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Posted in response to Re: Bent diamond blade from Bob Place on October 31, 2011 at 03:21:14:

Re: Re: Bent diamond blade

Hello, fellow from Jamaica, home of the World's Fastest Man, to all the rockhounds on the mainland.. ( HOW do we keep so fit out here ?? No. its not the food, its all the running up and down hills when we're prospecting for agates.. followed by angry farmers with machetes!! )
Well, I've been off the air for almost a year..back on due to a new laptop courtesy of my nephew in Denver and my sis in Cheyenne... Anyway.. TWO things...
1.)I would like to send photos (as attachments), of some polished Jamaican this allowed Bob, and what would be the acceptable method?

2.) ABOUT BLADE STRAIGHTENING... especially to Bob Place.. dont be CANT ruin it more than it is now. IF you continue to use it (especially in a slab saw where the blade and the vice are NOT properly aligned), you are going to wear one side of the blade, the metal thickness will become, with neglect, too thin to "hold" the tension that your hammer "taps" might be able to put back in it!!
ROTATE YOUR SLAB SAW BLADES OFTEN, ..this is one "first-aid" way of lessening the chance of a blade being "dished".. AND, I dont mean turn them by hand !! Undo the nut on the arbor, remove the blade, and put the OUT side where the IN side was ..thats REVERSING or ROTATING the blade faces..!!!
The instructions i give you were passed on by a helpful guy at BARRANCA / MK.. First, get e tin can topor sikmilar put it on an "anvil" (a broad, flat, stable piece of iron/steel) , with one inch ball peen hammer , using the ball side, hammer the can top ONLY on one side.. What happens ?? The metal stretches UNEVENLY, and takes on a "DISHED" or "CUPPED" shape..right? This is what has happened with your blade. You can see that, hammering on that side wont help straighten anything...continued..

From Tony Goffe - December 08, 2011 at 02:01:07

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