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[Delete] Ad number: 11726 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:56:2 UT
Closeout sale-
semi-precious, glass Strands, cabs, rocks, and loose beads for sale. Liquidating inventory to sell previous store inventory including books, magazines, and patterns. Over 500 strands to include real turquoise (& sleeping beauty), kyanite, jaspers, aventurine, labradorite, lapis, quartz, tiger eye, obsidian, tourmaline, citrine, carnelian, agates. Please email for serious inquiries and will send pictures. Would like to sell prior to Christmas.
Dina K Lamison email: ddlamison45[at]
Cameron, MO United States
[Delete] Ad number: 11719 Posted: 11/18/2013 3:21:13 UT
The World's Only SELENITE BEADS - wholesale and retail
We make the world's only: Genuine, Natural, Earth-mined Satin Spar Selenite Beads, polished & drilled & ready for use, sold strung or bulk unstrung. No one else can do what we do - every step of the process is nothing like ordinary rock working methods - we had to reinvent cutting, polishing, and drilling crystal to get this to work - Selenite is the one of the most fragile crystals on the planet, and we alone make good, usable & beautiful beads out it! Get in on the ground floor of this great sales opportunity & buy wholesale Selenite Beads from us & retail them in your own markets! WE WOULD RATHER WHOLESALE THAN RETAIL - we're just too busy with all our current ventures in new stone/crystal products! These beads retail for $1 per bead, and we wholesale them for as little as $0.30 per bead, so there's lots of room to make good money by just buying wholesale from us & reselling them retail! Contact us for all the details. Thank you to Bob's Rock Shop for hosting this ad!
John Wandzala email: john.wandzala[at] homepage: Magic Stone Jewelry Shop
Magic Stone Jewelry
3129 HWY 33 West Bend, WI USA 53095

Beads Wanted

Businesses Opportunites

[Delete] Ad number: 11818 Posted: 3/28/2014 5:22:23 UT
Rockhounding Dream Property - Historical Mine on Snake River
Own your a piece of mining history with the Iron Dyke Copper Mining Ranch on the Snake River. A Rockhound's dream property with benefits! Includes 335 acres, lake/river frontage, boat dock, fruit trees, game permits, fishing, and tons of mining and geologic data. Offered for $499,000. Seller financing is available. Email or call 719.502.6567 for maps, tours, and more info!
Gregg Donaldson email: gregg[at]
Iron Dyke Creek Park, LLC
Oxbow, Or 97840
[Delete] Ad number: 11772 Posted: 1/27/2014 8:25:30 UT
Complete rock shop inventory inside and out.
Jgoodin email: jgoodin776[at] homepage: Miners' Camping & Rock Shop
Miners' Camping & Rock Shop

[Delete] Ad number: 11727 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:56:11 UT
A 20.66 acre lode mining claim within the WRT Stonetree Opal mine group, known as the "FIERY EMBERS" lode claim, 1500 x 600 ft, in Virgin Valley, in northwest Nevada. No major working developments but precious opal and fire opal have been found and proven on this claim. Adjoining claims are famous producers, located on same formation and deposit. Was asking $12,500.- but for holidays will accept $5,500.- if purchased before Dec 24th. This is the LAST claim I will offer for sale, my other adjoining claims are going into full production in 2014 season. See claim details and info on Dominion Opal Mines website. Adjoins the famous WRT Stonetree claim on one end. Opal beds are exposed on west side of claim and potential exists for more on east side of claim over ridge. Adjoining claim within 1100 feet to the southwest has produced $100k+ in precious opal. All assessment work and filings are current.
Al Wentzell email: dominionopal[at] homepage:
Dominion Opal Mines

[Delete] Ad number: 11710 Posted: 11/12/2013 5:15:36 UT
Selling entire stock of rocks crystals beads
I am selling out my business crystal, rocks, beads, and jewelry making supplies valued at over 20,000 + retail for 8000 for quick sale viewing and sales will be held at my house wednesday 13-15 possibly over weekend as well. would like to sell it off to one person or group that will split it up themselves there is enough material to open a store or sell at rock shows with everything that i am selling must go contact me at 845 332 8977 live in saugerties ny 12477 if you are local please call for direction Thank you Tammy
Tammy reynolds email: twildfire40[at]
52 white pine lane saugerties , ny usa

Cabbing Rough Offered

Select from Our Fine Materials for Your Special Lapidary Projects
Assortments      Agates   Alunite   Angelite   Astrophyllite   Aventurine   Bloodstone   Blue Lagoon   Cacoxenite   Calcite   Chrysocolla   Chrysoprase   Clam Chowder Stone   Coprolite   Crinoid Marble   Dalmatian Stone   Dinosaur Bone   Dolomite   Dumortierite   Eudialite   Flower Feldspar   Fluorite   Fossil Coral   Fossil Stone   Fossil Stromatolite   Goldstone   Hydrogrossular Garnet   Hypersthene   Indian Paint Rock   Jade   Jaspers   Lapis Lazuli   Lepidolite   Llanite   Magnesite   Mookaite   Obsidians   Onyx   Opalite   Petrified Wood   Picasso Marble   Pink Lace   Print Stone   Quartz   Rhodonite   Rhyolites   Ruby in Fuchsite   Ruby in Zoisite   Selected Materials   Seraphinite   Serpentine   Sodalite   Thulite   Tiger Eye   Todolite   Travertine   Turquoise   Unakite   Variscite  

[Delete] Ad number: 11831 Posted: 4/15/2014 14:57:14 UT
Rough rocks for polishing
Rough rocks for polishing. 5lb mix bag $20.00, free shipping in USA. Medium to large in size, no junk. Red & Brown jasper, yellow jasper, obsidian, rose quartz, Ocean jasper, leopard jasper, fossil wood, red & black flint, sea glass, rough turquois, gold ore, brecciated yellow jasper, jade cobble. Send Check or Money order too: Mark Strange P.O. Box 5428 Santa Maria, California 93456
Robert Strange email: alluvian[at]
P.O.Box 5428 Santa Maria, Calif 93456
[Delete] Ad number: 11827 Posted: 4/15/2014 14:53:43 UT
Olympic Poppy Jasper Orbicular
Limited quantities of this rare west coast orbicular jasper available directly from the miner. This location does not produce much.. This is good quality rough, trimmed to minimize fracturing and host rock. Several sizes and grades of rock available. Look me up on ebay @ or facebook @ Thanks for looking!
Joshua email: piperfarm[at]
Good Earth Rocks

[Delete] Ad number: 11808 Posted: 3/14/2014 4:55:26 UT
HUGE Lapidary Material Auction March 22, 2014!
I am selling my complete lapidary which is quite extensive. There are over 170 varieties of rock, in rough form (hundreds of pounds), slabs (hundreds if not thousands), some tumble rough and a little facet rough as well as some display specimens. I have an inventory list I can send to anyone interested - my email is and I can send photos. The auction will be in Kidron, Ohio and can be seen at - although the auctioneer did not take many photos (he is not a rockhound!). I know many of you may not be nearby, but if you are a serious cabber that would like to get some top quality unique stuff, you'll want to be here! Thanks.
Mary Delmoro email: thecraftemporiuminc[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11802 Posted: 3/6/2014 5:42:9 UT
Brand new online Rock Shop with unusual & primo materials
Announcing the opening of my brand new rock shop - Years of cutting exotic and unusual material coupled with the purchase of MANY old estates (the good old stuff), gives us a nice diverse collection. I do have a couple of "unknown" categories (mystery materials) for those who can identify slabs better than I can. Please visit, then visit often - as new material will be added at every available opportunity (I have LOTS of fantastic slabs to list). As a welcome gift for new customers: Take 10% off $100 discount with code "Welcome10". Hope you find something you like! I'm also on eBay as user name "rubymountain5" with slabs. See eBay slabs here: Thanks for looking - hope you find something you love! Sharon
Sharon Agan email: homepage: Rubymountain5 Rocks

