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Posted in response to Newbie question about saw lubricants from dirk on October 13, 2012 at 02:21:46:

Re: Newbie question about saw lubricants

Hi Dirk,

Where are you going to run the machine, and what sorts of materials will you be cutting on the saw?

I run my trim saws indoors in a shop area where I work on and also store a lot of stuff that I absolutely do not want mucked up with oil mist. I also cut higher end rough on my trim saws and need to be able to see what I'm doing without swarf-laden oil obscuring the work in progress.

So I use water in my trim saws. While I wouldn't try running water in larger, automatic feed slab saws - they really do need the additional lubrication provided by (mineral) oil - water has been working fine for me in trim saws for many years.

I use a water additive called Lube Cool 4800 in my trim saws that contains a rust inhibitor:

However, I also religiously drain the water from my trim saws and spin dry the blades and arbor when I am finished using them, which I think actually does more to help inhibit rust and corrosion than any water additive. When I drain a saw I recover the water in a 2-liter or gallon bottle so as to not waste the additive.

Most of the swarf will settle out in the bottom of the bottle between uses, so I get pretty good mileage on the additive. I just top off the water lost to sling-off, mist and evaporation each time I refill a saw from a premixed bottle of water/additive.

You might go through blades a little faster using water as opposed to oil, but I'd personally much rather replace a blade than forgo the cleanliness of water. Also, there are blades, and then there are blades. I've been using the same sintered blade in my 6" trim saw for something like 6 years now, and indications are I'll never have to replace it during the remainder of my lifetime.

However, if you are new at this, you probably need to dork up a blade while you're on the learning curve. In that case I'd start out with a cheap blade or two before investing in a more expensive, sintered blade. If you don't do production cutting, a cheap blade may actually serve your needs very satisfactorily for an extended period of time. I love cheap blades... :)

I've breathed my share of rock saw oil mist, so I only use oil in heavier saws that really require it. And those get run outside my shop.

Have fun with your machine and keep on rock'n!

From Bob Keller - October 13, 2012 at 03:08:28

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