, as it has an unusual design. Mounted on wheels so I can move it around the garage. Price is firm, can be seen by appointment only. Must be picked up in Albuquerque, cannot/will not ship. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
Phil email: goldpnr[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 12335 Posted: 7/15/2015 20:23:11 UT
Sphere Grinder/Saw and Grinder/Polisher
4 Wheel Rock Grinder/Polisher with Saw attached. Old Style...easy maintenance. With extra wheels. Separate sphere grinder with numerous size attachments. Paid $3,500.00 for all. Make an offer. I can send pictures if you are interested.
Diana Yows email: deals2n4you[at]
San Marco Drive Stockton, CA USA 95212
[Delete] Ad number: 12327 Posted: 7/5/2015 15:57:38 UT
Diamond Pacifc Ad-A-Unit P 8
USED -$600 b/o + packing and shipping(Unit is 62+lbs).Two wheels.In very good shape, low miles, scratches here and there. Mechanically in great shape. Includes 2- 8" drums, baseboard, and quick attach work light. Looks like Picture TO left of "Specialty Machines". Located in Denver,CO.Pictures available on request.
Paul Jasinowski email: jazatjfk[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 12312 Posted: 6/1/2015 15:49:59 UT
Tim Larocco email: tal[at] homepage: CigarBoxRock Lapidary Equipment
CigarBoxRock Lapidary Equipment
63160 Nels Anderson Road Bend, Oregon United States 97701
[Delete] Ad number: 12204 Posted: 12/12/2014 13:23:55 UT
BOOK OF PLANS: How To Build Better Lapidary Equipment
NOW WITH FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE. Save all the way around on this killer resource. How To Build A 6" 8" or 10" Diamond Saw. How To Build A Better Vibrating Tumbler. How To Build A Flat Laps for Grinding Sanding Polishing.How To Build Bench Grinders From Old Car Parts. How To Build A Giant Rock Saw. Trouble Free and Portable Water Source For ALL Lapidary.Lapidary Shop Tips, Mounting Motors, Motor Attachments, Stone Holders and Jewelers Vise You Can Make Easily, Obtaining Free Abrasives,and MORE. NEW! Build a large sized slabbing diamond blade drop saw. Excellent and easy design. American Jamb peg faceting: much more than an introduction. Even Construct these machines with salvaged parts. Building these machines is not hard to do for anyone with good mechanical and electrical aptitude. Once you have created a working machine you never need worry about breakdown again, because you will know it inside and out, and repair is a breeze. Write with questions.
Bill Gallagher email: luxefaire[at] homepage:
PO BOX 1012 SEFFNER, FL 33583
[Delete] Ad number: 12189 Posted: 11/17/2014 16:0:25 UT
Selling all my Equipment and rough
Jim email: lottarocks[at]
lower lake, Calif. USA 95457
[Delete] Ad number: 12180 Posted: 11/12/2014 20:58:55 UT
Highland Park B-12
With cabinet and motors on factory stand. Overall machine is good. Doesn't have the original shroud on the right. Looks good and runs good. Needs new grinding wheels. $850. Will crate for free but shipping is around $300 to the lower 48. This is a big combo machine and well worth the money. I haven't taken pics yet but if I get any interests I will. I am in the Kansas City,KS area. Item can be picked up also. Shoot me an email if interested. Have a nice day. PS.......I'm not wanting to negotiate much i'm asking what I pretty much want for it. Not interested in trades don't really need anything unless you're trading for cash lol.
Rob Noble email: noblelapidary[at]

Equipment Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 12371 Posted: 9/9/2015 8:38:48 UT
Wanted: 2
A 2" Core Drill has to go to depth of 2". Likewise, a 2 1/2" Core Drill needs to go to a depth of 2 1/2". Where does one find Core Drills this size? I want to make more spheres out of Agate, Jasper, etc. and want to use Core Drills. All I can find are Core Drills that are 12"- 14" long.
Robert Morgan email: pickarockbob[at] homepage: The Old Man's Fairburns
3222 W. Rapid St. Rapid City, South Dakota United States 57702
[Delete] Ad number: 12342 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:41:32 UT
Looking for a 3
Looking for core drills to make preforms for spheres.
Robert L. Morgan email: pickarockbob[at] homepage: Bobs Rock Collection
3222 W. Rapid St. Bobs Rock Shop Rapid City, SD United States 57702
[Delete] Ad number: 12328 Posted: 7/5/2015 15:57:45 UT
Turbofan AG Lap I am looking for a Turbofan AG lap in either 6 or 8 inch . I am not sure if they are still in business , but even a current email address for them would be welcomed .
Vaughn Nagel email: vnagel[at]
1470 East Holiday Drive Casa Grande, AZ United States 85122
[Delete] Ad number: 12199 Posted: 12/9/2014 17:58:46 UT
Looking for Arbor itself. Not mounted or with wheels.
Eugene Mueller email: gene[at] homepage: The Gem Shop
The Gem Shop, Inc.
W64N723 Washington Ave. Cedarburg, Wisconsin United States 53012
[Delete] Ad number: 12193 Posted: 11/24/2014 15:5:21 UT
I am looking for Highland Park B12 parts or whole unit and a copy of the manual Thanks Brian
Brian email: bsnicholls1966[at]
5822 county rd 345 fulton, Missouri usa

