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Manuals for Vintage Lapidary Equipment Needed

Greetings Rockhounds,

I need your help in assembling a collection of original manufacturer's manuals/parts diagrams/documentation for vintage lapidary equipment produced by now defunct manufacturers. My intention is to make this documentation freely available for download in PDF format to anyone in need of a manual to restore or operate a vintage machine acquired as an inheritance, or from other venues such as estate sales, club auctions, eBay, Craig's List, etc. where vintage machines may be acquired.

I've recently been doing some unrelated work with PDF publishing and I got the idea for doing this through Bob's Rock Shop after making and mailing dead tree format copies of a manual for a vintage B&I Gem Maker to other rockhounds in need for the third or fourth time. Manual and documentation requests for various vintage machines are fairly common on rockhound and lapidary discussion groups that I moderate. Light bulb on - yes! there is a better way...

You can view my embryonic start on this project at:

Those of you who are well acquainted with lapidary equipment understand the motivations for acquiring and restoring vintage equipment. Unfortunately the manufacturer's documentation has usually long departed the machine when we are lucky enough to find still serviceable or restorable vintage equipment. With the help of people who are fortunate enough to have the manufacturer's documentation for their vintage machines, I'm hoping that over time I'll be able to assemble and publish a useful and helpful collection of manuals as an on-going project.

So I've begun seeking copies of manufacturer's manuals and documentation for lapidary equipment including saws, cabbing machines, tumbling machines, rotary and vibratory laps, faceting machines, casting equipment, and what have you that were manufactured during the "golden age" of lapidary by now out of business makers such as Allen, B&I, Beacon, Crafton, Compton, Crown, Exacta, Gemlap, Great Western, Frantom, Highland Park, Lee, Lewaco, M.D.R, O'Brien, PDQ, Rock's, Sapphire, Scott-Murray, Slik, Spartan, Star Diamond, and Victor, to name a few...

I'll be glad to reimburse any documentation contributors for your copying and mailing costs, and I will of course diligently return to their owners any original manuals sent to me for reproduction. If you are up to speed on scanning and transmitting digitized documents via email attachments or FTP, that works with me as well. Unless you request anonymity, I'll also publicly credit you on the download page for any documentation you are able to contribute to this project.

If you've got some vintage machine documentation you'd like to share with fellow rockhounds, please contact me.

Keep on Rock'n!
Bob Keller

From Bob Keller - January 05, 2012 at 08:18:07

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Bob Keller