[Delete] Ad number: 11780 Posted: 2/5/2014 10:7:24 UT
Hill 60 Rhodonite, limited amount remaining
Hill 60 Rhodonite...the claim is worked out, no more will be available. Several pieces left, then it is GONE...pieces from approx 3 pounds to 15 pounds. $15 per pound, plus shipping.If you have a size you are interested in we can weigh and photograph for you to choose from. This is old stock, some gem has come from this group. Payment by Paypal only at this time. Ships from Canada.
A. Smith email: info[at]
Saskatchewan Canada s0c1y0
[Delete] Ad number: 11742 Posted: 12/31/2013 13:39:18 UT
Candy Rhyolite Rough Wholesale Orders For Delivery To Tucson
We will be heading to Tucson February 6 - 9 th and are taking orders for rough candy rock rhyolite from our mine here in New Mexico. We have room to take 1500 pounds with us. Our normal price is $6 a pound but we are offering a show sale price of $2 a pound delivered to Tucson. Our stone makes amazing cabochons, slabs and spheres. It takes an amazing polish and the colors are very bright. If you are not sure what this stone is just do a google search for New Mexico Candy Rock Rhyolite. You can even see some finished jewelry Jay King has made on HSN. Send me an email if you might be interested or you can also find and contact me on Facebook.
Jason Brousseau email: jason[at] homepage:
NM Stone Supply
Belen, NM 87002
[Delete] Ad number: 11733 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:58:9 UT
1 Pound Fire Agate Rough Slaughter Mountain Arizona Gemstone
1 Pound Fire Agate Rough Slaughter Mountain Arizona Gemstone Lapidary Gem SLR000 $32.95 These 1 pound lots of medium grade Slaughter Mountain Fire Agate Gemstone Rough are great for lapidary uses such as tumbling, cabbing, slabbing, carving or mineral specimen display. The Fire Agates in these lots range from approx. 1/2" to 3-3/4" in size. Slaughter Mountain is known for some of the best Fire Agate in the world with intense color variations from bright reds and oranges to intense greens, purples and blues.
Maricopa Mining LLC email: homepage: Fire Agate US
Fire Agate US
PO Box 1494 Maricopa, AZ United States 85139
[Delete] Ad number: 11725 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:55:46 UT
georgia queen picture jasperfor sale
georgia queen picture japer mined by me from 2002 to the present.some pieces look closely like biggs or other western jasper several types of jasper from this sit. tumbling to slabbing ,small to double fist size 1--3.00 a pond plus shipping other south eastern us rocks, slabs tumbling materials availabe will send flat rate accepting us postal money orders only.good rock thanks50 years since 1963 in the hobby-and trade man and boy.
tuellc.walters email: supernova1346[at]
110 whitley drive warner robins, georgia usa
[Delete] Ad number: 11708 Posted: 11/12/2013 5:14:18 UT
Exotic Lapidary Materials and Cabochons a collector and cutter. An active prospector and miner Reggie sells Lapidary materials mostly that he has dug such as unpolished slabs of Morrisonite(active claim holder), Ellipso Orbing Jasper(his find),Royal eyes(Jasper(small Orbs like Bruno also his find and limited stock, various picture rocks, fire obsidians, Wood, Purple Cow and various old stock materials. We have red Zebra Jasper slices, Chrysocolla in the rough and many things we do not have listed online. Please ask and we may have it. Reggie's rock is mostly AA, A some B grade materials. He will cut to your cabbing thickness at an agreed upon price.
Leanne site manager email: rockcandymt[at] homepage: reggiesrocks
reggies rocks
Oregon U.S.A. 97362
[Delete] Ad number: 11699 Posted: 11/1/2013 4:17:31 UT
Siliceous Chrysocolla Azurite. NEW SOURCE! Catalog going up.
The "TRUE BLUE" is back, after 40 years of being considered a lost and depleted resource. The most coveted and gorgeous lapidary stone in Arizona. That's like saying "in the world", because AZ has amazing stone. This is the best you will ever see. I found it, I mined it, now I'm going to sell it. Get it while you can, the deposit may play out. My catalog is going up on my website, The whole story is there, with pictures. If you're in Arizona and have cabbing equipment to barter for gem grade, let's talk rocks! I'm sitting on a once in a lifetime find. It may be the last deposit of this exceptional type and quality on the planet. The total world supply remaining in collections is thought to be well under 500 lb. I can get that single handed in two days of mining. I have >1000 lb locked away, and fifty pounds of select slab and polished rough on hand. I'll sell it all as one lot for $1500/lb. I'm slapping the catalog up today. Get some now, I plan to spend this winter on a nice warm beach. Prices go up when my plane takes off. This is REAL. Check my site. Rock on!
Mike Stacy AKA Joe Dirt email: smugpuppy[at] homepage: the Roving Rock Hound
601 467 5399
Bad Kitty Mining
Aguila, AZ United States 85320
[Delete] Ad number: 11690 Posted: 10/22/2013 18:18:2 UT
Lots of rocks on sale!
Howdy, Just wanted to let y'all know that I've got lots of rocks on sale! All individual rough pieces 30% off All slabs 30% off Bloodstone rough $5/lb Blackskin Agate rough $2.50/lb Brazil Agate rough $3/lb Sale prices good through Sunday 10/27. Have a good one! J.R. Able Riverbend Lapidary
J.R. Able email: homepage:

[Delete] Ad number: 11683 Posted: 10/21/2013 11:35:4 UT
Large selection of Lapidary Materials
We offer a large selection of cabbing carving rough, cutting rough, tumbling rock, sawn slabs Covington Lapidary equipment, Diamond lapidary saw blades, along with supplies. FREE SHIPPING ON MANY ITEMS. Questions Call Dave at 541-962-0332
David Warnicke email: highdesertlapidary[at] homepage: High Desert Lapidary
High Desert Lapidary

Cabbing Rough Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 11843 Posted: 4/15/2014 14:58:33 UT
WTB - Star Garnet Rough
Dear Friends ..... WTB - Star Garnet Rough. Idaho or India that Will produce nice 4 or 6 ray star when properly oriented. Please email with specifics. - Thank you for your assistance. Looking forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to do business. PS
Peter Skerda email: pmark1[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11782 Posted: 2/15/2014 11:22:44 UT
Looking for rough Sonora Sunrise, Pietersite & Cab King 6
I am looking to buy large amounts of rough Sonora Sunrise/Sonora Sunset, Pietersite, and Graveyard Point Agate. Would like 3 color if possible any rough size not cut yet. Also Looking for a used Diamond Pacific Genie 6 wheel cabbing machine. Please email me if you have a good condition one. Please email me if you have any for sale thank you! Zach Casler -
Zachary Casler email: terremoderne[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11775 Posted: 1/29/2014 5:59:11 UT
Looking for rough Sonora Sunrise/Sonora Sunset
I am looking to buy large and small amounts of rough Sonora Sunrise/Sonora Sunset. Would like 3 color if possible any rough size not cut yet. Please email me if you have any for sale thank you!
James Mansperger email: bmansperger[at]
7993 S Michele Lane Tempe, AZ 85284
[Delete] Ad number: 11743 Posted: 12/31/2013 13:39:32 UT
Rolling Hills Dolomite
I am looking for a large amount of Rolling Hills Dolomite. I would prefer to buy direct from a miner as I do not wish to pay retail prices for it. Let me know.
Jason Brousseau email: jason[at]
NM Stone Supply
617 Edith Drive Belen, NM United States 87002
Cabinets Offered
Rock and Mineral Display
Cases, Easels & Stands

[Delete] Ad number: 11661 Posted: 9/19/2013 7:20:15 UT
New Wood Micromount & Thumbnail Cabinets For Sale
I have several very nice quality 5 Drawer Thumbnail and 8 Drawer Micromount Cabinets for sale. These are prototypes for a new design that I have created. If you have attended recent Micromount Gatherings at Tellus (GA) or Dowling Park (FL), you have already seen these exquisite boxes in person! Please send an e-mail for photos and particulars on these beautiful boxes.
Robert Brady email: robroyartisans[at]
Douglasville, Georgia USA
Cabinets Wanted
[Delete] Ad number: 11674 Posted: 10/12/2013 3:27:36 UT
Collapsible Exhibition Case Wanted
I need a collapsible display case for competitive exhibiting. The case, sometimes called a Cincinnati case, needs to made of wood or light-weight metal and glass and expand to 48" x 24" x 24". It's size collapsed is somewhat inconsequential. It also needs to be wired for electric lighting.
John Hopkins email: hopkins3764[at]

Cabochons Offered
Cabochons On Sale:   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11  
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Pearls:   1  

[Delete] Ad number: 11809 Posted: 3/14/2014 4:56:41 UT
Ammolite cabs for sale
I have some listed here on my website at If you have a special request let me know and I'll see if I can help. Most of these cabs are triplets with either a spinel or quartz cap.
Debra McClain email: macsgems[at] homepage: Canadian Ammolite
Mac's Gems
Missoula, MT United States 59801
[Delete] Ad number: 11770 Posted: 1/27/2014 8:24:57 UT
New Cabs!
Howdy, Just wanted to let y'all know I've added a bunch of new cabs including Texas Palmwood, Dinosaur Bone, Owyhee Jasper, Woodward Ranch Agate, Rio Grande Agate and lots of other types. Click on the cabs you want to add them to your shopping cart. Have a good one! J.R. Able
J.R. Able email: homepage:

[Delete] Ad number: 11764 Posted: 1/22/2014 7:55:7 UT
I've just uploaded a fabulous batch of new designer cabochons, fresh from my lapidary workshop today. Proudly cut in the good ol' U.S.A. by Christo! If you've been searching for fancy, colorful stones from all points of the globe for your contemporary, traditional, or wire wrap jewelry creations, I'm sure you'll find something onsite that will spark your imagination. But don't worry if you missed out buying your favorites this time, because there'll be plenty more to choose from every week or so. Come on by!
Christo email: homepage: Little Silverhawk's Gems

[Delete] Ad number: 11759 Posted: 1/21/2014 6:49:17 UT
Labradorite Cabs and more
Wholesale priced Cabochons Labradorite Malachite Kyanite Chrysoprase Rhodochrosite Rainbow Moonstone All $1/gr Quantity discounts available on Labradorite as low as $.50/gr go to the site or email for an invoice!
Nic Scogna email: kyaniteking[at] homepage: The Kyanite King
The Kyanite King
4005 Carriage Dr po box 412 Skippack, Pennsylvania United States 19474
[Delete] Ad number: 11738 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:59:8 UT
70's Turquoise, Coral, Agates For Sale.
Collection of Mid 70's turquoise, coral and agates. I have numerous hand finished resin backed cabochons, over 8 pounds of unstablized rough turquoise and nuggets. Biggs & Bruneau Jasper + other agates. Most of the turquoise is from Nevada.
Jeffrey Rogers Yount email: jeff-x[at]
2249 Florencita Ave Montrose, CA USA 91020
[Delete] Ad number: 11735 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:58:27 UT
Rock Collection
I have a variety of rough rock slabs, cabochons and rock fetishes available for sale for the holidays, Click on the link. Contact me at if you're interested. Thanks and happy holidays.
Debra Callaghan email: dcallaghan23[at] homepage:
113 Mullins Ave Fayetteville, NC usa 28301
[Delete] Ad number: 11695 Posted: 10/25/2013 12:25:58 UT
USA cabochon, inlay, and intarsia stone cutters
USA cabochon and inlay stone cutters, Can cut from large cabs, down to small strips of stone for intarisa artists. large cabs, small cabs, squares, rectangles, fancy shapes, etc. If you like a quote, send us info on the stone, size, grade of material, and amount of stone desired, we them will qouote a price.
jay stone email: cabcut24[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11660 Posted: 9/19/2013 7:19:56 UT
Lots of new cabs!
Just added a bunch of new cabs! Palmwood, Ocean Jasper, Charoite plus many others
J.R. Able email: homepage:

Cabochons Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 11822 Posted: 3/29/2014 5:39:24 UT
HEART shaped natural CABS needed in all sizes
I need natural turquoise cabs cut into heart shapes of all sizes. Please contact
Greg email: harvesthousegifts[at]

Carving Rough Offered
Agate   Alabaster   Alunite   Angelite   Assortments   Astrophyllite   Aventurine   Block Simulant   Cacoxenite   Calcite   Chalcedony   Charoite   Chrysocolla   Chrysoprase   Coral (Fossilized)   Dinosaur Dung (Coprolite)   Dolomite   Eudialite   Fossil Shell (Coquinite)   Goldstone   Graphic Stone   Hypersthene (Bronzite)   Indian Paint Rock   Ivoryite   Jade   Jasper   Jet   Lapis Lazuli   Larimar   Lepidolite   Marble   Obsidian   Petrified Wood   Pipestone   Printstone   Psilomelane   Quartz   Rainbow Pyrite   Rhodonite   Rhyolite   Ruby-in-Fuchsite   Seraphinite (Clinoclore)   Serpentine   Shell   Soapstone   Sodalite   Tiger Eye   Todolite   Travertine   Tumbling Rough   Turquoise   Unakite  

[Delete] Ad number: 11797 Posted: 3/5/2014 6:28:49 UT
Onyx rocks for sale from El Marmol, BCN,Mexico
I am selling rock onyx that I personally collected from the historic mining town of El Marmol BCN, Mexico, which stopped export back in the 1950's. Mostly cathedrals in Europe and where shipped the Onyx mined at El Marmol. Only remaining at the site is an old school house made of Onyx. The school house site is restricted by the Mexican government from removing any of the structure. Any Onyx found on the ground in the area is permissible to take, and legal to transport into the USA. I have many rock pieces ranging from 2- 15 lbs. Running in the color range of off white, yellow and a few rocks that have a vein of light green running through the rock. If interested please email me with a $ offer/ or bid. Thank you.
Lois Moyer email: lmphotograph[at]
1234 Oribia Road Del Mar , CA USA 92014
[Delete] Ad number: 11769 Posted: 1/26/2014 6:14:54 UT
Wisconsin Nephrite Jade
Our nephrite jade is from lite to dark green opaque colors. Colors vary from solids to mixed patterns. Other colors may be present like whites, yellows, reds, etc. It is ideal for all manufacturing purposes like carving, tiles, etc. Our float jade have weathered exteriors with a thin rind. Interior is usually minimal fracture and no frost damage. Native gold in minor amounts may sometimes be seen in the interiors, especially the dark greens. These jades will take a high polish and display good luster. Pieces from 20 to 10,000 pound'ers are available. Pricing starts a $5.00 a pound and up.
Merlin Switlick email: blaackroock[at]
715 571 7179
Black Rock Mining Company
5812 Hwy 97 South Athens, Wisconsin USA 54411
[Delete] Ad number: 11766 Posted: 1/23/2014 8:37:10 UT
Huge Solid Piece of Obsidian for Carving
This is obsidian weighing any where from 175 to 250 pounds. Accept reasonable offer.
Carson email: chwatts12[at]
109 oak view drive kingston, Tennessee United States 37763
[Delete] Ad number: 11658 Posted: 9/19/2013 7:19:25 UT
TONS of Rough Rocks and Minerals for SALE
We've got tons of rough rock and mineral for sale, from all over the world! Visit our website to see our selection! All rough rocks are sold by the pound, please email us for more info! Fast Shipping and a variety of rocks to choose from! Great for tumbling, cabbing, slabbing, carving, collecting or reselling to your local customers! Contact us at for more information and visit our website to see our entire collection of rough rocks for lapidary work and collecting. We look forward to meeting new rockhounds!
Gene Harris email: sales homepage: Art By God
Art By God
60 NE 27th Street Miami, FL USA 33137

Carving Rough Wanted

eBay Auctions

I am pleased to offer some of my finest mineral specimens. Some of them were released, many years ago, from major museums and significant private collections.

[Delete] Ad number: 11740 Posted: 12/22/2013 6:0:4 UT
Samee Cordova email: Shinmoog[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11723 Posted: 11/22/2013 4:22:38 UT
Cutting Rough, Fluorescent Minerals, All Your Lapidary Needs
Cab Cutters, Fluorescent mineral enthusiasts, Sphere collectors, and just Rockhounds in general, check out our eBay auctions. We specialize in AZ materials, there are tons of beautiful Agate and Jasper from AZ, many that you remember, and some that you have not seen yet! We also list cutting rough and fluorescent materials from all over the world. Buy whatever you need from small lots to hundreds of pounds. We use USPS flat rate and regional rate shipping, and will hold a flat rate box open for up to 12 days! See you soon and mention this listing when you request your total, for a free gift on your first order.
Joseph McAnney email: endlesscircle[at] homepage: Endless Circle Lapidary
Endless Circle
PO Box 817 Congress, AZ USA 85332


Equipment Offered - The Internet's Leading Rock Tumbler Source and Tumbling How-to Resource

Accessories   Arbors   Books   Carving Wheels & Points   Combo Lapidary Machines   Coolants   Dopping Accessories   Expanding Drums & Machines   Galaxy & Nova Wheels   Magnification   Polishes   10" Saws   Slab Saws   Saw Blades   Sphere Machines and Bead Mills   Vibratory Flat Laps  

[Delete] Ad number: 11814 Posted: 3/21/2014 4:42:26 UT
2 - 10 x 1-1/2 Poly arbor hoods for sale
I have 2 brand new poly Arbor hoods to sell. They are for 8 or 10 inch diameter wheels, 1.5 inches wide. Asking $100 for both. To see pics, please go to: and Thanks for looking!
Phil email: goldpnr[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11811 Posted: 3/15/2014 5:15:34 UT
HP Lapidary Cutter / Grinder / Polisher for Sale
Used, HP model 10TSCF "all in one". Unit includes a 10" diamond saw with sliding vise, a 3"x25" belt sander, two 1.5"x8" grinding wheels, a 2.5"x 8" felt buffing wheel, an 8" disc sanding wheel and an 8" flat buffing wheel. Each wheel and the diamond blade have their own water / coolant feed. Diamond blade powered by 1/3 hp motor, all other stones / wheels powered by separate 1/3 hp motor. Diamond blade,stone wheels and felt buffing wheel are in very good condition. Unit is approx. 18"x48"x48" high and is on wheels for easy moving! Asking $800, must be picked up in Westport, MA
John Elias email: eliasglass[at]
Elias Studios
638 American Legion Hwy. Westport, MA USA 02790
[Delete] Ad number: 11787 Posted: 2/15/2014 11:25:7 UT
lortone combo unit saw &buffer
I have a lortone combo buffer &rock saw. Good motor runs good? New hoses and asking 350$$my name is Gabe contact me.
Gabriel Montez email: thebreedo809[at]
s.buffalo Las vegas, nv 89145
[Delete] Ad number: 11774 Posted: 1/28/2014 6:10:0 UT
lortone model r40 tumbler for sale. used but in great condition. asking $250. can send pictures by email if wanted.
lynne cromwell email: metalbudderfly1970[at]
myrtle point, oregon 97458
[Delete] Ad number: 11773 Posted: 1/28/2014 6:9:47 UT
24 inch and 18 inch Frantom Saws
I have these refurbished saws for sale.Both have been completely refurbished new arbor bearings,rail bearings and bushings,belts,blades and paint.24 inch is 2000.00 the 18 inch is 1500.00. These are for pickup only in Oregon City Oregon Call Rod at 503-632-8799
Rod Shurtleff email: tilesetter[at]
Old Mans Lapidary
15890 S. Wilshire Circle Oregon City, Oregon United States 97045
[Delete] Ad number: 11763 Posted: 1/22/2014 7:54:53 UT
FOR SALE JEWELRY MAKING/CAB EQUIPMENT (Covington Brand) Cut your own stones ! (Cabachons) and ROCK & GEM MAGAZINES Please see attached photos of my rock cabbing equipment (Cutting wheels and trim saw installed in cabinet with sink + electricity hook-up). This is Covington brand, excellent quality and the price is $1100, pick up in Atlanta (Buckhead) at my house (You will need 2 men and a full size pick up truck.) I also have Rock & Gem magazines from Vol. 1, # 1 thru the present, about 425 in all (I may be missing about 7-9 issues) and they are for sale for $375.00 Items are located in Atlanta, GA Prices do NOT include shipping Photos can be seen at this listing:
Gary E Jackson email: jacksonlwr[at] homepage:

[Delete] Ad number: 11761 Posted: 1/21/2014 18:9:47 UT
New Lapidary Equipment for sale
We offer a large selection of NEW lapidary equipment such as rock saws, slab saws, lapidary diamond saw blades, flex-shafts, gem-jewelry polishers, cabbing machines, laps, sanders diamond wheels and more. FREE SHIPPING on select items. Call 541-962-0332 Thanks Dave
David Warnicke email: highdesertlapidary[at] homepage: High Desert Lapidary
High Desert Lapidary