Faceted Gems Offered

Faceted Gems Wanted

Faceting Rough Offered

Rough for Faceters    Check Our Specials!
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Synthetics:   Cubic Zirconia   Laser Gem / Glass   Quartz  

[Delete] Ad number: 12394 Posted: 10/1/2015 13:35:30 UT
Faceting rough mostly Montana Sapphire
Due to the recent death of a very good facetor in Fla I have been asked to dispose of a large amount of Montana Sapphire. Some has been heated by John Emmett most has been tumble polished and would make excellent gem trees.
Wm Herald email: clabe[at]

Faceting Rough Wanted

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Fossils Offered

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[Delete] Ad number: 12378 Posted: 9/17/2015 14:14:23 UT
15 North Sea Woolly Mammoth Molars--$3,500.00 takes all.
I imported these molars from Amsterdam and just got a shipment in when Ebay changed their policy about Ivory. This was about 8 years ago. I boxed and stored them, but now need the money and the room. The average cost per tooth is $233.00, in the right venue they can easily sell for double or triple that. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Mike 970-779-0069 Grand Junction, Colorado
Michael Lani email: itnetworks07[at]
201 Franklin ave Unit 7 Grand Junction, CO United States 81505
[Delete] Ad number: 12364 Posted: 8/30/2015 13:7:23 UT
I recently purchased a business and acquired all the inventory--I have fossils, rocks, shark teeth, etc. I would like to sell it all in bulk if possible and will accept any reasonable offer. I am located in North Georgia--I have pictures I can send if interested. Thanks!
Traci Williams email: traci82276[at]
[Delete] Ad number: 12323 Posted: 7/5/2015 15:57:24 UT
Midwest Fossils for Sale or Trade
Hundreds of invertebrate species available - Upper Ordovician, Middle Silurian, Middle Devonian, Middle and Upper Mississippian and Upper Cretaceous. Good specimens for display or reference collections, low cost, always with good stratigraphic and locality data. Specialize in rugose and tabulate corals, brachiopods, bryozoans, and echinoderms, but have most phyla represented. Also bulk Coon Creek sediment suitable for screen for microfossils. Complete list available upon request, along with a photo album of corals of the species available. Always looking for fossils or minerals in trade. Fossils must have good stratigraphic data.
Alan Goldstein email: deepskyspy[at]
Louisville, KY USA
[Delete] Ad number: 12184 Posted: 11/15/2014 1:29:22 UT
FOSSILPLANET your confidence online store, where you can find and buy all kind of fossils, as we put at your disposal small and great wonders of nature, vestiges of the past, such as: ammonites, trilobites, plant fossils, echinoderms, crinoids, crabs, fish, fossilized wood, fossil shark teeth, corals, bibalves, brachiopods, miscellaneous, collections, etc...We are specialized in the sale of quality fossil for collection. All our specimens are accompanied by their corresponding detailed information, they are originals, none molds or copies (reproductions). They are guaranteed by the experience of more than forty years as amateur paleontology and fossil collecting.The seriousness and honesty is the golden rule of FOSSILPLANET, which is intended for the collector of fossils, educators, teachers, conservative Center Museum, businesses and fans to naturalism. That different approaches (educational material, formative collectibles, decorations, gift) will bring them a useful and interesting working tool for developing teaching and spread the knowledge of the past and present of the exciting natural history of our planet and its evolution.We are proud of selling only quality fossils for collectors. If you are starting in the collecting of fossils or want to buy the fossil that you always wanted, please take advantage of our offer, browsing by our exclusive catalog, FOSSILPLANET will find the best value for money. Fernando Bravo FOSSILPLANET
Fernando Bravo email: info[at] homepage: FOSSILPLANET
(0034) 670580733
P.O.BOX # 25 Las Rozas, MADRID SPAIN 28230

Fossils Wanted

Help! Advice Needed

[Delete] Ad number: 12355 Posted: 8/14/2015 12:28:42 UT
Need local buyers for crystal diamonds uncertified
I am needing info on worth of them as well as buyers near union city tn up to ky area.
Teresa Jones email: godsprincess2014tlc[at] homepage: Na
2431 Greenbriar Rd Waverly, Tennessee 37185
[Delete] Ad number: 12338 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:40:59 UT
i hope to liquidate a portion to expand and make a living.
a piece of top grade meat preserved in rock formation with veins but also veins of metal so many different veins of so many colors is hard to get ride of but the weight alone shale help this non existence rock gems fossils opals rubies sapphire so many that I don't know the words for is in fact worth a handful of trustworthy students armed with cameras and use knowledge capable of identify a collection that was given to me at 18. I looked a bit over the years but the last few months due to need to simplify my holdings brought me to the task of successfully trying o identify a hand ful so as to understand the possible bump in the road. so the call once again goes out to the honest lapidaries of oldand young to step forward and possible give your much needed info to name a piece of dust from the time past.
chrisrocs email: www.progressinmotion14[at]
1508 magnolia ave san bernardino, ca united states 92411

