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Made by God or Someone Else?

Bought some on Ebay - beautiful beads with turquoise and brown/bronze veins. I'm assuming it's synthetic, like Rainbow Calsilica? Please confirm. there ANY such thing as a calsilica made by God?

I'm confused over this and concerned, as I am selling jewelry on Ebay and Etsy and state that I work only with authentic stones. "If it's fake, I'll say so", I say on my site. I want to make sure I don't sell something thinking it's authentic if it's not.

I went through this with "Tiger Cherry Quartz". I have a necklace on sale on Ebay now. But I put a big NOTE to the buyers that it is really Chinese glass, although I thought it was still pretty, so I was selling it. But I DID tell the buyers that it wasn't a God-made/mined from the earth stone.

Please help! Is that Turquoise Calisilica I bought real or not? Does it have turquoise in it? It's beautiful, but I don't want to commit fraud..

Thanks so much, and love your site.


From patti harris - November 18, 2014 at 08:21:55

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