[Delete] Ad number: 11747 Posted: 1/20/2014 11:0:56 UT
Thumbler's Tumbler Model B - Used
I have a Rotary Rock Tumbler for sale. Purchased new and used for a few batches of rose quartz rough. Model does up to 5 lbs at a time. Works great. Have had it for a year sitting around but I don't need it anymore. Includes extra 1 lb 120 grit, 1 lb 240 grit and 2 lbs ceramic filler beads. Pictures available by email. Asking $150 plus shipping. Located in Northern California.
Ryan email: ryanbilbro80[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11706 Posted: 11/9/2013 4:29:41 UT
Used Facetron with laps, dops,books and more $1500 plus ship
A used Facetron in good shape. Was retrofitted with new dial gauge. Comes with all the accessories. Table adapter, transfer jig, 11 dops, 7 laps (100, 260 ,600, 1200 steel lap,1200 Raytech lap, tin lap, 14000grit polishing lap), 6 Steele and Long Facet Design books, beginners faceting book, dop pot and wax. All for $1500 plus shipping. Feel free to email me for pix if interested.
Randy.Pearson email: Rjpearson2[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11701 Posted: 11/6/2013 5:1:55 UT
18-inch Lapidary/Slab Rock Saw
18-inch Lapidary/Slab Rock Saw. This is a Richardson heavy duty saw with power feed and auto shutoff. Used and completely refurbished. Saw was disassembled, sandblasted and repainted. Includes new Plexiglas windows, wiring, v-belts, bearings, and is mounted on legs. Details: Adjustable with three cutting speeds. 3/4 HP Dayton motor, 1,725 rpm, 6.5 amps, 110 volts. Vise opening: 10 inches. Vise cross feed: 3-1/2 inches. Notched rim Blade, 60% of new. All new arbor and feed shaft bearings. Large clean-out drain. Oil capacity: 7.5 gals. Approximate weight: 350 lbs. will deliver FREE within 200 miles of La Grande OR zip 97850 Price $2000.00 Call Dave at 541-962-0332
Dave Warnicke email: highdesertlapidary[at] homepage: High Desert Lapidary
High Desert Lapidary
La Grande, 97850
[Delete] Ad number: 11693 Posted: 10/23/2013 18:6:17 UT
automatic sculpture sphere machine complete with dies
this is a custom automatic sculpture sphere machine. create 1 of a kind spheres, candlesticks, eggs, spirals, etc. comes complete with 9 metal dies, can make candlesticks with several spheres in it, tight machine threads, set automatic stop, enclosure unit, over 200 pounds, excellent for stone decorator lapidary etc. $2,500 dollars.
jay stone email: cabcut24[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11688 Posted: 10/22/2013 18:17:32 UT
Lortone S-10 Lapidary Saw
This is a very clean saw with a 3/4 hp motor, every thing is in very good working condition. The feed motor and gear drive have been cleaned and lubed. Comes with a 10 in. blade. The saw sets on a very well built stand which has a storage compartment. I am asking 600.00
Walton Hulsey email: wdavidh[at]
4815 Rusk Amarillo, TX United States 79110-3234
[Delete] Ad number: 11672 Posted: 10/7/2013 5:28:3 UT
lortone 12 inch slab saw
i am selling my lortone 12 inch slab saw . it is in excellent condition . asking 500 dollars . i am in los angeles.
shai email: sg1musicandlife (at)

[Delete] Ad number: 11668 Posted: 10/2/2013 3:13:27 UT
Highland Park Lapidary Machine
Highland Park Multi. Lapidary Machine. Pictures available. It is located on Campobello Island N.B Canada. It has 5 station arbors from saw to polish. I am asking $400.00 but price is negotiable. Available from 10-5 until 10-11. reply to
Paul North email: pablospud[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11659 Posted: 9/19/2013 7:19:47 UT
Working and in used condition. Please contact for photos and info. Willing to sell for $200.
Frank Bascom email: owlcala633[at]
1104 Ceadr Lake Drive Tampa, Florida USA 33612
[Delete] Ad number: 11657 Posted: 9/19/2013 7:17:42 UT
BOOK OF PLANS: How To Build Better Lapidary Equipment
NOW WITH FREE POSTAGE WORLDWIDE. Save all the way around on this killer resource. How To Build A 6" 8" or 10" Diamond Saw. How To Build A Better Vibrating Tumbler. How To Build A Flat Laps for Grinding Sanding Polishing.How To Build Bench Grinders From Old Car Parts. How To Build A Giant Rock Saw. Trouble Free and Portable Water Source For ALL Lapidary.Lapidary Shop Tips, Mounting Motors, Motor Attachments, Stone Holders and Jewelers Vise You Can Make Easily, Obtaining Free Abrasives,and MORE. American Jamb peg faceting: much more than an introduction. Build a Diamond Drop saw. Even Construct these machines with salvaged parts. Building these machines is not hard to do for anyone with good mechanical and electrical aptitude. Once you have created a working machine you never need worry about breakdown again, because you will know it inside and out, and repair is a breeze. Thanks for checking this out. Please write with questions. I also offer the book at ebay, just search the title.
Bill Gallagher email: luxefaire[at] homepage:
Luxefaire Enterprise Mission

Equipment Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 11837 Posted: 4/15/2014 14:58:0 UT
Wanted R-40 Lortone Rock Tumbler
I am looking for an R-40 Lortone rock tumbler. The company discontinued the R-40 and currently makes the C-40. I am looking for a used R-40 base and barrel to add to my tumbler and the C-40 won't work. Please call or email if you have one that you are willing to sell.
Mark Elder email: jethro48[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11788 Posted: 2/15/2014 11:25:17 UT
LS-10 Lortone Saw
I am looking for an LS-10 Lortone diamond saw in any condition that is repairable . Please contact me if you have one to sell .
Vaughn Nagel email: vnagel[at]
1470 East Holiday Drive Casa Grande, AZ United States 85122
[Delete] Ad number: 11778 Posted: 2/5/2014 10:6:36 UT
36 inch Rock Saw Wanted
I am looking to pick up a 24 inch rock saw I would prefer a Highland Park 3rd series but am open to other brands. Also I purchase saws 14 inch and larger any other lapidary equipment including lapidary estates large and small. Thank you all
Rod Shurtleff email: tilesetter[at]
Old Mans Lapidary
15890 S. Wilshire Circle Oregon City, Oregon United States 97045

Faceted Gems Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 11741 Posted: 12/27/2013 17:59:16 UT
Natural Gemstone Sourcing From INDIA.
We hereby introduce ourselves as a gemstone manufacturing and service based specialized company, well experienced in providing gemstones sourcing service from Jaipur. Our strength is in the following gem stones: DruzyQuartz,Tanzanite,Apatite,Iolite,Rhodolite,Toumalines,MoonStone,Leptocroside Black Spnil,White topaz We also provide specialized cutting in the following gemstones:( With Highly skilled and trained staff we can provide any specialized cut.) Olive Quartz,Citreen,Amethyst,Prasiolite / Green Amethyst, Lemon Quartz Smoky Quartz,White Crystal Quartz,Quartz Cat's eye, We also specialize in 1mm to 2mm size rounds in following stones.. Black Spinal,White topaz,Paridot,Amethyst,Smoky Quartz,Crome di opside Natural Zircon,Rainbow moon stone,Hessonite,Garnet, Amit Bapna +9198291-69442 Mail--
Amit Bapna email: gemstonenjewelry[at] homepage:
Dashrath International
F-3, Glorious Chambers Bordio Ka Rasta Jaipur, Rajasthan India 302015
[Delete] Ad number: 11711 Posted: 11/13/2013 17:26:35 UT
Tanzanite, the very finest 1% of crystals mined
Lapigems Gem Company specializes in the very finest one percent of Tanzanite mined - the colors are of exceptional intensity that very few jewelers will ever see. Flawless and international cut qualities complete the package.
Antony Zagoritis email: customerservice[at] homepage: Lapigems Tanzanite Company
Lapigems Tanzanite Company

[Delete] Ad number: 11686 Posted: 10/22/2013 18:16:17 UT
Fine Quality Loose Gemstones - Alexandrite to Zircon
At AfricaGems, we are proud to offer gemstones and gemstones jewelry including natural gemstones, from natural alexandrite (very popular for alexandrite engagement rings) to zircon (for zircon rings). We also carry birthstones like alexandrite birthstone and enhanced diamonds in all colors of the rainbow. These unusual, hard to find gemstones make interesting and stylish cocktail rings and fashion rings. In the development of AfricaGems, we now offer gemstone jewelry wholesale in rings, pendants and earrings. Some of our most popular gemstone jewelry items are blue topaz rings, citrine rings, peridot rings, tanzanite rings, quartz rings and onyx rings. We also offer full custom jewelry design and build services. I take great pride in guiding you through the whole process from gemstone selection, the jewelry design and final finishing touches to make your gemstone jewelry unique. Our huge selection of gemstone engagement rings such as sapphire rings, ruby rings and spinel rings would make your loved one very happy and proud.
marc sarosi email: sales[at] homepage:
20 sunnyside ave suite a272 mill valley, California United States 94941

Faceted Gems Wanted

Faceting Rough Offered

Rough for Faceters    Check Our Specials!
Natural:   Amethyst   Ametrine   Bytownite   Chrome Diopside   Chrysoberyl   Citrine   Garnet   Petalite   Quartz   Sapphire   Spinel   Spodumene   Tanzanite   Topaz   Tourmaline   Zircon  
Synthetics:   Cubic Zirconia   Quartz   Laser Gem / Glass   Emerald   Red Beryl   Alexandrite   Spinel  

[Delete] Ad number: 11734 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:58:21 UT
Ethiopian welo opal, Ruby, Sapphire and Tanzanite Rough
We make regular trips to Mining fields in Madagascar, Brazil and Ethiopia to source great gems bargains, which can be passed onto you. We specialize in offering great value packages of rough or cut stone, which can be then turned into quality gems or jewellery by enthusiastic hobbyists looking to make a tidy profit We supply the following directly from the mines, we have lots in stock and sell at the best ever prices you can find in the market -Ethiopian welo opal rough -Ruby rough -Emerald rough -Sapphire rough -Aquamarine rough -Tanzanite Rough -Tourmaline pink/ bi color rough - No cracks -Good clarity -Good sizes Please contact me for first class world wide service. I give free delivery on all orders. I ship UPS world wide with tracking number.For more details and pictures contact with your phone number and email address
Jonas email: jonasbulks[at] homepage:
Royal Gem
Al ryadd Doha, Qatar 00974

