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References for Rockhounds
Rocks and Minerals

The Rockhound's Handbook Order This Book
The Rockhound's Handbook
by James R. Mitchell
Soft cover, 6" x 9", 299 pages, copyright 2008

"Rockhounding" - the popular term for the hobby of collecting rocks, and minerals. But beyond the possibility of making a new find or valuable discovery, rockhounding offers all ages the opportunity to learn about the nature and history of our physical world, and to explore it in landscapes as diverse as the rocks and minerals found there.

In this greatly expanded edition of The Rockhound's Handbook, you will learn about basic geology and mineral formation, minerals you can find and how to identify them, planning a successful field trip, collecting tools and techniques, finding gold and other heavy minerals, fossil formation and collecting fossils, the legal aspects of collecting, specimen preparation and display, and the basics of lapidary and jewelry making.

Numerous diagrams and photographs, a full-color insert of over 90 mineral and fossil specimens, an extensive glossary, and lists of government agencies and mineral museums, make this an indispensable how-to book for the beginner and a handy reference guide for the experienced collector.

Chapters include: Rocks & Minerals Throughout History; Basic Geology; Mineral Formation; Identifying Minerals; Minerals a Rockhound Might Encounter; Planning a Field Trip; Tips for Finding Minerals in the Field; Tools for Collecting; Some Collecting Techniques; Finding Gold and Other Heavy Metals; Fossils; The Legal Aspects; Preparation, Presentation and Display; Cutting and Polishing Minerals; Jewelry From Gems and Minerals.

Appendices include: Suggested Specimen Lables; Characteristics of Commonly Encountered Minerals; Government Agencies; Museums with Mining and Mineral Displays; Some Web References; and a Glossary.

Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals Order This Book
Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals
Indentification - Values - Lapidary Uses
by Patti Polk
Soft cover, 6" x 8.75", 271 pages, copyright 2010

Three guides in one, Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals covers identification, values as well as lapidary uses. Designed with beginners in mind, yet filled with valuable technical information for advanced collectors, Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals takes you from being just someone who appreciates rocks to a true collector.

• Easy to use, quick reference format arranged by category and color of the stone
• Covers both lapidary and mineral display materials
• Provides values and tips for locating, buying and collecting
• Includes organics such as amber, bone, coral, pearl and shell
• Lists chemical group, system, hardness, opacity, fracture, specific gravity and more
• Contains more than 650 full-color photos

Geodes Order This Book
Nature's Treasures
by Brad L. Cross and June Culp Zeitner
Hard cover, 7.25" x 9.25", 292 pages, copyright 2006
Sample Page
Sample Page

In Geodes two renowned experts share their lifelong passion for geodes and their extensive knowledge of world-class geode deposits as they present the latest theories on the formation and occurrence of these amazing mineral gifts of nature.

Visit the geode mines on Northern Mexico and Southern Brazil with Brad Cross. Learn the geode mining process and how the astonishing treasures inside are uncovered. Travel with June Culp Zeitner as she explores vast geode deposits throughout the Midwestern United States that provide a recorded history of the ancient seas that once covered the land. Discover Florida's ocean harvest of unparallel agatized geodes. Meet the close cousins of geodes - thundereggs, septarians and concretions.

Geodes is illustrated with over 140 full-color photos of geodes that defy description! It is the most comprehensive book ever written on geodes of the America's - a definitive reference for serious collectors and a delightful mineral explorations for both experts and novices. If you are interested in geodes and how they came to be this book is a must have addition to your personal library of rock and mineral references.

Grow Your Own Crystals Order This Book
Grow Your Own Crystals
by Ronald S. Wielgus
Soft cover, 5.25" x 8.25", 28 pages, copyright 1994
Sample Page

Crystals - Have you ever wondered how they got that way? Would you like to duplicate the processes of nature and grow your own? Now you can!

Grow Your Own Crystals is written in a clear and easy to understand style. The author takes you step by step through the process so that you can grow your very own crystals virtually indistinguishable from nature's. On the way you will learn what makes crystals grow and how they do it. You will experience the magic and mystery of recreating one of nature's most fascinating creations - Crystals!

Chapters include: Introduction, Materials and Supplies, General Methods for Growing Crystals, and Crystals You Can Grow. The author's emphasis is on using raw materials that are safe to handle and readily available such as alum, ammonium sulfate (21-0-0 fertilizer), borax (hydrous sodium borate), sodium carbonate (washing soda) and sodium chloride (salt) and ordinary kitchen utensils and other common household items for equipment. The procedures and projects presented in Grow Your Own Crystals are educational and suitable as activities for children with appropriate adult supervision during steps like making saturated solutions by adding salts to boiling water.

