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Not sure what I found

Visited the GA / Ala /Tenn area of Sand Mt. & Lookout Mt. and found bunches of fosil in rock. Also picked up what appeared to be (what I was told was) a geode about 6" and weighing more than 6 pounds.

You may not have noticed but this is my first 'rock encounter' and correct terms may escape me.

This geode, was larger than a softball, heavy as a gallon of milk and grey-white on the outside. Someone who seemed to know a lot about them, said I should 'crack it' and there would be lots of many colored crystal on the inside. He gave me 2-3 suggestions on how 'to crack it', but I settled on the 4 pound hammer and train track.

I got it open, but the inside was differnet that I was told to expect. Instead of crystals (Superman's ice cave....), my now 4 piece geode looks like a frozen Florida orange. It's a solid core deep amber color.

Can anyone tell me what I have, what I should do with it (please be nice) and can the core be polished to shine? Is it rare....., I know totally nothing, per my wife.

Thanks in advance for anything you can share.

Tom / Kennesaw, GA (Home of the mandatory gun law.)

From Tom Gifford - November 30, 2013 at 12:29:11

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