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Black rock identification

Hello! Love rocks, not an expert. Found this lovely thing on the beach, carry it around with me in my pocket. (Photo on Facebook at:

It's black, hard, glossy, has been fractured along a cube before being subjected to hard effects of a pebble beach. All other rocks - except agates - worn to smooth pebbles. This has retained its edges, so must be very hard. It shows structure (not color) mottling. Originally black, it has taken up a metallic sheen from being carried in my pocket with keys, which sheen emphasizes the mottling. It also shows an even pattern of tiny pitting, so tiny they can't be seen except when held very close to my nearsighted eyes. The beach it was found on is by Clallam Bay, WA, on the far northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula, and is probably glacial debris, from that particular glacial shield. Does this help?

I'd be happy to share a photo with this site, or send a low-rez version in email, if anyone would like to see it and would be kind enough to help me identify it.

Email messages very welcome, from your very nice site.

From Donna Barr - September 09, 2013 at 22:18:07

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