Jewelry Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 12387 Posted: 9/23/2015 1:38:5 UT
Afghan Hand Made Jewlery from Natural Gemstones
Hi There Just wondering to know if some here at this platform gives us a loop to get our exclusive hand made jewelry made from natural gemstones marketed. We design fabulous natural gemstones hand made jewelry from lapis, jade, agate, and scores of other gemstones. the jewelry is imbedded in bronze, we design Bracelet, rings, Necklaces bangles and pendants they are from 45 mm to max 150 mm size. Ask for details and hopefully we will update our ad some time next week where buy customers will see these items displayed on our web site
Ghulam Rabbani email: Rockygemsandminerals[at]
92- 3368102264
Rocky Gems and Minerals
Quetta, Balochistan Pakistan 87300
[Delete] Ad number: 12340 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:41:19 UT
Agate, Jasper, Pet Wood and more - Pendants and CABS
Beautiful rocks collected all over America, sliced, shaped and polished into gorgeous cabochons. Offering wire wrapped pendants and cabochons alone. Some set with CZECH crystals and beads, leather necklaces all ready to wear. Many stones - Agate, Quartz, Jasper and Petrified Wood. On-of-a-kind items. Never a repeat of design.
Lynda Hollingsworth email: americarocks2015[at] homepage: America ROCKS
America ROCKS
2055 Goodhope Rd Lake, MS USA 39092

Jewelry Wanted

Lapidary Services Offered

Lapidary Services Wanted

Literature Offered

Need More Input? Check Out Our Selection of Books and Videos for Rockhounds!
Chains by Becky Cabochon Cutting Grow Your Own Crystals Geodes Gemstones of the World Gem Trails of Utah Rocks from Space Gemstones Lapidary Drilling Tutorial Diamond Setting
Bead Work
Buyer's Guides
Chain Making
Collecting Guides
Designs & Patterns
Gold & Mining
Jewelry Making
Rocks & Minerals
Stone Setting
Wire Work

[Delete] Ad number: 12198 Posted: 12/9/2014 17:58:28 UT
New to rockhounding, don't know where to collect lapidary material, minerals & fossils, sick of guides that deliver rehashed, outdated, wrong info? Then you need the NEW OreRockOn on DVD version 6.0! This Guide to Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Montana Rock Dig Locations on a computer DVD is comprehensive & accurate & includes ALL sites in the books Gem Trails of Washington (95 sites + the NEW 2nd ed.)& Oregon (93 sites), and Idaho and Montana (NEW - 93) & Rockhounding Oregon (NEW - 99) & Idaho (89)! 295 overview and 884 detailed topo maps with all sites, roads & mileposts. Writeups of productive areas! Buy the books & you are ready to DIG! Clickable maps of regions in each state lead to maps or site info & pics of the site & materials. 2,991 waypoints for your GPS, lists of landowners & waypoints to print, a Google Earth file, & cool bonus features. DVD, USB thumb drive and microSD card versions for your PC, laptop, phone and tablet! Cost is $45 + S&H. The remaining copies of Version 5.3 are on sale for 25% off at $30.00 + S&H. They're going fast and limited to stock on hand! For more info & to order, visit the website.
Tim FIsher email: homepage: OreRockOn Oregon Rockhounds Online
OreRockOn Oregon Rockhounds Online

Literature Wanted

Metals Offered

Metals Wanted

Meteorites Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 12183 Posted: 11/15/2014 1:28:59 UT
Large Selection of Meteorites for Collectors
I have one of the world's largest selection of meteorite micromounts for science and collectors. Over 100 localities and types from around the world and solar system. Macros, hand specimens, and cabinet specimens also available. I also have minerals, trinitite, fossils, artifacts, memorabilia, and more. See my website for specimens, photos, details, and ordering. Use coupon code "rocktrader" at checkout for 20% OFF.
Michael Gilmer email: curator[at] homepage: Galactic Stone and Ironworks Meteorites
PO Box 1387 Lutz, FL USA 33548

