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Posted in response to Re: To Jon from Becky Kelher on July 25, 2012 at 05:05:44:

Re: Re: To Jon

Glass is certainly a possibility. That's why I said slag. But I do have what I believe to be paint that has been in the ground for some 50-60+ years that looks alot like this. I finally found my test kit along with some of my books in my storage unit. I tested what I had found and it is over 7 on the mohs and fractures conchoidally. Would be nice to know what Jon's samples test at for hardness. If over 7 I would tend to believe it is not glass. I'm nearly 100% certain that what I found is old enamel paint from the factories. It is green very similiar to what Jon has. It is a dead match for the color of my Dad's old 53 Ford. Of course I am just guessing as we all are from looking at his photo. I am amazed at alot of the rocks that have sand and smaller gravel attached to them. With the constant movement of material due to flood conditions (spring runoffs) on an annual basis one would think that all the rocks should be ground smooth somewhat, yet I find alot of rocks with sand and small gravel attached to their exteriors. This is just my opinion obviously, but it seems as though natures glue can work quite fast. Having said that, it is my belief that the old paint has been somewhat altered, inundated with silica solution over the years and is no longer paint as it was previously. One thing I do believe is that this can happen pretty fast in the ground given the right conditions. The paint appears to be glasslike. I know the possibillity is that what I have is in fact really hard altered glass, but knowing the history of the area, I have to believe that it is paint. All of the car companies and supporting industries in the Detroit area used the landfills for one purpose or another, some to dispose of toxic mixtures that ultimately contaminated the local aquifers, this would include discarded paints. As I have mentioned in the earlier posting, by the trainloads. I witnessed it. The area I am talking about was ranked near the top for the SUPERFUND cleanup. One fill area collapsed and filled a local river with a lot of toxins back in the 60s. These are the pieces of hardened paint I believe I am finding. Enough said, sorry for being so long winded. Again, my guess is either paint or slag glass.

From Ward - July 26, 2012 at 02:19:30

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