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West Indian (Caribbean) Agates on Jamaica

Hello, Guys, Years ago, in "Lapidary Journal" a gentleman with a PHD was writing an article on LARIMAR..its a type of Pectolite..very rare..that is found in the neighbouring island of Hispaniola..on the Dominican Republic side.. ANYWAY..he said at the time:
"The specimen (of larimar) was a great surprise to me. primarily because little lapidary material is found anywhere in the West Indies.
..In my many trips to 15 of the islands, I have found no agate, only a few jaspers,some petrified wood, and of course the amber"..
Well, here, in the Gallery, is evidence to the contrary (see Bobs photo Gallery of this date). I've been digging up agates from 1972, and also my mentors/predecessors before that !!
I was visited by Dr. Proctor, now at Stanford, (History, I think), and if you Google "The Agateer", you'll see an illustrated article that mentions he had over 100lbs out of Jamaica..mostly that which he obtained from me..

Due to the iron in the soil, (bauxite), most of the agates take on a reddish hue, and have manganese and iron oxide dendrites..with some clear, grey, and black. There are also some massive jasper boulders to be found, quite similar to the Mexican types I've seen in this sites' "For Sale" section..

I'm looking for a way to make some money out of this material. I have a 24", 16" a couple of 10" saws, and two cabbing machines, a 100lb Vibrasonic tumbler, an old Imahashi 50watt ultrasonic drill equipment is'nt a prob...

Am open to suggestions...etc, etc ..

Sincerely, Tony Goffe P.S. AHA!! I just found the copy of the "Lap. Jrn" ..FEB.1986, "Larimar, Beautiful, Blue, and Baffling" by DR. Robert E. Woodruff

From Tony Goffe, Jamaica - February 12, 2012 at 02:49:40

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