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While out for a walk a few days ago I came across a stone piece that appears to be maybe a handle of some kind. The area I found it had been deluged with rainfall and I believe the piece was released from an eroded embankment along a river side. The piece was lying directly underneath an overhang of topsoil still intact with the root systems of many trees and underbrush that held the uppermost topsoil region in place. I'm just curious as to what it actually could have been used for? Who may have possibly made it, early american, native american etc...? There are 4 crudely drilled holes in the piece, 2 at each end. One from what I believe to be the bottom side and one from the end, the two holes at each end meet to create a passageway through each end. From what I can tell from the grooving in the holes the tool used to create the holes would not be modern in the least bit. All the holes seem to be tapered somewhat as if the tool used may have sustained wear while drilling the holes. So I submit to all of you photos of the piece in question. If anyone has any experience at all in artifacts and would be willing to share some insight as to what this piece may be it would be greatly appreciated.

From Ward - September 13, 2012 at 21:43:32

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