Meteorites Wanted

Minerals Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 12368 Posted: 9/7/2015 23:14:3 UT
gems and mineral collection
For almost 2 decades I've been sitting on this "rock collection"...from gems to minerals from around the world ..tiger eye..lil ruby..jade..amethysts'..hematite...emerald..filed ones and other natural.. I can def share pictures if asked..
nancy rousselle email: nancyrou1105[at]
36ben allain street unit a negusc, new brunswick canada e9g1b3
[Delete] Ad number: 12365 Posted: 8/30/2015 13:7:25 UT
I recently purchased a business and acquired all the inventory--I have fossils, rocks, shark teeth, etc. I would like to sell it all in bulk if possible and will accept any reasonable offer. I am located in North Georgia--I have pictures I can send if interested. Thanks!
Traci Williams email: traci82276[at]
[Delete] Ad number: 12356 Posted: 8/14/2015 12:29:20 UT
Smithsonian Grade Wulfenite Museum Piece San Francisco Mine
You are looking at a monster of a piece of Wulfenite.The images are not magnified as typical images of this mineral are. This piece is measured in 1+Feet rather than inches. You are viewing Smithsonian quality. material, some clusters and hundreds of clear crystals on the matrix. This item is for local pickup, payment method to be discussed between us. Classic Wulfenite/Mimetite combination specimens from the San Francisco Mine only came out in the 1970s and in the early 1990s. The piece is heading to pristine - no surprise given the fragility and age of these - but it is pretty close. There are so many perfect crystals available for viewing within this piece that overall, its just a huge piece literally covered with wulfenite. A piece this large for sale is usually not found on ebay. This overall massive piece has good dimensionality, and fine aesthetics, and tons of actual geometrically perfect crystals. Barite is also present. Cerro Prieto, Cucurpe, Sonora, Mexico. Transparent, lustrous orange-yellow windowpane Wulfenite from one of the world's best localities for the species. What is so striking about this piece, other than it's size, is the depth and richness of its color. The photography here is stock and unaltered other than cropping to emphasize different areas of the piece. A gold mine initially, then a gold-silver-molybdenum mine. Owned by Anaconda (1934). Started in the late 1800's and closed 1912. Reopened mid 1980's. Produced 720 tons ore/day (1909). Workings were 1,100 feet (350 meters) deep. Known for excellent wulfenite crystals. This piece was originally purchased from the original Wright's Rock Shop in Arkansas when it was in existence. Minerals Species: Wulfenite. Location of mineral deposit: San Francisco Mine, Cerro Prieto, north of Cucurpe, Sonora, Mexico. Description: Platy yellow interconnected wulfenite crystals with matrix attached. The wulfenite crystals are translucent and have lustrous crystal faces.
Marc email: memarcecker[at]
n/a collector
[Delete] Ad number: 12351 Posted: 7/30/2015 15:18:13 UT
The Home of Payson Diamond Quartz
In 1997 Prospect One Claim was filed for quartz crystals at Diamond Point in Arizona. What was collected is now available.
Steve email: info[at] homepage: Sedona Crystal
Sedona Crystal
P.O. Box 1371 Sedona, Arizona U.S.A
[Delete] Ad number: 12347 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:42:37 UT
Plethora to choose from
Hello all my names Craig and I have a plethora to choose from. Now I haven't got any of them certified but from my research small pieces of turquoise to mini boulders of desert jade. As in green nephrite jade rough 3 boulders to choose from that weigh 2 lbs+ will to make something happen. Agate, citrine and more. If don't answer the phone please leave voicemail I'm always checking thru the day and willing to send pictures via text or email. Happy hunting everyone
Craig Allen email: jones.cj68[at]
16759 w taylor st Goodyear, AZ usa 85338
[Delete] Ad number: 12337 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:40:9 UT
Petoskey stones and slabs unfinished
lots of unfinished Petoskey stones
Al Frost email: alfrost17777[at]
Petoskey , Michigan usa
[Delete] Ad number: 12334 Posted: 7/15/2015 20:22:57 UT
Mineral Crystals Available for Jewelry Makers and Buyers!!!
Mineral Crystals, beautifully clear yet naturally unique, sold by the mason jar. These are perfect for jewelry makers and hobbyists that want that edge that sets their work apart from the rest! Located near a rock quarry, I've gathered an enormous collection of these beautiful minerals due to their striking quality. Email or text for sample pictures. Willing to ship!
Andrea J. email: andrea5332963[at]
(215) 526-5872

[Delete] Ad number: 12319 Posted: 6/13/2015 12:21:40 UT
5'+ Pair of Citrine Cathedrals
Stunning pair of Citrine Cathedrals over 5'tall available for 1600.00. I paid 2250.00 wholesale. This is a great deal!!!!
Craig Nevins email: cjnevins[at]
413 594-9871
Chicopee, MA USA 01013
[Delete] Ad number: 12311 Posted: 6/1/2015 15:49:29 UT
Museum Quality New Jersey Mineral Collection For Sale
New Jersey, Indian and some Brazil mineral collection for sale. Museum quality. Around 600 specimens. Will not brake up.$30,000 Please call for details if interested. Thank you. 848 525 9806. Vic
Victor Tandari email: standari[at]
848 525 9806

Minerals Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 12381 Posted: 9/23/2015 1:37:27 UT
In need of quartz & other semi-precious gemstones & geodes
Hello, I opened my own business in Houston, Texas and I am in need of genuine quartz in all varieties, semi-precious gemstones in rough, tumbled and assorted geodes. I also would like some break your own geodes and fossils like shark teeth and even some arrowheads. Please send photos of what you have and how much you want, looking for bulk mainly, but may also only want a few of some items. Show me what you have and let's see how we can make a deal, thanks!
Misty email:[at]
Indigo Moons
Houston, Texas United States 77079

