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Posted in response to Wiley Well area California from Wendy on February 03, 2013 at 05:50:54:

Re: Wiley Well area California

Hello everyone�(And a special �Hi� to Gary)

I am reporting on my trip to the Wiley Well district in California.

I followed Gary�s advice and tried to contact the owners of the Opal Hill Mine. I got busy signals over a number of days, so we headed up there anyway. Our understanding, from material on the Web and elsewhere, was that the owners were always there.

Finding the place, despite GPS and various written directions, was an interesting process and included a hike of a mile or so up to the mine. We did hear people-noises, so we assumed we would find Nancy Hill and her husband at the mine. We did find two other people who had been in touch with someone named Bob Johnson at or around the Coon Hollow Campground. Bob Johnson had told them that the owners had not been at the mine or in the area for a while, but that it was OK to dig for a bit. We did and we think we found some nice fire agate, but won�t know for sure until Joe cuts it. We sorely missed the advice that Nancy is said to have offered to Mine visitors about fire agates and geodes and other material in the area.

We also heard from the two diggers we met and from others that the most productive geode areas currently were the Potato Patch and the Straw Beds. We tried both and did find geodes/nodules, but we cannot yet tell you-all what their insides look like. Will report when we slice some of them.

I regret that we missed the chance to talk with Nancy Hill and I hope she approved, in absentia, our minimal level of digging. I know that hers is a fee dig and, should she wish it, we will happily send money.

On our way back toward Phoenix, we checked out Crystal Hill, south of Quartzsite. We found very little there � lots of while quartz, but very few and very small crystals. Consultations with others coming into the area as we were leaving confirmed that crystals were getting very tough to find. (Crystal Hill is a Wildlife Refuge and no digging or tools are permitted.)

Thanks for your advice and I hope this report helps some others headed to that area.


From Wendy - February 17, 2013 at 22:54:35

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