Faceting Rough Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 11803 Posted: 3/6/2014 17:0:19 UT
Various rough material sought
Amerigems is seeking facet grade rough gems. We would prefer US origin but others are acceptable. Bulk purchasing at reasonable pricing a must. Some cabbing grade allowed in certain material. Other items being sought are US Coins and Currency, Finer Minerals, Gold Jewelry, Bullion, Fine watches, Dental gold, class rings, sterling service, etc. Contact us via email or visit us at 1412 Interstate 70 Drive SW Columbia MO Open M-F 9-5 other times by apt. Private-Secure-Professional
James email: info[at] homepage: amerigems
1412 Interstate 70 Drive SW Columbia, MO USA 65203

Fee Digs Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 11767 Posted: 1/26/2014 6:13:5 UT
We have just posted our 2014 fee dig rates on our website at We are located in the Virgin Valley, Nevada, home of the precious black opal. This is our first fee dig season and there are several new cuts never before mined. Check out our new pricing and reserve your spot now. Contact us to learn about our special rate for rock and gem clubs.
Tim & Donna Church email: kokopelliopals[at] homepage: Kokopelli Opals
Kokopelli Opals

Fossils Offered

Visit Our New Store!


[Delete] Ad number: 11785 Posted: 2/15/2014 11:24:28 UT
Jaeson McDonald email: Jcollectit[at]
4802 n19th ave phoenix, az us
[Delete] Ad number: 11689 Posted: 10/22/2013 18:17:42 UT
FOSSILPLANET your confidence online store, where you can find and buy all kind of fossils, as we put at your disposal small and great wonders of nature, vestiges of the past, such as: ammonites, trilobites, plant fossils, echinoderms, crinoids, crabs, fish, fossilized wood, fossil shark teeth, corals, bibalves, brachiopods, miscellaneous, collections, etc...We are specialized in the sale of quality fossil for collection. All our specimens are accompanied by their corresponding detailed information, they are originals, none molds or copies (reproductions). They are guaranteed by the experience of more than forty years as amateur paleontology and fossil collecting.The seriousness and honesty is the golden rule of FOSSILPLANET,which is intended for the collector of fossils, educators, teachers, conservative Center Museum, businesses and fans to naturalism. That different approaches (educational material, formative collectibles, decorations, gift) will bring them a useful and interesting working tool for developing teaching and spread the knowledge of the past and present of the exciting natural history of our planet and its evolution.We are proud of selling only quality fossils for collectors. If you are starting in the collecting of fossils or want to buy the fossil that you always wanted, please take advantage of our offer, browsing by our exclusive catalog, FOSSILPLANET will find the best value for money.If you are a lover of fossils and want to buy with complete confidence and trust, this is your site.T
Fernando Bravo email: info[at] homepage: FOSSILPLANET
( 34 ) 670 580 733
P. O. BOX : 25 Las Rozas de Madrid, Madrid Spain 28230
[Delete] Ad number: 11681 Posted: 10/21/2013 11:34:27 UT
For sale 2 petrified wood stumps about 200lbs to 250lbs a piece...
Terri Newman email: baybri02grand[at]
1525 S. Hwy 395 Standfield, ORE U.S.A 97875

Fossils Wanted

Help! Advice Needed

[Delete] Ad number: 11817 Posted: 3/24/2014 6:0:5 UT
Beautiful Limestone Piece
I acquired this beautiful limestone piece with two holes through it. I was wondering what something like this is worth? Is it even worth anything? I am kind of new to collecting rocks so If anyone can offer any advice that would be great. Thanks!
ChetDemanchick email: cdemanchick[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11812 Posted: 3/17/2014 17:3:7 UT
Tammy email: kcandt[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11804 Posted: 3/6/2014 17:0:35 UT
150+ lb block of jade
I have a 150+ lb block of jade I bought at Quartsite in the early 80's. I don't remember the origin and would like to know how to get it appraised and or sell. Can send pictures by text or email. Still has original patina. 334 306 2098
Taylor Maddox email: taylorjmaddox[at]
334 306 2098
3662 Huffman Rd Grady, AL USA 36036
[Delete] Ad number: 11791 Posted: 2/15/2014 11:25:39 UT
Large crystallized? petrified log looking to sale
I have a large petrified log I am looking to sale. Email or text and I 'll send pictures. About 5' long and 24" in diameter.
Steven email: Stevenpinkerton1[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11768 Posted: 1/26/2014 6:14:15 UT
Looking to have an Emerald rock appraised
I was recently given a rock that the gifter named an emerald rock. I would like to know if this is really an authentic emerald. I've done some research via internet and as far as I can tell I think it is real. I'd like to get a professional opinion but am not sure exactly where to start. If you can help me with me with this please contact me. My email is Thank you!
Amena Ferguson email: amenamelody[at]
San Francisco,
[Delete] Ad number: 11762 Posted: 1/21/2014 18:13:7 UT
Uknown rock discovered by villagers in Papua New Guinea
Villagers in remote areas in the Eastern highlands province have discovered what is believed to be a mountain of rock which is white in colour and mirror like which one can see his face like in the mirror. I have a rock sample but do not know the name and needs someone knowledge in rocks to contact me and identify the rock and its uses.
Eron Yautakey email: eyautakey[at]
675 3012035
Box 5117 Boroko National Capital District Port Moresby, NCD Papua New Guinea 111
[Delete] Ad number: 11736 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:58:56 UT
Mine is like Bills, but what is it?
I know nothing, but like to buy ...stuff. I recently bought a Power Craft (wards?) 6" combo, saw, stone, sanding wheel, Mod. # 84 TXK 5341. The 5341 was applied. I was looking for advise on oil, for the saw, and to see if I could find some info., maybe a manual, parts, that. The unit looks little used, and does not vibrate when turned on. That is the sum of my knowledge of it. I found the article from Bil Ritter here "My Saw Doesn't Cut"...same saw!, or damn close. Looks not to be part of a "combo", but learning the lineage of this unit would be a start, and I bet a big help. So Bill,if you are with us, or whoever, knows something of this thing, I would be appreciative. Please keep it low teck. My cell is 301 514 7149 EST. Not after 9PM, please. Thanks to all who read and or respond. As I try to learn geology, it leads me to many places, this being one....hope I can find my way back! Merry Christmas.
daniel bailey email:
frederick, md.
[Delete] Ad number: 11679 Posted: 10/21/2013 11:37:36 UT
I'm Clueless! HUNDREDS of thin
I don't know where to go to get these appraised... But I can GUARANTEE that many are worth quite a lot of money, just because of the beauty! I recognize some of them as quartz with huge crystals, and the "normal type" rocks... And I thing a lot is petrified wood... But, for example, my personal favorites? They're BRIGHT orange, and light can come through... Most are 3-5" x thin slices...I love rocks, and I do make jewelry, mosaics, wall crosses, photo tiles, and so much more... So I'm HOPING to get enough money to start a small business and share some space (I'm disabled)... But I'm unsure if I have $500 or $50000 worth (Ha! Obviously... Exaggerating!) Anyway... Most of them are still boxed up, but I'd love to send a few photos of the ones I do have out... And get a little "direction" and "guidance" as to (fingers crossed) taking one more step towards my dream, of proving to everyone who doubts me ... Disabled or not... I CAN make it! Please... ANY involvement you're willing to share... Peek at pictures, send a business name, tell me what TYPE of business to go to... Would be seriously appreciated!
Wendy Pfeiffer email: Cowgirl.At.Heart[at]
(661) 878-0000
4134 North Summercrest Loop Round Rock , TX United States 78681
[Delete] Ad number: 11670 Posted: 10/5/2013 3:39:39 UT
I recently acquired some minerals or rocks or crystals. I don't know much about them so I need help on figuring out what they are and getting them appraised. my email is please email me if you can help me identify these!
hayden siebens email:
san antonio, texas united states

Jewelry Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 11810 Posted: 3/14/2014 4:56:48 UT
Montana and Yogo sapphire jewelry and loose stones
Montana and Yogo sapphire jewelry for sale in affordable sterling silver and karat gold.
Debra McClain email: macsgems[at] homepage: Montana and Yogo Sapphires
Mac's Gems
Missoula, MT United States 59801
[Delete] Ad number: 11776 Posted: 2/1/2014 8:2:24 UT
Huge Selection Of Jewelry Making Supplies
We offer all forms of jewelry making supplies. Settings, bracelet making forms, bezels, cabochons, frames, bails, chains, leather, adhesives. We offer several custom software programs just for jewelry making. See our new exclusive method of photo image transfer jewelry.
Sandra email: photoclipit[at] homepage: Jewelry Making Supplies

[Delete] Ad number: 11707 Posted: 11/9/2013 4:30:15 UT
Collectible Robert Koeppler Silver Necklace
This one of a kind necklace was handmade by the late Robert Koeppler. He named this piece LAND OF HIAWATHA. IT CONSISTS OF THREE PIECES. Pictures available upon request. $3000.
Stevie Pointer email: Spointer1350[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11700 Posted: 11/1/2013 4:17:52 UT
Buy beautiful and ethical tanzanite gems online.
TanzaniteOne holds the licence to the largest of four mining blocks in the world's only tanzanite-producing area near Mount Kilimanjaro. All stones are ethically mined, cut and polished. TanzaniteOne Online allows you to buy directly from the mine! Choose a piece from our fine jewellery range, or a select a loose gemstone from our extensive range of perfectly cut and polished gems. We guarantee ethical , socially responsible and authentic tanzanite of exceptional quality.
Linda email: info[at] homepage: TanzaniteOne Online
TanzaniteOne Online

