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Boulder - 'Moulder' - identification help

I have a boulder � or �moulder�, as I call it � which is odd in every way.
The attached group of photos is all of the same �moulder�. I call it that because it is shaped like a boulder, has un unorthodox marble-like appearance, and possesses remnants of what favors a molten lava shell�or skin.

* It is about 19� long, 12� wide, and 60 lbs
* It�s shape is a cross between an egg and a triangle
* It appears smooth but is actually somewhat abrasive to rub. It has intermittent pits and a couple of valleys. The valleys are actually more like overlapping layers, giving it the appearance as if it has been rolled; like a snowball.
* It has little and big areas, all over it, which shine like metal. The larger spots look like stainless steel, having a metallic grain, until you get real close. Then it appears more like a solid or milk quartz, in color, with an undetermined finish. I enlarged one of them in the picture. Not knowing whether there was actually any metal present or not, I put some tiny magnets on it. They stick anywhere you place them; as if the whole thing is metal.

I want to know if it could be ancient kimberlite which was tumbled over millions of years. If so, hope there�s no diamonds inside because this rock is HARD. It has been dropped on concrete, had concrete dropped on it, stood in hailstorms, moved by winds�I�m not venturing to break it open.

Would love to know what in the heck it is. Any ideas?

From Laurinda P - March 30, 2013 at 05:25:39

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