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Posted in response to Starting up a Lapidary Shop from Zafer Senol on August 02, 2014 at 05:56:44:

Re: Starting up a Lapidary Shop

My complements on wanting to start a Lapidary Shop. I would have the following: A 10 or 12 inch saw for trimming the slabs and stuff. A 20 inch saw would be better because you will find that a lot of stones need that size. You realize that the actual cutting size is around 10 inches. That's 10 inches minus the rings for the saw holder. You will need some type of grinding unit to rough out your cabs etc.
That is a hard wheel unit. Like a 80 or100, 200, 400 grit unit. The belt sanders are a good idea. They would be used for the finer grits above 400 grit. You could use a 600,800,1000 etc its up to you. Just remember that each step is just taking the scratches off the last steep till you get to the polishing stage and this is also just getting rid of the previous scratches.That would be 2 wheels to an arbor. Both the same grit. You would need 3 or 4 of these arbors. The reason is so that you don't get cross contamination. Your worst problem in the whole shop will be getting grit contamination from one wheel to another. Its hard to clean up once it happens. Most people don't realize that there product isn't getting a good shine because of this contamination. The oscillating lap is far better then the lap. Starting small and slow is also a great Idea. Rushing into it can be costly if you make a lot of mistakes. Having said all this might I suggest that you go onto E-bay or Amazon and look for books on "How to start a rock shop" or such title. Years ago there was an excellent one called "So you want to start a rock shop" It was very informative. You should see if you might be able to find someone there who can give you a hand in starting up this venture.
Well, Good luck.


From rockhoundjim - August 25, 2014 at 13:20:51

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