[Delete] Ad number: 11664 Posted: 9/22/2013 15:13:41 UT
Watermelon Tourmaline with diamond necklace gold
I am selling this beautiful rare collector's piece. It is a rounded triangular shape framed with gold. It also has a small diamond on the bottom. Gold chain included. Will sacrifice @ $500. email for picture. Will ship in US once payment is received.
Linda Anderson email: linda.anderson302726[at]

Jewelry Wanted

Lapidary Services Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 11697 Posted: 11/1/2013 4:12:6 UT
Gem Cutting service and made to order Jewelry ( Silver, Gold 14K-18K). Offering commercial gem cutting service for most types of gemstones in normal-fancy facet as well as cab . We use handmade machine which are not computerized and may not comply to accurate angle cutting, but human judgment and selecting the correct tools for different gemstones bring the best result out of our work. Also FREE sample cutting service available at a flat rate of U$ 20.- for postage and handling. For Jewelry give us your design or we will choose suitable one for you. K Plus
Thanaphat W. email: gemjewelry[at] homepage: jemgewelry
K Plus
Bangkok Thailand

Lapidary Services Wanted

Literature Offered

Need More Input? Check Out Our Selection of Books and Videos for Rockhounds!
Chains by Becky Cabochon Cutting Grow Your Own Crystals Geodes Gemstones of the World Gem Trails of Utah Rocks from Space Gemstones Lapidary Drilling Tutorial Diamond Setting
Bead Work
Buyer's Guides
Chain Making
Collecting Guides
Designs & Patterns
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Jewelry Making
Rocks & Minerals
Stone Setting
Wire Work

Literature Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 11696 Posted: 10/27/2013 22:35:59 UT
Wanted: Carol Kindler's Dig It
I am looking for copies of the booklet "Dig It" by Carol Kindler. This was a listing of fee-based dig sites in the USA for agate, jasper, minerals, etc. There were at least 7 editions published throughout the 70s and 80s. I have the 5th edition (1981) and the 7th edition (1986). I would like to get numbers 1 through 4, number 6, and any editions after the 7th.
Mark Hurry email: hurr980[at]
Baton Rouge, Louisiana United States 70816

Metals Offered

Metals Wanted

Meteorites Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 11828 Posted: 4/15/2014 14:53:55 UT
New Meteorites up for grabs
I am offering a wide selection of meteorites and terrestrial material available for sale at good reasonable prices. To view meteorites, go to For terrestrial material, go to I also offer cutting services at very reasonable prices. Hope to see you soon. Garry
Garry Stewart email: xeqtr[at] homepage:
Rocky's Stones
979 Old Plain Dealing Rd Benton, La USA 71006
[Delete] Ad number: 11777 Posted: 2/2/2014 5:21:43 UT
Xining meteorite
We sell xining meteorite in Room 161 of Tucson city hotel in 2014 Tucson show, welcome to visit my room.
Qinghai email:

[Delete] Ad number: 11687 Posted: 10/22/2013 18:16:51 UT
Meteorites for Collectors of all Budgets
I have a large and varied collection of meteorites, tektites, impactites, moldavites, and trinitite. I also offer fossils, amber, minerals, crystals, and artifacts. In fact, I have one of the most varied collections of exotic natural materials anywhere, but my primary focus is on meteorites. I have pieces for every budget, starting at only $5 for some micromounts. See my website for specimens, details, photos, and ordering. Use coupon code "rocktrader" at checkout for 20% off your entire order. Feel free to contact me via email with any questions or requests. Email - - Website -
Michael Gilmer email: curator[at] homepage: Galactic Stone & Ironworks
PO Box 1387 Lutz, FL USA 33548

Meteorites Wanted

Minerals Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 11815 Posted: 3/24/2014 5:59:14 UT
Elbaites and other minerals from Isola Elba, Italy
There are not so many websites that can offer pegmatite minerals from Isola Elba, Italy ! we have several specimens of ELBAITES, SCHORL, BERYL, SPESSARTINE, ORTHOCLASE, CASSITERITE and more from the San Piero area, at Isola Elba, Italy. We have also available nice specimens of ILVAITE, HEMATITE and PYRITE. We spend a lot of efforts and time to collect them ! give a look at our web site: ---
Alessandro Genazzani email: ItalianMinerals[at] homepage: -

[Delete] Ad number: 11801 Posted: 3/5/2014 6:30:52 UT
Keswick Agate for Sale
I have some rough and polished rare Keswick agate for sale found at the Keswick quarry in the early 1990's. One is an awesome 7.25 pound speciman. email me if interested and I can email photos .
Terry Hintz email: thintz[at]
6 Shoreline Drive Grinnell, IA 50112
[Delete] Ad number: 11800 Posted: 3/5/2014 6:30:26 UT
Brazilian Quartz-200 lbs
I have 200 pounds of Brazilian quartz that I'm interested in finding a new home for. Most these two pieces are 7 to 12 pounds not perfect but all beautiful.
Christopher email: Dham182[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11796 Posted: 2/25/2014 5:45:49 UT
Web Site Relaunch!
I have totally reworked my website, and loaded it with a varied selection of worldwide minerals.
Kevin Conroy email: homepage: Kevin Conroy Minerals
Kevin Conroy Minerals

[Delete] Ad number: 11789 Posted: 2/15/2014 11:25:25 UT
copper infused agates, thomsonite, native copper and silver, is a site offering the rarest of agates, the copper infused agate found only in the kearsarge lode in a very small area in michigan. Also at the site are specimens of native copper float, chips, crystals. native silver and copper artifacts, thomsonites, datolites, and other assorted agates and other minerals. I have 7 consignees currently that I sell for on my site. Some of the native copper and datolites are from a 60+ year old collection. Interested in a great rock hunt in copper country? just let me know will help you out all I can or will meet up with you to show you some great spots. Also! great places to eat or stay. The best time to hit the area is during the Keweenaw days in Houghton from August 8-10th. The copper country club puts on a great show. our club show is held July 18/19 in Minocqua Wisc. There are other shows like the brainerd and moose lake shows in Minn, and the Ishpeming show in upper Michigan.
dale hartmann email: brujodale[at] homepage: copper agates
Dale's Diggings
po box 125 eagle river, wi usa 54521
[Delete] Ad number: 11781 Posted: 2/5/2014 10:8:32 UT
All New Specimen listings at Earthquest Minerals!
Earthquest Minerals has recently listed dozens of new specimens for your perusal! New agates, minerals and petrified wood! Our latest lot of petrified wood includes a batch of old, classic Hubbard Basin spruce slabs that are both large and very fine. really worth a look! please stop by and say hi, and if you have any requests - just let us know! Best wishes from Jake and Dana.
Jake Harper email: earthquest[at] homepage: Earthquest Minerals
Earthquest Minerals

[Delete] Ad number: 11760 Posted: 1/21/2014 6:49:25 UT
Chrysocolla per pound
Top blue color Chrysocolla from Mexico $18/lb go to the website to order! Multiple pounds will ship in flat rate shipping boxes. so you save!
Nic Scogna email: kyaniteking[at] homepage: The Kyanite King
The Kyanite King
4005 Carriage Dr po box 412 Skippack, Pennsylvania United States 19474
[Delete] Ad number: 11757 Posted: 1/20/2014 14:35:34 UT
Fender Minerals:Minerals, Crystals, Rare Minerals since 1996
Crystals Semiprecious Stones Minerals Cabochons Amethyst Serving the mineral and crystal community since 1996, online since 2011 Free US Shipping/Discounted International Shipping Fast shipping, easy returns, friendly service Fender Minerals' Motto: Integrity, Honesty, Courtesy, Value NOW with a whole section devoted to rare minerals. I welcome your want lists. I buy collections.
Maryanne Fender email: fenderminerals[at] homepage: Fender Minerals at Etsy
Fender Minerals
Richardson, Texas
[Delete] Ad number: 11746 Posted: 1/20/2014 11:0:44 UT
NC Corundum in Zoisite: Limited Block, slabs and chunks.
Corundum in zoisite and troctolite matrix, Chunky Gal Mtn.,Clay Co,NC. Slabs, 6x7x1": $90.00 each; Block,8x7x5": $350.00, OBO; Chunks: priced to size. Photos e-mailed by request to sincere inquiries. A valid physical address is required for shipping by USPS Flat Rate within the USA and its territories. Payment by US Postal Money order.Contact Wagner, .
Edward J. Wagner email: edwardjwagner[at]
28792 / 828.272.0550
Exquisite Decor-Mineral Division
91 Climbing View Ln. Hendersonville, NC USA 28792
[Delete] Ad number: 11731 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:57:31 UT
Minerals For Sale From Around the World
Salt River Collectable is assisting the owner of a life-long collection of rocks, fossils and minerals from around the globe in the disposition of his collection. The collection of specimens come from around the globe including the mines of Tsumeb, N'Chwaning, Wessels and Ojuela.
Rich Carr email: rich[at] homepage: Salt River Collectables
Salt River Collectables

[Delete] Ad number: 11705 Posted: 11/9/2013 4:29:16 UT
I have a nice selection of Michigan minerals including copper,silver, datolite,Isle royal greenstone(chlorastrolit) Please email me for pictures and prices.
rob carlson email: ambo_rob[at]
715 hecla st lake linden, mi 49945
[Delete] Ad number: 11682 Posted: 10/21/2013 11:34:48 UT
Agates From Argentina
As since seven Years , we will exhibit our new agates from Patagonia during Tucson 2014 Place : Tucson City Center Room: 223 : Behind the grape fruit tree! New agates found during Year 2012.
Ricardo & Claudia Birnie email: patagonianstar[at] homepage: Agates From Argentina