Miscellaneous Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 12385 Posted: 9/23/2015 1:37:47 UT
minerals of world big poster by Elsevier
I have a big rare poster called minerals of the world by Elsevier I'm trying to sell it make me a offer
denise steele email: d.steele3642[at]
United States
[Delete] Ad number: 12354 Posted: 8/14/2015 12:28:19 UT
After years of teaching cabochons with students using the same old tired templates from the 50's or 60's I decided to design my own set. To learn about these templates, go to YOUTUBE then type in new cabochon templates or new lapidary templates and you will see a short video about them. There are 13 pages in the set. Each sheet is 8 1/2 " x11" hole punched for a three ring binder. The material is very heavy duty Lexan. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Only $100.00 prepaid to the lower 48. International orders slightly more. My contact information is in the video.
jack king email: newlapidarytemplates[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 12344 Posted: 7/23/2015 23:41:51 UT
Store Grand Re-Opening in New Location
We would like to invite you to attend the grand re-opening of Treasure Hunting Outfitters at our new location in Johnson City. Located across the street from the Johnson City Mall and McDonalds, our new store has expanded offerings for treasure hunters and prospectors alike. We are now carrying detectors from all major brands as well as accessories, books and a complete line of prospecting equipment and rocks / gems from around the world. We have also added a unique option which is gem and fossil panning on the premises as well as offering pay dirt bags that you can take home and process with your kids or grandkids. Our grand reopening celebration will take place on August 6th through August 9th so mark your calendar! Stop by and check out some of the new equipment that's been introduced lately as well as see what specials are available. We have several give-away's throughout the reopening and will be giving away items that include metal detectors and other goodies. Mention this post when you stop in and receive a free envelope containing a mystery coin as well as a discount voucher good towards your next equipment purchase. We look forward to seeing you at our new location which is better located to serve local treasure hunters & prospectors! Andy & Charlene Sabisch ===================================== Treasure Hunting Outfitters 2106 N. Roan Street, Suite #2 Johnson City, TN 37604
Charlene Sabisch email: sales[at] homepage: Treasure Hunting Outfitters
Treasure Hunting Outfitters
2106 N. Roan Street Suite 2 Johnson City, TN USA 37604
[Delete] Ad number: 12331 Posted: 7/5/2015 15:58:4 UT
Selling Large Rock Estate!
Preparing to move, and can't take my rock estate with me. Dozens of collector display slabs and pieces (professional polish), hundreds of slabs, large display pieces, spheres, over 1000lbs of rough material, 18" Lapidary Saw, and miscellaneous equipment/motors, etc. Materials mostly from Western US; including Jaspers like Deschutes/Biggs, Morrisonite, Willowcreek, Bruneau, Owyhee Picture, Rocky Butte, Leopardskin, etc; many woods - including large AZ rounds, various agates (moss/plume/lace/Brazilian/etc), geodes, rhodonite, turquoise, fluorite, labradorite, polychrome jasper, chrysacolla, large (and smaller) pieces of Jade, onyx (including very large slabs), and much, much more! Pictures available upon request. All of this for only $22,000! Priced low to sell fast! Must pick up here; no shipping.
Jon Barnett email: naturallyrockin[at]
Horseshoe Bend, ID USA 83629
[Delete] Ad number: 12320 Posted: 6/18/2015 17:38:28 UT
New rock shop opening on the coast ! Tons of rough rock.
New Rock shop opening in Florence that will be offering mineral specimens, crystals, tumbling grit and supplies, carvings, gifts, yard and decorative rock, a water sluice with bags of treasure ore to screen
Robert Wells email: Srrockshop[at] homepage:
Sand Ranch Rock Shop
5351 hwy 101 Next to Sand Masters Park Florence, Oregon USA 97439
[Delete] Ad number: 12307 Posted: 6/1/2015 15:48:1 UT
lapidary equipment
I have a whole rock shop for sale. Equipment and including rocks from all over the place. I can get pictures of things for those who are interested. I don't have anyway to haul the equipment to be able to ship anywhere. If interested you will have to come to me for pickup. There's to may items to list. You can contact me through email or phone. Email- or phone number- 712-303-8355. Thank you for your time.
Patricia O'Neal email: patoneal40[at]
318 N 9th St Clarinda, Iowa United States 51632
[Delete] Ad number: 12200 Posted: 12/9/2014 17:59:3 UT
New Rock shop and Gallery
Fantastic new rock shop and gallery open in Tempe AZ, our cross streets are S Priest & University. We have many many collections a very wide variety of all kinds of rocks, minerals, and gems. We welcome all collectors, new and old! We have in house lapidary services and classes offered. We have a well rounded, friendly staff and welcome collectors and/or miners to bring by their pieces to share, to inquire about, or to just show it off! Our hours are Mon - Sat 10 am - 7 pm and Sunday 10 am - 2 pm We cant wait to see you, please come by and check us out!
Jim Piepgras email: Angelarose1975[at]
Gallery TCR (Tri-City Rocks & Minerals)
906 S Priest Suite 107 Tempe, Arizona United States 85281

Miscellaneous Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 12195 Posted: 12/3/2014 14:1:43 UT
Diabase Wanted
I am a teacher with a student studying the Ringing Rocks of Pennsylvania. He would like to experiment with these types of rocks but we live in Texas. I am looking for a donation of a diabase rock with high levels of iron and aluminum. I am not sure where to look or whom to ask for help with this. If you can help, please email.
Lisa email: lifeway.lisascott[at]
Springtown, TX

