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Cool old saw I found, remember these?

I had an old vintage catalog at one time. I recall 2 saws that were unique that I have been looking for. One I can't recall the name of but it was in a Weidenger catalog. It used one small blade, think a 6", but it rotated 360 around the entire rock thus allowing a small blade to do the work of a larger one. I see many problems with this, however I like old equipment that's of different design and would put it in my museum with all my other priceless items lol.

The other item i've been on the lookout for years was a Stonemaster saw. Wouldn't you know I just found one a couple weeks ago. I seen one on Ebay but it was a 10" gravity feed model. The one I found is a 12" and the vise is fed by a coiled metal spring. It looks rough, but I cleaned it up a little and it operates great. The coiled spring idea is actually better than fixed speed because it will speed the cut up automatically on softer rock.

I took lots of pictures of it in it's present state and am going to make it shine. I'm thinking of doing something different color wise, right now im thinking a med deep and very glossy purple. I will build a new stand, put the motor underneath and it will be a one of a kind. I'll be keeping it for myself, as rough as it looks it actually cuts better than some newer saws i've tried.

I'll have to get a website and start posting my rebuilds. I tried posting a pic on her but it was too large even cropped. I'm not a pc expert if anyone wants to see it and has suggestions on that ill try them.

From Rob Noble - June 01, 2012 at 16:57:51

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