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals Order This Book
Collecting Fluorescent Minerals
by Stuart Schneider
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 192 pages, copyright 2004

Seeing fluorescent minerals up close for the first time is an exciting experience. The colors are so pure and the glow is so seemingly unnatural, that it is hard to believe they are natural rocks.

Hundreds of glowing minerals are shown, including Aragonite, Amazonite, Feldspar, Hardystonite, Leucophanite, Microcline, Smithsonite, plus many more. But don't let the hard-to-pronounce names keep you away. Over 800 beautiful color photographs illustrate how fluorescent minerals look under the UV light, and in daylight, making this an invaluable field guide.

Here are minerals from the United States, including mines in New Jersey, New York, Arizona, and California as well as beautiful and unusual minerals from Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Italy, Sweden, and other places.

Included are values, a comprehensive resources section, plus helpful advice on caring for, collecting, and displaying minerals. The field of collecting fluorescent minerals is relatively new and this one of the most complete references available.

The World of Fluorescent Minerals Order This Book
The World of Fluorescent Minerals
by Stuart Schneider
Soft cover, 8.5" x 11", 192 pages, copyright 2006
Table of Contents
Sample Specimen Gallery Page
Sample Specimen Gallery Page
Sample Specimen Gallery Page
Sample How-to
Sample How-to

The World of Fluorescent Minerals presents the rich and diverse world of fluorescent minerals in a comprehensive and colorful guide. It provides a a sweeping survey of many different fluorescent minerals found around the world and shown in daylight and ultraviolet light. Browsing this book is like taking a personal tour through a museum. Lavishly illustrated, the breathtaking colors are so pure and their glow is so seemingly unnatural they immediately capture your attention and imagination.

The field collecting of fluorescent minerals is still relatively new ands fresh finds are showing up regularly around the globe. The World of Fluorescent Minerals is written for both the active collector and the merely curious. This pictorial reference will startle you eyes with its full color pages and 977 photos, while its informative text will greatly expand the reader's knowledge. It is an essential source for enjoying and identifying fluorescent minerals.

Introductory chapters include Acknowledgements; Introduction: The Colors in the Book, Value Guide; Fluorescent Minerals: Fluorescence, Tenebrescence, Triboluminescence, and Thermoluminescence, Fluorescence in Everyday Life and Into the Future, Ultraviolet Lamps; Activators; Finding Fluorescent Minerals: The Franklin and Sterling Hills Mines, New Jersey, The Andover Area Mines, Sussex County, Canada - The Long Lake Mine, Mont Saint- Hilaire, Other Places - St. Lawrence County, New York, The Western United States, Mexico, Greenland, Pakistan and Afghanistan; Information About Some Specific Types Of Minerals - Scheelite, Powellite, Feldspars, Sphalerite, Willemite; and Photographing Fluorescent Minerals.

The extensive 163 page Gallery of Minerals is lavishly illustrated with daylight, short, medium and longwave photographs of hundreds of fluorescent mineral specimens. It is organized into sections including Franklin Mine, Sterling Hill Mine, and the Rest of New Jersey; Eastern and Midwestern U.S.; Western U.S.; Canada; Mexico; and Other Countries in alphabetical order.

Also included are addendums on Miners Lamps, Building a Small Battery Pack for Your Portable 12 Volt UV Lamp; Documenting Your Collection, Displaying Your Collection, Things to Consider; Collector Names of Minerals; Resources - Collecting Groups, Information and Museums, Mineral Dealers, Ultraviolet Lamps and Supplies; Bibliography and Index.

Whether you are an old hand at collecting fluorescent minerals, just starting out in the hobby, or simply curious about and interested in these unusual and fascinating members of the mineral kingdom, The World of Fluorescent Minerals is a must-have book for your personal library.

Crystal & Gem Order This Book
Crystal & Gem
by R. F. Symes and R. R. Harding
Hard cover, 8.5" x 11", 72 pages, copyright 2005

Be an eyewitness to the stunning natural beauty of crystals of every size, shape, and color - and their remarkable uses in everything from surgeon's scalpels to silicon chips.

See a crystal's hidden layers. Find out how to make stones sparkle. Discover where to find crystals in your home.