Pen Pals

Spheres Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 12187 Posted: 11/17/2014 15:59:40 UT
Check Out Our Spheres at Endless Circle
Drop in to our eBay store and check out our lovely spheres! Each sphere is a true art work made in our shop in sunny AZ, USA, they are cut and polished individually and each one is a perfect sculpture for your great collection, or a beautiful, unique decor piece for your home. Endless Circle also custom cuts your great materials into lovely spheres, of virtually any size-(under one inch up to 18" diameter). We deliver them very quick (90 days from the day we receive the material in most cases) and will send back any cut off material from your finished product. Ask us about any particular materials, or colors you are interested in!
Joseph McAnney email: endlesscircle[at] homepage: Endless Circle Lapidary
Endless Circle
22950 W Roadrunner Lane Congress, AZ USA 85332

Spheres Wanted

Show Announcements

[Delete] Ad number: 12397 Posted: 10/2/2015 11:56:54 UT
Oklahoma City Rock, Gem, Bead, and Jewelry Show 10/31 - 11/1
The Oklahoma Mineral and Gem Society is presenting a show at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City that will feature vendors of many types of rocks, minerals, beads, jewelry, and equipment. There will be displays of many beautiful specimens, both competitive and non-competitive, as well as fluorescent specimens under ultraviolet light. There will be a children's area where the children can learn about rocks and make things with rocks. Our contact information is on our web site.
Dale Moore email: homepage: Oklahoma Mineral and Gem Society
4zero5 8three 4 zero765
Oklahoma Mineral and Gem Society

[Delete] Ad number: 12380 Posted: 9/23/2015 1:37:6 UT
Old collection Having a sale at my place in Hendersonville T
Saturday Sept 26th 9-5 101 meadowpointe east Hendersonville Tn 37075 615 804 1669 Tom Kurras Old collection started collecting in 1968 some stuff from my Grandfathers collection.
Tom Kurras email: tkurras[at]
101 meadpwpointe east Hendersonville, tn United States 37075
[Delete] Ad number: 12375 Posted: 9/12/2015 11:41:32 UT
old collection for sale
I will be having another rock sale at my house on Saturday Sept 26th 2015 I have been collecting since 1968 and the size of the collection has gotten out of hand,so I'm looking to sell some of it.Hope to see you at my place on Sept 26th
Tom Kurras email: tkurras[at]
615 804 1669
101 meadpwpointe east Hendersonville, tn USA 37075
[Delete] Ad number: 12369 Posted: 9/9/2015 8:38:5 UT
28 Cases of Fluorescent Minerals at FMS and PNWFM symposium
The Fluorescent Mineral Society (FMS) and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Friends of Mineralogy (PNWFM) will have a combined professional mineral symposium in the Red Lion Hotel in Kelso, Washington on October 9-11, 2015. Besides the 10-12 displays of non-fluorescent minerals and crystals we will have 28 displays of FLUORESCENT MINERALS the most ever on the West Coast. There will be four main mineral dealers plus 12 additional dealers. The FMS will also have two meetings one on Friday night Oct. 9th at 7:00 PM and one on Saturday Oct. 10th at 3:45 PM. The FMS will also over $5,300.00 worth of free door prizes. Tickets for the door prizes will be given out on Friday, Oct. 9th. There is no cost to see all of the displays, the mineral dealers, or attend the FMS meeting. There is a fee to attend the PNWFM symposium where the theme is "Northeast US Minerals and Fluorescent Minerals".
Don Newsome email: don[at] homepage: Fluorescent Mineral Society
425 228-9988