[Delete] Ad number: 11678 Posted: 10/21/2013 11:32:42 UT
Jim Stults email: millennium49[at] homepage: - also add auctioneer's code 3502
Blue Ribbon Auction Gallery
869 Broad St. Wadsworth, Ohio USA 44281
[Delete] Ad number: 11667 Posted: 10/2/2013 3:12:56 UT
Online Estate Mineral Auction Through 10/5
This is Jenny Taylor with Everything But The House, an online personal property auction company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. EBTH currently has a running auction that contains items from the estate of the late Alice & Lloyd Watson,PhD. The Watsons collected minerals, gems, and fossils for many decades, from various sites all over the U.S. and abroad. The auction includes many nice offerings; from specimen quality quartz, geodes, calcite, and blue celestine, to raw rough minerals suited for lapidary work, to cut slabs for cabochons, to tumbled and polished stones, and some rockhound tools. There are specimens from both Pugh Quarry located in Custar, Wood County, Ohio and Corydon, Indiana in these lots. Pugh Puarry and Corydon were both known for yielding excellent specimens. Both Pugh and Corydon are now both closed to collecting, and will most likely never reopen to collectors. Here is the auction link: Happy Bidding! Jenny Taylor Sales Coordinator Everything But The House
Jennifer Taylor email: jennifer.taylor[at] homepage: Everything But The House
Everything But The House

[Delete] Ad number: 11665 Posted: 9/26/2013 5:27:6 UT
elmwood tenn collection of calcites and flourites
Im selling a collection of calcites, flourites mineral specimens from the elmwood tenn mine 50 boxes of calcites calcites calcites about 250$ box call 5403097288 roanoke va also i will be selling at the franklin nj outdoor swap sept 27' 28 2013 thanks
john chryssikos email: sandman1752[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11656 Posted: 9/12/2013 4:15:44 UT
Large Selection of Michigan Copper, Silver
I got an old collection of Michigan minerals but mostly copper and silver. "halfbreeds" Email for Pictures.
rob carlson email: ambo_rob[at]
715 hecla st. lake linden, mi 49945
[Delete] Ad number: 11652 Posted: 9/6/2013 5:55:39 UT
i have a large collection of gems and minerals i am trying to sell clusters geodes, raw stones, spheres, elestials, hundreds of of specimens from all over the world i have collected over the last 40 years
james thierry email: stralim[at]
utica, ny usa 13501

Minerals Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 11816 Posted: 3/24/2014 5:59:42 UT
Unusual Igneous Rocks
Benmoreite, Comendite, Jotunite, Jacupirangite, Kamafugites, Monchiquite, Pantellerite, Turjaite, and so on.
mike davis email: mdavis[at]
1331 33rd st San Diego, ca USA 92102
[Delete] Ad number: 11745 Posted: 12/31/2013 13:40:13 UT
Looking For Banded Iron Formation Rocks From Early Cratons
I am looking to collect several 1-2 kilogram specimens of Banded Iron Formation from all accessible extant early cratons. I am looking for rocks from the Canadian Shield, Australian Cratons, South Africa, and elsewhere. Not interested in gem quality, just BIF of known provenance.
Gordon Cooper email: nwlorax[at]

Miscellaneous Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 11830 Posted: 4/15/2014 14:54:52 UT
Rough Rock Polishing Grit
Coarse Rock Polishing Grit, $11.00 for two pounds. Free shipping in USA.
Robert Strange email: alluvian[at]
P.O.Box 5428 Santa Maria, Clif USA 93456
[Delete] Ad number: 11829 Posted: 4/15/2014 14:54:41 UT
Website for sale - 12-15k visitors/month was started as a hobby about 1.5 years ago. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to give it the attention it deserves over the last few months, because my study (geology masters) is now taking up most of my time. So I have decided to sell the site, in the hopes that someone else will enjoy it as much as I did. On average the site receives 12,000-15,000 visitors a month to give an indication of its popularity. For more information please contact me through the email address listed below.
Wilhelm Beekman email: contact[at] homepage: Gemstones Advisor

[Delete] Ad number: 11758 Posted: 1/20/2014 14:35:39 UT
Fender Minerals: Agates Cabochons Semiprecious Stones
Fender Minerals: Crystals Semiprecious Stones Minerals Cabochons Amethyst Agates Geodes Quartz Gemstones Serving the mineral and crystal community since 1996, online since 2011 Free US Shipping/Discounted International Shipping Fast shipping, easy returns, friendly service Fender Minerals' Motto: Integrity, Honesty, Courtesy, Value On Etsy as Fender Minerals. Large selection of exotic and unique stones for jewelry making, collecting, lapidary, display, sculpture, mixed media arts. Please visit soon.
Maryanne Fender email: fenderminerals[at] homepage: Fender Minerals at Etsy
Fender Minerals
Richardson, TX
[Delete] Ad number: 11751 Posted: 1/20/2014 11:1:42 UT
Gem and Jewelry Collection Lapidary Tools Slabs Gold Silver
I'm helping my dad sell this collection, it's basically a small rock and gem shop. He bought it several years ago from the owner who's husband had died and it was too much for her to care for. It is too much for us too so we just want to sell it all and move on. How much are we talking about? Here are 2 links to pictures I took of some of what we have. It's all in a secure storage unit and can be viewed by any serious buyer. Text Call Email 321-363-6162 *** About a Price, We will consider all offers however it was valued at $40,000 "wholesale" back when gold was about $400 oz just to give you an idea. Anything around half that and up would be seriously considered. Thanks Tommy- 2 Links Link 1: Link 2:
Thomas Taggart email: tommytx1[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11744 Posted: 12/31/2013 13:39:52 UT
Central Oregon Fulgrite for sale
Large fulgrite for sale from Cline Butte, which is west of Redmond, Oregon. This is 7" x 4 1/4"; weighs 1.84 pounds or 835 grams. It has 2 open ends with rocks and several smaller openings. Will sell for $1500.00 Large specimens go for $2.50 per gram, am willing to let this go for $2.00 per gram. Call 541-416-0948.
Debbie McManigal email: debbiemac[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11702 Posted: 11/6/2013 5:2:20 UT
Many tons of rough & slabbed lapidary materials for sale, self-collected rock & estates from all over the Pacific NW. Visit my site to see all I have to offer. The largest online offering of rare thundereggs & obsidian including obsidian needles. Many varieties of jasper, agate, & petrified wood to choose from. New materials are frequently added. Green River fish fossils, rare material like Rufus, Wildhorse, Blue Mustang, & Cripple Creek picture jasper, Marston agate, Buchanan & Priday eggs from every bed. Saddle Mtn. picture wood, McDermitt, & Stinkingwater Golden Oak wood, Mexican rainbow, Velvet, lassen Cr. Royal Purple, rainbow, & Glass Buttes rainbow, fire, mahogany, gold sheen, & Davis Creek varieties that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Also check out my Rockhounding DVD guide to all places in the OR, WA, and ID area you could possibly want to visit, hundreds of photos, maps and GPS coords. Writeups of many popular sites, and all of the sites in the OR & WA Gem Trails and Rockhounding ID guides.
Tim Fisher email: homepage: OreRockOn Orergon Rockhounds Online

[Delete] Ad number: 11692 Posted: 10/23/2013 18:5:6 UT
Disabled American Veteran selling! 30 yrs.of rock shop fun, however; due to illness must sell! no reasonable offer refused. more than 10k invested.....all heavy duty eqpt. all in good working condition, 10in combo grind,sand,polish,with 10" slab saw...6" combo grind,sand polish,6in slab saw...1in.wet sand belt..4in. belt sander w/6in. disc sander..lot's of metal working tools etc.i.e. rolling mill,torch set,hand motor tools,lot's of hand tools and tool sets..some really good stones;opals,jasper,Montana.lake Mich,mexico,Australia,spencer,peru many location's,worldwide locations,large thumblers tumbler and 6 dbbl barrel units,grits tumblers,rocks,rocks too many to list,inv. too,too,of much..everything must go,bring a big truck..see by appt.only..please..serious inquires only..!must sell sadly...make offer...
KENNY CISCO email: kenny.cisco1[at]
196 oney av huntington, wv usa 25705

Miscellaneous Wanted

[Delete] Ad number: 11794 Posted: 2/19/2014 7:20:37 UT
Indian Artifacts... I need bulk lots. All grades. Authentic
I'm really in need of Some "Bulk Lots" of Authentic Native American Artifacts for March and April. My supplier is unable to sell do to a short term health problem that has extended and extra month. I'm going to keep it short here and ask if you can find a supply of any region Flint artifacts I'll willingly give you all of my attention. My info if all in my contact info. The best way is to shoot a text to the cell #. I will respond within an hour. I am more than willing to buy smaller lots also. HELP! I can break down my needs to anyone that can help me. BTW the Artifact market is 80% down from Oversteets price guide. The book at this time is best for High high end and Artifact Typology. Ain't many getting rich, I'm just trying to eat. lol. Regards and "ROCK ON" Jon(LindCoulee)
Lind Coulee email: jongross19[at]
Understated Artifact Sales
POBox 19644 Fountain Hills , AZ USA 85269
[Delete] Ad number: 11737 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:59:2 UT
Dark Blue Celestite Geode or Geode Egg Wanted
Wanted to buy large (5"-6") celestite geode or geode egg with well formed, dark blue crystals & sharp crystal points. Please send photo(s), asking price, and shipping cost to Dallas, TX area. Thanks in advance.
Alan Marchand email: apm00001usa[at]