Contents include: What is a crystal?; A world of crystals; Natural beauty; Crystals - outside and inside; The color of crystals; Identification; Natural growth; Good habits; Discovery - recovery; Growing from seed; Crystals at work; Good vibrations; Quartz; Diamond; Corundum; Beryl; Opal; Other gemstones; Collector's items; Stones for carving; Precious metals; Animal and vegetable; What is it worth?; Making them sparkle; Lore and legends; Crystals at home; Did you know"?; Identifying gemstones; Find out more; Glossary; and Index.

Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals (National Audubon Society) Order This Book
Field Guide to North American Rocks and Minerals (National Audubon Society)
by Charles W. Chesterman
Soft cover, 4" x 7.5", 850 pages, copyright 2000

This first all-photographic field guide features 794 full-color images of all the important rocks, gems, and minerals of North America, showing their many variations of color and crystal forms.

The text provides descriptions of 200 minerals (including 20 classified as gemstones) and 40 rocks, as well as descriptions of the natural environments where they occur.

• 794 full-color photographs
• Photographs organized visually by their subject's color with a thumb tab index for quick and easy identification
• Twice as many descriptions and color plates as any other rock and mineral guide
• Guidelines for collecting procedures, key to identification, and a mineralogical glossary

Minerals of the World (Princeton Field Guide) Order This Book
Minerals of the World (Princeton Field Guide)
by Ole Johnsen
Soft cover, 5.5" x 8", 437 pages

Minerals of the World is an attractive and up-to-date guide to more than 500 minerals from around the world. The succinct text--covering crystallography, properties, names and varieties, structure, diagnostic features, and occurrence--and the discussion of less common minerals not found in other guides make this an invaluable resource. With over 600 exquisite color photographs and crystallographic diagrams, this book is unequalled. It is set to become the field guide of choice for mineral collectors and students of mineralogy.

•The most up-to-date popular guide to minerals available
• Text covers crystallography, physical properties, chemical properties, names and varieties, diagnostic features, and occurrence
• More than 500 minerals treated with examples from around the world
• More than 600 superb color photographs and crystallographic diagrams
• Tabular overview of common minerals and their properties

Minerals of the World Order This Book
Minerals of the World
by Walter Schumann
Hard cover, 5.25" x 5", 232 pages, copyright 2008

Identify more than 500 minerals quickly and easily. Brilliant color photographs and an exceptional rapid-identification system make Minerals of the World an invaluable guide. Acclaimed geologist Walter (Gemstones of the World) Schumann has put together the perfect field and reference guide for making fast, accurate classifications.

Using Schumann's unique system, you can quickly pinpoint the identity of hundreds of minerals. It's based on three properties: the streak (also called powder coor), Mohs' hardness (the resistance of the mineral when scratched with a sharp-edge testing device), and gravity (a weight comparison). The bar along the left margin of the page, which is color coded, will help you to rapidly determine a sample's identity.

You'll also find the properties presented in complementary up-to-date text entries that include other important information such as characteristics and localities. Accompanying each entry is a drawing of the mineral's form and a color photo of a raw mineral sample that could typically be found or bought.

Essential new topics covered in this edition's introductory section are the angle measurements of crystals; adularescence; tenacity and toughness; and refraction of light and double refraction. Crystal lattice illustrations have also been added and the relative radioactive strength and weakness of minerals have increased coverage throughout the book. Students, collectors, experts, and admirers of minerals alike will find Schumann's invaluable handbook both informative and fascinating.

Rock and Gem (DK Smithsonian) Order This Book
Rock and Gem (DK Smithsonian)
The Definitive Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gems and Fossils
by Ronald Louis Bonewitz
Soft cover, 7.25" x 9.25", 360 pages, copyright 2008

From the primeval origins of rocks and gems to their astonishing modern-day uses and appeal, this is the ultimate portrait of the Earth's natural treasures.

A fascinating encyclopedic reference on rocks and gems, including their identification, composition, and their historic and modern uses. Numerous feature boxes cover topics such as the Malachite room in the Winter Palace and the collection of the Hope Diamond and the superstitions surrounding it.

Beautifully designed and packed with hundreds of full-color photos, Rock and Gem provides an encyclopedic tour of the intriguing world of rocks and gems. The information is presented and organized as fun and informative nuggets of historic, geological, mineralogical and gemological topics.