[Delete] Ad number: 12366 Posted: 9/2/2015 2:7:47 UT
27th Annual Jacksonville Gem & Mineral Show & Sale
Gem, mineral, jewelry, fossil, bead show & sale. September 25-27th,2015 Fri & Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5. 3800 St. Johns Bluff Rd. S. Jacksonville, FL 32224. $3 day or $5 for all three days. children under 12 free with guardian. $1 off for seniors & military with ID
Jason Hamilton email: homepage: Jax Gem and Mineral
Jacksonville Gem & Mineral Society
3733 Crown Point Road Jacksonville, FL 32257
[Delete] Ad number: 12361 Posted: 8/22/2015 23:21:58 UT
New Tucson Show-The Oracle Road JUST MINERALS Event
A new show that has grown out of the home shows held annually in Tucson by Isaias Casanova (IC Minerals) and Evan Jones (Unique Minerals). Being held on Sunday Jan 31-Feb 2 from 10AM to 5PM at the Elks Lodge 1800 North Oracle Road, just a mile north from the Tucson City Center Hotel (Inn Suites). Featuring IC Minerals, Geokrazy Minerals, Graeber and Himes, Don Olsen and Assoc., Trinity Minerals, Unique Minerals and Well Arranged Molecules, this show will be a minerals only event with both wholesale and retail sales. Free parking and available concessions. Dealer stock will be replenished daily (rotated) in order to offer new material for repeat visitors. For those of you visiting Tucson early this provides an excellent opportunity to cross shop wholesale minerals across a range of excellent dealers. Open to the public!
Geoff Krasnov email: geoff[at] homepage: Geokrazy Minerals
Geokrazy Minerals
913 Orange St Wilmington, NC USA 28401
[Delete] Ad number: 12330 Posted: 7/5/2015 15:57:59 UT
Tehachapi Valley Gem and Mineral Show, August 14-16, 2015
We are proud to announce that we will be having our annual Tehachapi Valley Gem and Mineral Show on August 14, 15, and 16, 2015, from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. We will have Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, and Jewelry items from around the world with numerous dealers. There will be raffles, spinning wheels, demonstrations, etc. This will be held in conjunction with the Tehachapi Mountain Festival which draws thousands of people to our community each year. Dealer spaces are available, for applications please go to For information on the Mountain Festival, lodging, or activities, please go to: We are on facebook at You may also contact show chairman Chuck Overall for more information at: or (661) 821-4650.
Robert Papac email: getback[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 12322 Posted: 7/5/2015 15:57:18 UT
Mid-Tennessee Gem, Jewelry, Mineral, Fossil Show & Sale
December 12 and 13, 2015 is MTGMS' 35th annual show at the Williamson County AgExpoPark in Franklin (Exit 61 off I-65; 20 miles south of Nashville). Show hours are Saturday 9am - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm. Over 30 Dealers plus classes, speakers, exhibits, demonstrations, silent auction, and door hourly prizes. Show features jewelry, native american jewelry, gems, beads, minerals, fossils, lapidary & faceting rough, slabs, collectibles, tools, and equipment. Adults $4 (2-Day Pass, $6), students (12-17) $1, children 12 and under free with adult admission. John Stanley, Show Chairman. Steve Henegar, Dealer Chairman.
John Stanley email: show[at] homepage: Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society
Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society
2828 Donna Hill Dr Nashville, TN USA 37214
[Delete] Ad number: 12321 Posted: 6/18/2015 17:38:34 UT
Flagstaff Mineral and Jewelry Expo and Sale on 7-11 and 7-12
The Annual Flagstaff Mineral and Jewelry Expo and Sale will be held at the Flagstaff High School at 400 West Elm Avenue in Flagstaff, Arizona on July 11th and 12th. On Saturday the show will be open to the public from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM, and on Sunday the show hours are from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Our planet has many amazing treasures that are hidden, in many cases, just beneath our feet. Almost every country in the world has been able to unearth unique specimens specific to their locale, and the earth’s bounty from much of the world will be on display and available for sale at the show. Vendors from across the region will be offering unique and interesting mineral specimens, crystals, gemstones, jewelry, findings, beads, fossils, cutting material and lapidary equipment at competitive prices. Many of our artisans have created original jewelry designs, and our gem and mineral vendors will have specimens on display in both the rough and cut-and-polished states. An hourly raffle will be held for a chance to win one of many beautiful prizes to be offered throughout the show. This is a fun and educational event the entire family will enjoy. Admission is $3.00 for adults, and children under the age of 12 are free. For more information, please contact Greg Capatch of CKM Productions, LLC at (928) 554-4615.
Greg Capatch email: gregcapatch[at] homepage: CKM Productions, LLC
CKM Productions, LLC

[Delete] Ad number: 12317 Posted: 6/8/2015 13:54:24 UT
12th Annual Prescott Gem and Mineral Show
12th annual Gem and Mineral Show and Sale returns to the Prescott Valley Event Center on the corner of Glassfor Hill Road and Florentine in Prescott Valley, AZ. on July 31st, Aug 1st & 2nd. Over 60 vendors will be offering a large variety of Gem and Mineral related products. Everything from fine mineral specimens, crystals, gemstones, jewelry, beads, fossils, lapidary equipment, findings and much more. Intarsia, wire wrapping, and beads to buckskin will be demonstrated through out the days. Each paid admission will be given a raffle ticket for wonderful prizes every 30 minutes. A tent full of Fluorescent Rocks and Minerals will be available where you can marvel at what a plain looking rock looks like uner a black light. Geode cutting will be a new addition to our show. The Show is July 31st, Aug. 1st & 2nd. Hours are Friday & Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-4. Admission is $5.00 for Adults, $4.00 Seniors, Veterans & Students, Children 12 and under are free with a paid adult admission.
Melanie Capps email: homepage:
Prescott Gem and Mineral Club
P.O. Box 3923 Chino Valley, AZ USA 86323
[Delete] Ad number: 12314 Posted: 6/1/2015 15:50:23 UT
KYANA Geological Society's Annual Mineral, Gem & Fossil Show
43rd Annual Mineral, Gem & Fossil Show sponsored by KYANA Geological Society. Beautiful custom jewelry, jewelry supplies, beads, gemstones, crystals, minerals and fossils. Door Prizes, Children's Activities, Free Admission and Parking. Friday Nov. 20th 10am-7pm, Saturday Nov. 21st 10am-7pm, Sunday Nov. 22nd Noon-5pm. at Camp Crestwood 7206 Clore Lane, Crestwood KY 40014.
Richard Hunter email: kyanageoshowchair[at] homepage:
(502) 298-8871
Kyana Geological Society
250 W. Triangle Lane Louisville, KY 40229
[Delete] Ad number: 12313 Posted: 6/1/2015 15:50:11 UT
Rock, Mineral, Gem, Jewelry & Fossil Show
Central Florida Mineral and Gem Society, a not-for-profit educational organization, is hosting a Rock, Mineral, Gem, Jewelry & Fossil Show on September 11th, 12th and 13th, 2015 at Florida National Guard Armory, 2809 South Fern Creek Ave., Orlando, FL 32806. Show time: Fri. 1 pm to 6 pm, Sat. 10am to 6pm and Sun. 10am to 5pm. Vendors offering beads, minerals, gemstones, custom jewelry, fossils, artifacts, metaphysical stones, etc. Silent Auction,Door Prizes and Demonstrations. Family Activities. Admission: Adults $5, Students $2.
Betty Sumner, Secretary email: bettys[at] homepage:
Central Florida Mineral & Gem Society, Inc.

