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Posted in response to Re: Bent diamond blade from Gordon Burkholder on October 31, 2011 at 03:20:33:

Re: Re: Bent diamond blade

I have straightend 2-3 blades with success and also really messed up 2 others by trying to straighen really bad dishes.

The last blade I really warped was a pretty new 18" blade.

I found a company here in Oregon that has been straightening blades for years and
this includes lapidary blades.

I drove the 50 miles or so to talk to them in person and decided to leave the 18" blade with them.

They called a few days later, I drove down and picked up the blade and have been cutting with it for the last 2 months, They did a great job (I really messed this blade up trying to get the dish out of it.)

I believe because it took twice as long because of the damage I caused it cost $130.

The company is:

Adams Saw & Knife Inc
244 North 4th Avenue, Stayton, OR
(503) 769-3146

They told me they accept work via UPS and would ship back (but I had to go down the first time because I wanted to see the shop and feel them out to satisfy myself that they knew what they were doing).

No affiliation just a very satisfied customer.

Good luck HH

From Harold Helton - November 07, 2011 at 00:39:26

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