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Posted in response to carriage/vise for slab saw from Bobbie Horn on November 03, 2012 at 23:41:19:

Re: carriage/vise for slab saw

...Bobbie..... What you describe has to be the vise and the carriage assembly it sits on. It rides (usually) on bearings that run upon the two parallel rails that guide the carriage. You clamp the rock securely in the vice jaws, using the screw mechanism and start the saw ..the weight,(a.k.a. : gravity feed) slowly moves the carriage, vise, and stone specimen through the rotating blade. Try either of these using "make gravity feed" your search term:

...try this and you will get a description of a gravity feed system (w/photos).
N.B. there is some question whether or not the pulley over which the string/wire to the weight passes should be one that rotates or one that is still (static)?? Also, to stop the carriage being skewed, (due to possible play in the bearings it rides on, place the string/wire as close to the carriage center-line as the pull it exerts is EQUAL, and there is little chance of exerting a "side-pull". ALSO...Put something behind the carriage (between it and the saw box frame) to stop it banging into the saw box once the cut is (suddenly) finished..
All the best. tony in jamaica.

From Anthony Goffe - November 13, 2012 at 06:27:02

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