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Posted in response to Slab saw Lubricate from Larry Moore on July 04, 2013 at 22:29:23:

Re: Slab saw Lubricate

Hi Larry,

I consider the use of kerosene as a lubricant in slabs saws to be a bad idea.

While I don't personally know of any instances of kerosene ignition in a slab saw, I have definitely observed rocks sparking while being cut with a diamond blade. Agate and other chalcedonies are particularly prone to spark due to their quartz composition.

Kerosene is a flammable liquid after all, and I value my loved ones, house and possessions too much to risk it despite whatever advantages kerosene might offer as a saw lubricant.

Even if it is impossible to ignite kerosene in a slab saw, I certainly don't want to breath kerosene vapor.

Before you decide to employ kerosene as a lubricant in your slab saw(s), you may want to review some safety literature regarding its toxicity, especially if you are cutting inside an enclosed shop. Here's a couple of links:

I did production slabbing for some years and have breathed more than my share of (mineral) oil mist as a consequence, in spite of hoods on the saws and aggressive ventilation in the saw room while the saws were running.

Nowadays, I run water in my trim saws. My larger, mineral oil lubricated slab saws are on wheels and they run outside.

From Bob Keller - July 05, 2013 at 00:18:22

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Bob Keller