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drilling rocks

I've been polishing & drilling found rocks to use in jewelry-making, among other things. I've been drilling holes a lot with my dremel & a variety of diamond bits. I've gotten pretty good at handling them & drilling in water.

I'm searching for the right ones. My favorite so far are the ball-end bits. I'm not sure why they make the little thin cylindrical ones for- they lose the bit of diamond on the end pretty quickly. The balls are good for setting the hole initially & then for moving through hard rock they do pretty well.

I've tried some dental bits that I can make work with my dremel collets, but they have been shorter than they should be...

I would love to find a good source for small sintered diamond bits - or whatever is the most efficient way to drill small holes for jewelry.

I'm considering getting a drill press frame for my dremel, or I could use another type of drill, but right now it's the bits that are botherin' me. Any ideas?


From Susan Spurlock - December 23, 2012 at 15:30:34

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