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my trip to vietnam

Hello there, I will be traveling to Vietnam this fall and as usual I want to collect some local rock samples from my travel destination. I am an amatuer collector on a limited budget. My favorite thing is samples of raw stones with nice colors and shapes in the 10-15 lb range. I use them to decorate my extensive gardens. I certainly am not looking for anything of gemstone quality, but the raw stones that the gemstone or semigemstone minerals are found in can be very attractive for my desires. My searching time will be limited to within one hr/by car in or around Hanoi, as the itinerary for the rest of our trip is set.
If anyone can suggest some rock, mineral, or lapidary shops in those environs or some local miners that might like to sell some of their non-vauable samples
I would be very grateful for the leads.
I am a novice at this form of communication, so I'm going to just send this note out into the ethers and hope to figure out how to use this forum. Blessings Steve

From stephen loitz - June 08, 2012 at 22:11:56

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