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Posted in response to Re: Re: Water pump setup? from Rich on May 09, 2013 at 23:34:39:

Re: Re: Re: Water pump setup?

Hi again Rich,

The prototype water reservoir currently shown in the tutorial pictures uses two 5 gallon buckets when in operation. I obtained the buckets at a Menards home center. The bucket walls are tapered and designed to store stacked. When one bucket is slid inside the other, there is a several inch high cavity between their bottoms.

My idea was to use that cavity as a swarf trap. A brass hose barb is fitted to the bottom of the interior bucket using a disk cut from 1/4" thick polypropylene sheet (cutting board) drilled and threaded for the hose barb. I initially tried gluing the disk to the bucket bottom but could not find a glue that would adhere to the bucket material, so I drilled holes and attached it using brass bolts, washers and nuts.

The water return hose from the machine attaches to the brass hose barb, so that when the system is running return water enters via the reservoir between the bucket bottoms. The water then returns into the inner bucket where the pump is located via a PVC stand pipe attached through the bottom of the inner bucket.

After running the prototype system for a while, I realized that most of the swarf was collecting in the bottom of the machine's pan rather than making it down to the reservoir bucket. So I have since abandoned the two bucket design as overly complicated and am now using a single bucket for the pump reservoir and draining the return water directly into that. I did fabricate a stand for the pump that holds it about 4 inches above the bucket bottom and out of the swarf that slowly precipitates and accumulates there.

As you have probably surmised, the recirculating drip system article is still a work in progress because that machine is still a work in progress. Just let me know if you have further questions about the recirculating system and I'll do my best to answer them.

I don't think you'll have an issue properly wetting 3" belts using a similar recirculating system. Mine is currently servicing two machines, and is just loafing while supplying the 6 wheel unit shown in the article and a 3 wheel unit beside it running 3k, 8k and 50k soft wheels. While I don't normally operate the machines that way, the system supplies more than sufficient pressure and flow to wet all 9 wheels simultaneously. In practice I just open and close the valves sequentially as I move from wheel to wheel.

Water spreads over the full width of the hard and soft wheels I'm using very fast when the pump is switched on. However, I'd mock up and test the coverage over a 3" belt before drilling the cowl on your machine.

If it's not wetting to your liking then you might fabricate some kind of wide spray manifold over each belt in place of the diffusers I used. That might be as simple as a brass cap with some small angled holes or jets drilled into the end, somewhat like a shower or sprinkler head. Or a more brute force approach might be to simply employ two valves per belt...

I'm quite pleased with the recirculating system on my machine(s) and am glad I spent the time and effort to replace the "spitters" with a more robust and effective system.

One major embellishment I have yet to add to my system is a heater for the reservoir bucket so the wheel slung water is not so chilling on my arthritic pinkies on cold winter days. :)

From Bob Keller - May 10, 2013 at 01:25:23

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