Pen Pals

Spheres Offered

[Delete] Ad number: 11724 Posted: 11/22/2013 4:22:57 UT
Spheres, 1
We cut spheres in our home shop in gorgeous AZ. We have over 20 sphere cutting machines and lapidary saws right on premises. We have lots of our own spheres for you to choose from, or will gladly cut your neat materials into lovely spheres, for collection or home decor. We have fluorescent spheres in all materials and sizes as well, or let cut your fluorescent materials for you. We have experience with just about any materials out there! Mention this listing on your first order for a free gift.
Joseph McAnney email: endlesscircle[at] homepage: Endless Circle Lapidary
Endless Circle
PO Box 817 Congress, AZ USA 85332
[Delete] Ad number: 11651 Posted: 9/6/2013 5:54:54 UT
Buy stones and minerals from Mosest
Krivyy Rih stone artisans’ masterworks are highly valued by stones' and minerals' collectors all over the world. Our masterworks have been distinguished at numerous exhibitions and fairs we took part in lately. If you are looking for natural gemstones but can't go to Mineral Exhibitions, you can easy get them here in "Moses". You can find almost every gemstone in our internet shop. You can easily find aventurine, agate, amethyst, amphibolite, amazonite, apatite, gabbro, hematite, tiger's eye, cat's eye, falcon's eye, garnet, granite, dzhespilit, quartz, cordierite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, limonite, marble, obsidian, petrified wood, jade, opal, pyrite, pyrrhotite, feldspar, rauchtopaz, rhodonite, specular, tourmaline, fluorite, chalcedony, aegirine, jasper, and other gems at "Moses" .
Alexey Boyko email: krkamni[at] homepage: Mosest
Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine 50000

Spheres Wanted

Show Announcements

[Delete] Ad number: 11832 Posted: 4/15/2014 14:57:27 UT
Dealer Wanted Dealing In Lapidary Supplies.
Cooloola Rocks & Minerals are celebrating their 20th Rock & Mineral Fest on the 1-2-3rd August 2014. We have a large under cover area available for a dealer in lapidary supplies. Anyone interested to come and spend several days selling Rocks Minerals,Gemstones,Lapidary supplies should email us at We promise you a very enjoyable & profitable time. Caravan Parks & Motels nearby or camp at our spacious property. John & Cecile.
John Steenbergen. email: info[at] homepage: Cooloola Rocks & Minerals.
Cooloola Rocks & Minerals.
1 Lobwein Road Kybong Gympie, Queensland Australia. 4570
[Delete] Ad number: 11819 Posted: 3/28/2014 5:22:33 UT
Dallas Gem & Mineral Society 57th Annual Show
"Into The Mystic" Saturday, November 22, 2014 10am - 6pm Sunday, November 23, 2014 10am - 5pm Rodeo Center Exhibit Hall 1800 Rodeo Drive, Mesquite, TX 75149 (I-635 at Military Parkway, Exit 4) Rocks/Mineral Specimens, Polished/Faceted Gems, Fossils, Lapidary Equipment, Jewelry Supplies, Games and Demonstrations, Fluorescent Display, Prizes and Silent Auction Adults: $8 Age 4-12: $3 Age 3 & under: FREE Family of 4 or more: $20 Dealer Chairman: David Pirnie
Gerald Pennington email: geraldindallas[at] homepage: Dallas Gem and Mineral Society
10205 Plano Road Suite 105 Dallas, TX USA 75243
[Delete] Ad number: 11779 Posted: 2/5/2014 10:7:3 UT
John & Cecile from Cooloola Rocks & Minerals invite all our rockhound friends clubs and their members to our 20th very popular Rockfest to be held on 1st 2nd and 3rd August 2014. As usual we invite people to book their sites early for best spaces available. But last minute entrees can also be accommodated. You are most welcome to take this opportunity for one,two or three days of fund raising activities For people just wishing to camp there is a large area available. For the general public it is a wonderland Gems, Opals, Minerals, Fossils and rocks of all sorts,natural & polished. People come to find out where to fossick and how to create a beautiful piece of jewelry or add a treasure to their collection. Bring the younger generation for loads of fun activities like Treasure hunts,Goldpanning, Gem sieving, Lucky dips,Huge Cent Auction,Watch Silver wire wrapping demonstrationsand much more or children can take part in a huge range of fun activities. FOOD,Cold Drinks and a Coffee van available. Facilities such as hot water showers and toilets for stallholders and campers. More details can be found on website in the menu ,ROCKFEST.! All enquiries John & Cecile Steenbergen i Lobwein Road.Kybong Qld, Australia. Phone 07 54835252
John Steenbergen email: info[at] homepage: Cooloola Rocks & Minerals
Cooloola Rocks & Minerals
1 Lobwein Road Kybong Gympie, Queensland Australia 4570
[Delete] Ad number: 11739 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:59:42 UT
Ancient Graveyards has moved to Pueblo Show at Riverpark Inn
See Samee at the Mineral Pavilion space 924. We have New Collector Items,, Wood Rounds,,Green Wood, a beautiful Jade piece, Bertrandite, to 50lbs, Cycads, Fire Agate Rough, Minerals, Fossils, Copralite greens & reds, Indian Blanket Jasper, Geodes, Bone, Cabs, standard & free form , faceted stones, Slabs, Jewelry, Carvings, Gift Items, Fluorescent Minerals & Fluorescent Lights. We were at "The Rock Show" Kino Sports Complex for 8 years. That show closed so we are now at the Pueblo Show, Riverpark Inn, 350 S. Freeway Road, Jan 31 thru Fed 12. Space MP 924. Email or call me for more information. 702-498-6246
Samee Cordova email: Shinmoog[at]
Ancient Graveyards

[Delete] Ad number: 11732 Posted: 12/22/2013 5:57:47 UT
SAMEE CORDOVA email: shinmoog[at]

[Delete] Ad number: 11714 Posted: 11/15/2013 6:29:57 UT
Mid-Tennessee Gem, Jewelry, Mineral, Fossil Show & Sale
December 14 and 15, 2013 is MTGMS' 33rd annual show at the Williamson County AgExpoPark in Franklin (Exit 61 off I-65; 20 miles south of Nashville). Show hours are Saturday 9am - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 5pm. Over 30 dealers featuring jewelry, native american jewelry, gems, beads, minerals, fossils, rough & slabs, collectibles, tools, and equipment. The show has a silent auction, as well as demonstrations by MTGMS members and students of our lapidary schools. There are hourly door prizes. Adults $4 (2-Day Pass, $6), students (12-17) $1, children 12 and under free with adult admission. A map is available on our WEB site.
John Stanley email: jstanley[at] -or- homepage: Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society
Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society
2828 Donna Hill Dr Nashville, TN USA 37214
[Delete] Ad number: 11677 Posted: 10/21/2013 11:32:35 UT
Cabin Fever Productions, Inc. 2014 Rock, Gem & Jewelry Show
February 14-16, 2014: Cabin Fever Productions, Inc. Annual Jewelry, Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show; Kirkwood Community Center, 111 S. Geyer, Kirkwood, MO 63122; Fri 4-9; Sat 10-6; Sun 10-4. Rocks, minerals and fossils for everyone from novice to expert collectors. Jewelry and gems to add sparkle to your cold, dull winter. Unusual and unique finds for gift giving or yourself (hint, hint ... Valentine's Day ...) Onsite wire wrapping. Bring the kids! See website or Facebook ( for additional information on admission, participating dealers, etc., or e-mail with questions (
Melanie Vick email: cabinfeverprod[at] homepage: Cabin Fever Productions, Inc.
Cabin Fever Productions, Inc.
1801 Barbary Way Swansea, IL US 62226
[Delete] Ad number: 11654 Posted: 9/10/2013 5:23:20 UT
Largest Rock, Mineral, Lapidary Estate Sale Ever 9-13 & 14
Hello all of you collectors and creaters out there. My company Integrity Estate Sales is hosting a fantastic sale which includes tons of rocks, minerals, fossils, geodes, tools, polishers, and jewelry making supplies including beads, clasps, belt buckles and more. The sale is located in Oak Forest Il on Sept 13 and 14 from 9am to 2pm both days. There are alot of pictures of the materials posted on Once on you will see a box to put in a zip code. Use 60452 then scroll down to the sale labeled "Attention All Rock and Jewelry Collector's Plus Antiques and More in This Oak Forest Home". The address for the sale is 15459 Michaele Lane, Oak Forest, IL. Any questions please call Wally @ 708.296.9482.
Wally Sankowski email: sankowskijackie[at]
Integrity Estate Sales

Web Site Updates

[Delete] Ad number: 11795 Posted: 2/25/2014 5:45:7 UT
Web Site Relaunch!
I have totally reworked my website, and loaded it with a varied selection of worldwide minerals.
Kevin Conroy email: homepage: Kevin Conroy Minerals
Kevin Conroy Minerals

[Delete] Ad number: 11793 Posted: 2/19/2014 7:19:44 UT
Hoffs Rock Shop
A constantly churning and evolving display of rocks, minerals, fossils, crystals, artifacts, stones for jewelry makers, arts, crafts, etc. My family started collecting 60 years ago and some of the originals are still in my possession. Links to my infomercials. A lot to explore.
Olivia Hoff email: homepage: Hoffs Rock Shop
Hoffs Rock Shop

[Delete] Ad number: 11784 Posted: 2/15/2014 11:24:0 UT
The finest lapidary rough, slabs & Specimens online
Hello, We are Jeff and Lynn Hill of SilverHill Creations and SilverHill Lapidary and najeffreyhill on eBay. After shutting down our website last year we decided to re-open a premium lapidary store online again in line with our real business name. We sell hand select, premium, old stock and just plain old good lapidary slabs, rough and polished collector specimens. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Our website is easy to navigate and easy to use. All items posted have numerous pictures and are fairly and accurately described and we ship promptly. We accept PayPal, Money Orders, and process credit cards over the phone using our Square app. We hope you take the time to visit our new site! Thank You and God Bless, Jeffrey Hill
Jeffrey Hill email: najeff[at] homepage: SilverHill Lpaidary
SilverHill Lapidary

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