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Spring Mineral and Jewelry Expo and Sale - May 23-24
The Annual Spring Mineral and Jewelry Expo and Sale, in beautiful Sedona, will be held at the Sedona Red Rock High School at 995 Upper Red Rock Loop Road in Sedona, Arizona on May 23rd and 24th. On Saturday the show will be open to the public from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM, and on Sunday the show hours are from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Our planet has many amazing treasures that are hidden, in many cases, just beneath our feet. Almost every country in the world has been able to unearth unique specimens specific to their locale, and the earth’s bounty from much of the world will be on display and available for sale at the show. Vendors from across the region will be offering unique and interesting mineral specimens, crystals, gemstones, jewelry, beads, fossils, and cutting material at competitive prices. Many of our artisans have created original jewelry designs, and our gem and mineral vendors will have specimens on display in both the rough and cut-and-polished states. An hourly raffle will be held for a chance to win one of many beautiful prizes to be offered throughout the show. This is a fun and educational experience the entire family will enjoy. Admission is $3.00 for adults, and children under the age of 12 are free. For more information, please contact Greg Capatch of CKM Productions, LLC at (928) 554-4615.
Greg Capatch email: gregcapatch[at] homepage: CKM Productions, LLC
CKM Productions, LLC

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Georgia Mineral Society's 47th Annual Gem & Mineral Show
The Georgia Mineral Society's 47th Annual Mother's Day Weekend Gem, Mineral, Jewelry and Fossil Show, at a new location, North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Court, Norcross, GA, May 8-10, 2015. We will also be celebrating our 80th birthday with an open house at our club house.
Shelley Stubbs email: mayshow[at] homepage: Georgia Mineral Society
Georgia Mineral Society

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Southern Maryland Rock & Mineral Club 25th Annual Show
Saturday Feb 14, 2015 Mineral, Jewelry & Fossil Show from 10 AM-5 PM at The Show Place Arena, 14900 Pennsylvania Ave,. Upper Marlboro, MD 20772. Over 200 tables. Top quality local and world-wide rocks, minerals and fossils plus handcrafted lapidary creations and jewelry. Admission: Adults $5; seniors (65+) and students (12-17)$4; Scouts in Uniform and children (under 12)FREE. Door prizes every 30 minutes. Free demonstrations (gold panning, flint knapping, jewelry making, lapidary), free rocks for kids, florescent displays, scout merit badge assistance. Free parking. Vendor tables still available $30 each. Super easy vendor access --- drive your vehicle directly to your tables inside the bldg., unload and re-park outside. See club website for directions, vendor applications and $1 off admission coupon. Contact Michael Patterson (301) 297-4575. Close to Washington Beltway via MD Route 4.
Dave Lines email: homepage: Southern Maryland Rock and Mineral Club
240-427-7062 (cell)

Web Site Updates

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Keokuk Geodes Offered On My Website
Hey everyone! I'm new on the board. My name is Dennis Wixom. I just finished updating my website tonight. I'm taking everything OFF ebay and gonna start selling strictly from my website only. I have about 60 geodes listed on my website right now. Many more to come. I offer iridescent brown calcite geodes, beige calcite geodes, smoky quartz geodes, red quartz geodes, clear quartz geodes, geodes with kaolonite, etc..... come check out my website it's To anybody on this board that is interested in buying, I will give you a 20% discount on all orders over $50. Just email me with the subject "bob's rock shop" and let me know which geodes you'd be interested in. Each geode has an item # listed right above the description. The link to email me is on every page of my website. So come check it out :) Thanks and have a good Labor Day everybody!
Dennis Wixom email: homepage: Geode Planet
Geode Planet

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Rocks, minerals, fossils, crystals, misc.
Hoffs Rock Shop has been a family business since 1952. Stromatolite, amethyst, front page links to my eBay and etsy pages. Information, history. My website is an ongoing project.
Olivia Hoff email: ojhoff[at] homepage: Hoffs Rock Shop
Hoffs Rock Shop

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