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Posted in response to Hot Springs/Mount Ida Arkansas from Robin Williams on June 04, 2013 at 22:24:36:

Re: Hot Springs/Mount Ida Arkansas

Went to Fiddlers Ridge years ago and found 3 five gallon buckets of crystals after a thundershower just on the surface. Found one vein deposit and retrieved several realy nice double terminates plus a couple of scepters. Some crystals 2.5 x 6 inches and nice groups. You will need shovel, chisels a. sledge hammers and some small screwdivers or metal probes to feel through the clay before you beat the crystals to death because you can not clearly see them though all the red clay coating EVERYTHING!
Most fee sites vary depending on if they have moved material lately and if they high grade before letting you in. Most charge a flat fee for the day. There are several free lcations within the national forest. If you contact them they can tell you where but most sites that you can dig are not "prepared" like the commercial sites so you dig with the snakes, bugs, chiggers, ticks,and wild pigs besides the standard heat and humidity. Best time is early March though April and again in the fall.
I noticed you were going in August so be prepared for the heat and humidity. Plan on collecting as early as they wil let you in. Also bring clothes and shoes you can throw away when done digging as you can never get the red clay out of them. Most local lodging with washing machines have signs saying "if you have been quartz digging and wash your clothes here you will be buying the machine as it can never be cleaned enough again".
Goodluck and if you work hard enough you will get some real beauties.

From Don M - June 08, 2013 at 10:50:21

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