Rocks & Minerals (DK Eyewitness) Order This Book
Rocks & Minerals (DK Eyewitness)
by R. F. Symes
Hard cover, 8.5" x 11", 72 pages, copyright 2008
Includes fold-out wall chart and clip-art CD

Discover the story of the Earth's rocks and minerals - their creation, variety and uses. Be an eyewitness to the magnificent wealth of rocks and minerals hidden beneath our feet - how they are created and their many uses in everyday life.

See how the first paints were made from crushed rocks. Find out about rocks from outer space. Discover what the Earth is made of and how its rocks were formed. Explore the included fold-out wall chart and clip-art CD.

Contents include: The Earth; What are rocks and minerals?; How rocks are formed: Weathering and erosion; Rocks on the seashore; Igneous rocks; Volcanic rocks; Sedimentary rocks; Limestone caves; Metamorphic rocks; Marble; The first flint tools; Rocks as tools; Pigments; Building stones; The story of coral; Fossils; Rocks from space; Rock-forming minerals; Crystals; The growing crystal; The properties of minerals; Gemstones; Decorative stones; Lesser-known gems; Ore minerals and metals; Precious metals; Cutting and polishing stones; Collecting rocks and minerals; Did you know?; Rock or mineral? Find out more; Glossary; and Index.

Rocks and Minerals (DK Smithsonian Handbook) Order This Book
Rocks and Minerals (DK Smithsonian Handbook)
by Chris Pellant
Soft cover, 5.75" x 8.5", 256 pages, copyright 2002

Published in association with America's preeminent authority, the Smithsonian Institution, DK's Smithsonian Handbook of Rocks and Minerals combines 600 vivid full-color photos and descriptions of more than 500 specimens. This authoritative, systematic, and clear photographic approach marks a new generation of identification guides.

Designed for beginners and experienced collectors alike, the Smithsonian Handbook of Rocks and Minerals explains what rocks and minerals are, how they are classified, and how to start a collection. A clear visual key illustrates the differences between igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, then guides the reader to the correct rock entry. A concise glossary provides instant understanding of technical and scientific terms.

Packed with detailed information on characteristics, distinguishing features, and more, DK's Smithsonian Handbook of Rocks and Minerals is the clearest identification guide for beginners and established enthusiasts alike.

Rocks and Minerals (Peterson Field Guide) Order This Book
Rocks and Minerals (Peterson Field Guide)
by Frederick H. Pough
Soft cover, 4.5" x 7.25", 396 pages, copyright 1988

This definitive guide to rocks and minerals includes 385 color photographs showing rocks, minerals and geologic formations. Hundreds of minerals are descrived, with details such as geologic distribution, physical properties, chemical composition and crystalline structures.

Rocks and Minerals is organized in two major parts. Part 1, An Introduction to the Study of Rocks and Minerals, contains chapters on: Your Mineral Collection, Rocks and Minerals and Where to Find Them, Physical Properites of Minerals, Crystal Classifications, The Chemical Classification of Minerals, and Tests, Techniques and Tips.

Part 2, Mineral Descriptions, covers: Elements, Sulfides and Sulfosalts, Oxides, Halides, Carbonates, Nitrates, Borates, Sulfates, Phosphates, Arsenates, Vanadates, Uranates, Tungstates, Molybdates, and Silicates, which are further categorized and described as Silica, Disilicate, Metasilicate, Pyrosilicate, Orthosilicate, and Subsilcate types. No collector's or rockhound's library is complete without a copy of Frederck H. Pough's Rocks and Minerals. Highly recommended.

Rocks and Minerals (Simon and Schuster's Guide) Order This Book
Rocks and Minerals (Simon and Schuster's Guide)
by Annibale Mottana, Rodolfo Crespi and Giuseppe Liborio
Soft cover, 4.5" x 7.5", 607 pages, copyright 1978

Practical, concise, and easy to use, Simon and Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals contains everything the rock and mineral enthusiast needs to know.

This field guide is divided into two large sections - one devoted to minerals and one to rocks, each prefaced by a comprehensive introduction that discusses formation, chemistry, and more.

All 377 entries, beautifully illustrated with color photographs and helpful visual symbols, provide descriptions and practical information about appearance, classification, rarity, crystal formation, mode of occurrence, gravity of mineral, rock chemistry, modal classification fields, formational environments, grain sizes of rocks, and much more.

Whether you are a serious collector or an information seeking amateur, this incomparably beautiful, authoritative guide will provide an invaluable reference.

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