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In your opinion would you say that the whitish material within the chipped area at the bottom of the photo is embedded into the chip, and can you scratch this material out to reveal even more of the colored material, or would you say that all the colors that we see are just on the surface covering over some other material? When I look at the wider yellow bands I see what appears to be very round small bubbles that broke the surface. To me that would indicate manmade material, also I can't help but feel that there is some slight seperation on the break lines between the colors especially to the right edge within the photo. This may not be Fordite "", but may be from some other business using a painted finished surface within their product line. For instance appliance factory. Baked enamel finshes on appliances. Bill, another question comes to mind. This gravel pile you spoke of, where exactly was this pile? Out in the middle of nowhere? Or was it within the city limits of a small commercial/light industrial area? Was it in your backyard? You get the idea.

From Ward - June 21, 2012 at 21:36:46

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